(Hello everyone! I'm back with a new story. I don't know how long I'm going to make it but hopefully it will at least be more than 4 chapters. I recently got the game Dead Island and OMG it is so awesome. Sure sometimes I want to throw my damn controller at the screen because of the really fast Infected zombies always coming from behind, but anyways. I hope everyone enjoys my story. This is the prologue so we can understand who one of the characters is.)


"Last Words"

"Testing...testing...one, two, three. Okay, I think it's recording now." A young woman's voice is heard on a recorder. She is out of breath and scared out of her mind. "My name is Audrey Cambell. I just turned twenty-one three days ago." she starts to hold back sobs and winces of pain. "I'm using this recorder I found here in bungalow number...twenty-three i think, to keep myself sane." she takes a deep breath and calms herself down. "If someone finds this, then that means I'm dead or...or...one of them. I've been bitten by one of those...things. A-a zombie. I know, crazy right? I bet you think I've gone completely crazy but I'm not joking here. Sure I've played video games and watched movies about these things but I never thought that it could actually happen."

Audrey keeps taking long, soothing breaths to calm herself down. Trying not to look at her leg with the bite marks on it. She grabs a nearby bandage she scavenged and wraps her leg so it wouldn't distract her.

"It has been three days, which I already said didn't I, since this stuff happened. I managed to get from the hotel to this bungalow. God was that some kind of miracle. Only to have a fricken zombie hiding under the bed get a chance to try and bite my leg off! I guess I was stupid to think I could get away. Not a problem though, I bashed his damn skull in with a hammer that was on the table! God! It was awful to do it because the whole, they use to be human thing, but I had no choice. As for my family...mom and dad were the first to go. They tried to protect me and my older brother from them. I remember hearing my mom screaming as we left the hotel room. My brother was practically dragging me because I was in such shock from what was going on. I did nothing but stare back in the direction of our hotel room. We hid ourselves in an old janitor's closet, hoping that they couldn't get us. Turns out we were right. They couldn't open the fricken door, stupid things. After realizing what happened...I just started panicing and screaming. My brother put me in his arms and tried to calm me down. I kept saying, 'What the hell is going on! Why is this happening?" and he would just tell me to calm down."

A light sob escapes Audrey's lips as she began to remember what happened. She picks up the recorder agian and takes another deep breath.

"Yeah, it was easy in the video games but to actually experience it...is a whole other story. Bashing the zombie's skull in with the hammer was mostly out of fear, not a will to survive or just kill the son of a bitch...just fear. I have to stop recording now...I hear more of those things scratching to get in. If you find this, please mail it to my fiancee in Los Angeles California. Well...if you can get off this island first. Honey, I'm sorry I won't be able to be with you for the rest of our lives. Oh, god I want to so badly but I don't have much time. I love you."

The recorder ends with nothing but static but you can slightly hear Audrey sobing uncontrollably.

(Well there's the prologue. I know it's short but chapter one is not too far behind. I hope everyone enjoyed it and please look forward to more. Next chapter: "Searching" Look forward to it! ^.^)