Things have been since the Soul Blade War; Kureha, Seena and Kiriya went back to their home, Souma and Mao are helping out Volg with him inn, Elywin, Ryuna, Lazarus and Neige are trying to look for Zero, and it's been peaceful between the United Traders Nation Seiran and the Holy Kingdom Philias, considering peace has once again come between the two cities.

After Rouen stepped down the throne and gave it to his friend Hyoun, he decided to sail the seas once again as a pirate, but before doing so he decided to visit Queen Clalaclan and her younger brother Carius; to make amends as he says.

The walk took some time but as he managed to make it to the Holy Kingdom, various people recognized him and were practically gossiping around him, telling each other that he stepped down from being king to be a carefree pirate again. Rouen brushed that aside, and he was nearing the castle, "Hello gentlemen." Rouen says as he approached the guards, "Rouen. It's been awhile, I heard that you're gonna be a pirate again." Rouen chuckled, "Indeed I am."

"Try not to get into trouble alright?" one of the guards joked, "You know I'm not that kind of pirate!" Rouen laughed, Rouen was known as a 'Trading Pirate' unlike what we know as pirates in our world, most pirates in End Earth are known as the traders in their world, but some took the name and became the pirates similar to our worlds.

As Rouen entered the castle he could see Clalaclan on her throne with her brother Carius standing on the left and their trusted advisor, Raidel, on her right. She was drinking tea when she saw Rouen enter.

"Rouen! It's good to see you again!" the Queen stood and quickly rushed towards the wolfling, "Likewise Your Majesty." As she was close, she embraced his big furry body, blushing. Rouen chuckled in embarrassment; Carius and Raidel did the same.

"So why did you decide to visit me?" Clalaclan asked, "Err…Well, h-how did you know I was gonna visit you?" Rouen blushed, "Isn't it obvious? I'm sure you remember before the Soul Blade War we practically visited each other, practically every day." Rouen remembered when Clalaclan visted him while he was sleeping, naked, he remembered how embarrassed they both were before telling her kindly to leave so he can put some clothes on. "Yes Clalaclan I remember." Rouen smiled, Clalaclan smiled back.

"Please, stay with us for a bit Rouen." Carius asked, Rouen smiled at the young Prince, "Sure, why not."

Rouen decided to stay till dinner, and when dinner came he decided he should spend the night. He was always with Clalaclan during that day.

"Erm…Where should I sleep?" Rouen asks, Clalaclan looked around the corridor, most of them were servents quarters and were currently occupied, but she then she remembered about the guest quarters for travelling soldiers or other travelers, and she let him stay there. He thanked the Queen and shut the door behind him; he undressed to his undergarments and quickly went to bed. When he slept all he could dream about was Clalaclan, back before the Soul Blade Wars. How they met, how they would stroll around the towns, eventually how they fell in love with each other. But it all changed when Carius fell deathly ill from being poisoned by Shumari, Rouen's currently deceased advisor. Both major cities never knew who was responsible, but Seiran was blamed because the attacker was apparently a Seiranite. Their love was cut short and they became enemies, but Rouen wished things had changed so their love could have been eternal.

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