Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, even the lyrics. All that's mine is my love for Grell and Undertaker.


"My heart's a stereo,

It beats for you, so listen close.

Hear my thoughts in every note."

Grell murmured inaudibly against his lovers neck, sighing slightly. He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around the Undertaker's neck, drawing him closer to the larger man. He looked up at the grinned face of his lovers, smiling sadly.

He felt Undertaker's strong arms wrap themselves around his thin waist and nuzzled his face against the mans scarred chest. "What's wrong, m'dear?" Undertaker whispered in his ear, and Grell blushed at the sensation of the mans hot breath against his skin.

"…I'm…" Grell started slowly, squirming in the mans arms. "I'm not…sure." he confessed, adverting his gaze from the mans covered ones, feeling them search his face for a clue.

Undertaker leaned forwards pressing his forehead against the gingers. 'Explain?"

"I…" Grell frowned, blushing at the nearness of the mans face. "I…"

"You?" Undertaker prompted, his voice amused.

Grell looked up at him suddenly, reaching up with one slender hand and brushed the mans bangs out of his eyes. He stared at the green eyes behind him, his heart pounding against his ribs. "I…I love you."

Undertaker tilted his head at him, making Grell blush.

Was that too soon? Oh god, what if I scared him of-

"I love you too, Grell." Undertaker chuckled, catching the younger mans gaping mouth with his own firm lips, kissing him deeply.

Grell smiled against his lips, pressing himself against Undertaker's firm body.

They parted, both smiling gently at each other. Grell lowered his head, resting it on Undertaker's chest. He closed his eyes as he listened to the strong beating of the heart beneath the flesh, a peaceful smile on his lips.

His smile grew slightly as Undertaker wrapped his arms around him.

He could listen to this sound forever.