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The four-year old half-Saiyan tried to make sense of how he had gotten to this dark, cold planet. He remembered being kidnapped by that…Saiyan or whatever. Yeah, his uncle, Raditz. He overheard him saying something about "power levels" and "710" but was drawing a blank as to the other details. The last thing he recalled before being roughly hauled in the spaceship and being knocked out was Raditz saying-

"Kakarot isn't worth it…this boy is much stronger…"

Son Gohan was saddened when he realized that his red top hat, with the four-star Dragon Ball on top of it was nowhere to be found. The one thing that his father could have used to find him was gone, probably dropped at the location where Raditz's spaceship was at. All Goku would find when he got there was the ball, and an empty crater. Gohan's eyes became watery as he let out a whimper, but before they developed into full-fledged tears, he was roughly backhanded by his captor.

"Enough of your crying, boy!" Raditz sneered, "I already had enough of it on your planet and I will not be dealing with it now!"

Gohan stiffened, forcing his tears back. One thing he knew was that Raditz was mean, and that he would be fully capable of carrying out any threats he made.

Raditz smirked. "Good, nephew." The long haired Saiyan turned around. "Now follow me, if you know what's good for you."

Gohan meekly nodded and did exactly as ordered. As he followed Raditz's lead, he looked at his surroundings. The planet was very barren, and mostly rocks and cliffs. The place they were headed to was a white dome surrounded by a couple of towers. The half-breed wasn't looking forward to wherever they were going to – if Raditz worked with these guys, they were sure to be just as mean and nasty as he was. All Gohan wanted to do was be at home with his mom and dad. Everything was so simple before, and yet now, after just one horrific day, his entire world was flipped upside down. He was stuck on a planet with a ruthless space pirate and his comrades, with absolutely nothing to help him.

Raditz pressed a button, which slid the door open. He walked into the white dome, with Gohan trailing behind him. This place resembled a laboratory, with all sorts of gadgets and computers lying around. There were men wearing armor resembling Raditz's walking about, giving Gohan harsh looks as they passed him. If Gohan wasn't so captured by fear at the moment, all of this technology would've intrigued him.

They came to a stop when Raditz found the people he was looking for. "Ah, Vegeta, Nappa, here as I expected."

His two comrades laughed as Raditz turned around to bring Gohan into clearer view. The four year old looked up at the two men before him. One was a rather large, bald man with a mustache. He was built like a tank and likely a madman on the battlefield.

But it was the other guy that really caught Gohan's attention, and caused him to shrivel in his presence. He was very short; even with his spiky, flame-like hair, he barely even made it to the bald one's shoulder. But for what he lacked in height, he more than made up with through the intensity in his eyes. They were dark, and very cold. Though a smirk was etched across his face, Gohan could see a ruthless warrior, capable of sending the toughest people in space running for their lives through his piercing gaze alone. Gohan felt a lump in his throat as he tried to hold back his fear, though he was doing a very poor job at it.

The two soldiers both laughed at the trembling toddler before them. "Oh man, this kid's gonna be a funny one!" The bald one joked.

"Allow me to introduce you to your two new comrades, boy," Raditz began, "This is Nappa," He said, pointing at the bald one, "And this, is Vegeta. He is our leader, and your prince. You are to do as he says and do it well."

Vegeta's smirk curled into a frown as he looked at the boy with fierce scrutiny. Gohan looked down at the floor, trying to avoid looking at that man's, Vegeta's, terrifying stare.

"Anyway, the kid's name is Gohan, although I'm sure you'll just refer to him as 'brat,' Vegeta," Raditz snickered.

"Hn. I just hope you were right about the boy; you better not be wasting our time with nothing but a sniveling, weak little half-breed," Vegeta sneered. Vegeta's voice sent a chill down the child's spine. It was very deep, and gruff, and more importantly, commanding. Yet at the same time, he almost sounded bored in his tone, as if he'd rather be out causing destruction.

"I assure you, Vegeta, he has potential. If we are to hone it, he shall prove very useful," Raditz argued, choosing his words carefully and watching his tone so as not to anger the prince.

Seemingly ignoring Raditz's statement, Vegeta walked closer to Gohan, who instinctively stepped back in fear. Vegeta smirked for just a second at the sight, as seeing people fear him was something that never got old. Vegeta raised his hand and pressed a button on the pink device he was wearing over his eyes. It flashed a few yellow symbols before stopping and letting out a loud beep.

"Hmm…710," Vegeta muttered.

"Correct. That's the exact power level I read as well. I figured it was a malfunction, though I couldn't be sure," Raditz explained, "Seeing as how yours is saying the same thing, I can only assume it's correct."

Vegeta nonchalantly nodded. "Indeed. Going by Kakarot's power level that you gave us, this boy should prove more useful than he would have been for our next mission."

"Yes, and unlike Kakarot, this boy has a tail. He'll be able to make a transformation in case the battle gets tough," Raditz said.

Vegeta turned to the side. "I'll go and double check the numbers on Planet Trident. Make sure the brat doesn't try anything funny."

"Yes sir," Raditz replied.

Vegeta walked down the hall. Raditz chuckled as Nappa approached Gohan with a maddening grin. "So this is Kakarot's kid, huh?" With no regard for Gohan's personal space, he grabbed the boy's yellow tunic and observed it. "His clothes look stupid," he said flatly before releasing his clothes from his grip.

Gohan resisted his urge to stick his tongue out at Nappa, although he didn't doubt that he would just laugh it off. This guy seemed a lot more…goofy, compared to the other two. Raditz walked to him, with his arms folded.

"This sure is a far cry from that spoiled, pampered life you were living before, isn't it?" he mockingly asked.

Gohan swallowed in his throat rather than replying. He was sweating profusely, the despair of being far away from home returning.

Nappa laughed. "Don't be scared, brat! You should be glad you're getting away from that stupid mudball! We're gonna make you a real warrior."

Gohan forced his eyes shut. He didn't care about being a fighter. He was supposed to become a great scholar, like his mother wanted. All of this stupid fighting that he was now being forced into wasn't what he wanted at all. From his shut eyes came fresh tears. However, his weeping was abruptly cut short at the sound of a familiar rough voice.

"Cease your tears, brat! You are a Saiyan!" Vegeta commanded harshly. Absolutely making sure he wouldn't be on his bad side, Gohan did just as ordered, snapping his eyes back open. The prince turned his attention back to Nappa and Raditz. "I just checked the numbers again. Planet Trident's average power level is 12,000, though the greatest power levels go as high as twenty. With the Great Ape transformation, we should be able to scope out the strongest ones with ease."

Gohan felt a knot in his throat. He did not want to have to kill innocent people on more faraway planets, but he didn't have a choice in the matter. These three guys were monsters, but if he didn't do as he was told, he'd be killed.

"Will you look at that, the brat's so eager about his first mission!" Raditz joked.

"We still have about another week until we're sent out. Let's get the brat cleaned up and give him a set of armor so we can show him to Frieza. We'll also get a few days of training in for him," Vegeta explained.

Nappa and Raditz silently nodded as Raditz looked at Gohan cocked his head to the direction they were walking in as an instruction follow. Gohan complied and followed them to a metallic door. Vegeta pressed a button and it slid open, revealing a closet filled with replicas of the armor the three Saiyans were wearing. Raditz grabbed a set and tossed it down to the floor in front of Gohan.

"Here, wear this," he said.

Gohan nodded and picked the outfit up. The armor was black, with green shoulder and crotch guards. It came with white boots & gloves, and a black, long sleeve bodysuit. Gohan looked at Vegeta and gulped before speaking up for the first time since he arrived on this planet.

"Permission to speak, sir?" he asked nervously.

That got a laugh out of all three warriors. Gohan's cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

"Oh man, this kid's gonna be great!" Nappa howled.

"Kid, this isn't some formal military base. You don't have to ask for permission before talking," Vegeta said in amusement. His face once again became stern. "Now, what were you gonna say, brat?"

"Is this the formal attire around here or something?" the child asked.

"Not formal attire, idiot. It's our armor; we Saiyans got it from the Tuffles that used to live on our planet until our ancestors…politely asked them to leave," Vegeta said sarcastically, although the amused tone left no secret as to what he really meant. "Frieza and his men adopted it for their little organization when they discovered our planet."

Raditz nodded and pointed to the right. "Now go find a closet and change, boy."

Gohan left and found the nearest closet. Gohan let out a few whimpers as he got undressed. This situation so far was horrible. Yeah, Nappa was kind of funny, but Raditz was as much of a jerk as he was before. And Vegeta; that man frightened him. For someone so much shorter than the other two, you wouldn't think his presence was so intimidating.

About five minutes later, Gohan arrived from the closet in his new Saiyan armor. The trio all looked at him before nodding in approval. Raditz tossed a device at him that looked just like the one they were all wearing over their eyes. This one was blue, like Nappa's.

"This is a scouter. Put it on, so we can communicate with you. It also measures power levels," Raditz explained.

Gohan nodded and placed the device on his ear like the three Saiyans did. "Now, press the button to activate it," Raditz directed. Gohan did as told and a yellow light appeared at the bottom of his scouter and beeped.

"And wrap your tail around your waist. You don't want it sticking out so some fool can sneak up on you in a pathetic attempt to increase their rank," Vegeta said.

Gohan almost forgot about his tail, which was waving around behind him. He wrapped it tightly around his waist, not doubting for a second that some of these guys would do something like that.

"Good. Now we'll go to the home base to introduce you to Frieza," Raditz said.

"Um…who's this Frieza guy?" Gohan asked.

"He is our ruler," Vegeta replied. "When you're not answering to me, you're answering to him." He added, with a hint of bitterness in his tone.

"Man, I feel sorry for the kid knowing what Frieza's gonna do to test him," Nappa said.

Gohan stiffened. "Like w-what?" he stammered.

"I won't sugarcoat it, boy. He's likely to give you a beating," Raditz flatly said, not caring how scared he was.

Gohan swallowed in his throat a little and jittered. Vegeta shook his head. "Are you sure this toddler will be useful to us, Raditz?"

"As I've said before, yes," Raditz replied with slight annoyance. Vegeta's eyes narrowed his eyes at Raditz, causing him to flinch. That was all he needed to see to know that he needed to watch his tone. "Sorry, Vegeta. But I'm sure of it; once he gets over his fear, he will become very useful."

Vegeta gave the boy another scrutinizing stare, which hadn't failed to make the boy's confidence shrink. As if trying to reconfirm what Raditz was telling him, Vegeta pressed the button on the scouter to measure his power. Upon seeing the reading, even he blinked. "Seven hundred…forty?"

Nappa and Raditz both looked at the prince with wide eyes. "It went up a little? Are you sure it's not some malfunction?" Raditz asked.

"Is 740 good?" Gohan asked in confusion.

"Not by our standards, but the fact that it increased a bit from the last time we measured it is interesting…" Nappa replied, his hand raised to his chin as he started thinking.

Perhaps Raditz was right about this kid after all… Vegeta thought. "Alright, let's head out of this dump. Frieza's probably getting impatient."

Nappa and Raditz nodded. Vegeta walked towards the entrance of the dome while Nappa, Raditz, and Gohan trailed behind him. When they went outside, four spaceships, which had just landed, were waiting for them. They were all identical silver pods, like the one Raditz hauled Gohan in. Not wanting to have to choose for himself, Gohan waited for the Saiyan trio to get in their ships first before getting in his own. Gohan pressed the button to open the door to his pod. Before he had a chance to climb in, Raditz called him out.

"I almost forgot to explain some of the stuff about the Space Pods to you, boy," Raditz called from his pod. "Press the red button on the control panel to turn your speaker on so we can communicate with you through the ships should we ever need to. There's also a white button that turns on a gas that will put you to sleep. Our trip to the base should take a few hours, so you'll probably want to turn it on."

Gohan nodded before getting in his pod and taking a seat. The door closed automatically in response. Gohan checked out the control panel, which had the same buttons as Raditz explained. Before he had a chance to even raise his hand, he was suddenly shot back as the pod blasted off into the sky. Gohan let out a scared shriek before easing himself into the speed and taking a deep breath. He once again turned his attention back to the control panel. Pressing the red button, Gohan leaned into the panel to look for any sign of a speaker. Not finding one, he decided to just take a shot in the dark.

"Uh…can you guys hear me?" He nervously asked.

"Yes. Can you hear us?" Raditz asked.

Gohan nodded, but then looked around for the speaker that he apparently couldn't find before. He turned his head behind him and saw a small speaker at the far right corner of the pod. "Yeah." he replied.

"Good," Raditz said through the intercom.

Gohan looked outside of the glass in front of him, mesmerized by the vast darkness of space. The sights were amazing; Gohan had always wanted to go into space after reading about travels in his astronomy book. Although this was probably the absolutely last way he had ever intended on fulfilling that dream, he had to admit that it was a cool experience, if nothing else.

Gohan was so caught up in sight seeing that he didn't even bother to turn on the gas to induce sleep. The four or so hours passed by like nothing. The door to his pod opened revealing a planet not unlike the other one he had just come from. There were a few more buildings, though. Gohan stepped out of the pod and looked to the side to see that the other three had just gotten out of their pods as well. He dusted himself off and stretched out his arms a little, feeling stiff after having sat in the pod for quite a bit.

"Raditz," Vegeta said, turning to his long haired comrade. "Go tell Zarbon that we've returned. Nappa, go to Frieza's door and wait for our arrival."

They both nodded and walked to the large white building. Gohan looked up at Vegeta, who was giving him another intense, dark gaze. The prince walked over to the boy.

"Now, you listen to me, because I won't tell you again. Do not cry in front of Frieza. Though your blood may be tainted by the humans', you still represent the last of our Saiyan race," Vegeta said, his voice low but firm. "If you show any fear, that bastard Frieza and his sycophants will endlessly mock the four of us for it." Gohan nervously nodded.

"More importantly, it's for your own good. Frieza will pick up on your fear and only draw out your beating and make it even worse. Take the pain like a man; do not appear like a spineless coward in front of him." Vegeta ordered. He took note of Gohan's change in disposition, as if he were automatically doing as he said. Vegeta snickered. "Smart kid…" he muttered before walking to the building. Gohan followed his lead.

Gohan reasoned to himself for the time being that Vegeta wouldn't try to attack him. He found enough confidence to speak. "Um…Mr. Vegeta, sir?"

Vegeta laughed. "Look, kid, as much as I like being treated with the authority I damn well deserve, it's painfully obvious that you're trying too hard. Just call me by my regular name and leave it at that."

"Okay. Well, I was going to ask if this is where you all live," Gohan said, easing up just a little bit.

"If you can call it that," Vegeta replied. "Now I want you to understand: you no longer live that pampered life that you had on earth. I don't want to hear you bitching and moaning about how uncomfortable this place is compared to your home, or else I'll permanently put a stop to it." he warned. He described it like he was just talking about the weather, but Gohan knew he what he was capable of.

"Though Frieza is the head honcho here, you still answer to me as well. Do not forget your place," Vegeta said before opening the door. Gohan walked in with him and took in his surroundings. The place was very similar to the other planet's building although there were far more soldiers running around. They all looked like they wanted to tear each other apart.

Gohan swallowed in his throat, which Vegeta noticed. "Most of these people are trash, kid. If you're this nervous around them, I shudder to think of how you'll act when you meet Frieza. I was just as old as you when I was first taken under him, but I never forgot who I was and kept my pride. You must do the same."

Gohan felt slightly at ease knowing that at the very least, Vegeta could relate to his plight. Though he was still very frightening, the fact that he was still standing on his own two feet and had such a commanding presence despite decades of servitude gave the half-breed the slightest bit of hope that he could do the same.

As the two walked to Frieza's quarters, a purple alien stepped in their way. He had wide yellow eyes and was wearing armor, and had a smug grin on his face. "So I see you've brought a little monkey back with you," he snickered.

"Out of my face, Cui," Vegeta sneered. "I don't have time for your bullshit."

Cui laughed in response. "Vegeta, don't go thinking you can send threats to me. You're still a tad…weaker than me."

Vegeta growled at him before walking past him. Although Gohan didn't like violence, he wouldn't mind to see that guy get a good beating. He was annoying, plus he smelled really bad.

They stopped when they finally reached a set of metallic doors. Vegeta looked down at Gohan. "Remember what I told you, brat."

Gohan nodded and he mustered up the best stern look he could make. Gohan knew that he had to leave whatever fear he had behind for the moment or else he'd be chewed up and spat out like gum. The doors finally opened, and Gohan followed Vegeta's lead into the room. Already in there were Nappa and Raditz, both standing on one knee.

Also in the room were three new figures. One was a tall, slim, greenish alien with dark green hair. Outside of the Saiyans, he definitely appeared the most human-like. He had a blue scouter over his eyes. The other one was a rather ugly, pink creature with a stupid grin on his face, trying to intimidate the Saiyans. But then, in between the two, was a figure sitting in a chair that was turned around. The only thing Gohan could see off him was his two black horns protruding from his head and a pink tail. Gohan assumed that this was him…Frieza.

Vegeta walked to the space between Nappa and Raditz and moved a few steps ahead of them before getting down on one knee. He motioned toward Gohan to get in directly in between Nappa and Raditz. Gohan did as ordered and mirrored the elder Saiyans' actions.

"Report," The green alien commanded.

"We have wiped out Planet Maltar's population in three days," Vegeta said. His tone was guarded, as he had learned over the years to control his hatred for these three men.

The green figure snickered. "Can you repeat yourself? Did you really say that it took you a whole three days?"

"I did not stutter, Zarbon," Vegeta hissed in utter contempt.

"Do not forget your place, you insolent monkey!" Zarbon snarled in response.

Vegeta held back a growl, which was hard to do over Dodoria's incessant laughter.

"Now, now, Zarbon, there is no need to anger our dear prince; he was just trying the best he could," The figure in the middle said in feigned good nature. "What I'm more interested in is this new addition that Raditz has informed me about."

Gohan's throat went dry upon hearing this man's voice. If Vegeta's voice was enough to give him shivers, this guy's was absolutely bone chilling. It was very elegant, aristocratic almost. But beneath it was just the slightest hint of insanity.

"Lord Frieza, Raditz has sent us a half-Saiyan from the Planet Earth. He has exceptional power, even greater than his low class father's," Vegeta explained. Although Gohan didn't like his father being belittled like that, he couldn't help but feel a bit of pride swell in his chest at hearing that he had already grown stronger than him.

"Interesting…" the figure, Frieza, said. His chair slowly rotated until he was facing the Saiyan quartet. Gohan looked off to the side when he saw his dark eyes looming over him, practically piercing through his skin. The fear he felt towards the three Saiyans was nothing compared to how terrifying he thought this man was. Gohan remembered Vegeta's words and turned his eyes back to the alien, focusing on his red scouter.

Frieza saw through the boy's brave front, however. He let out a dark chuckle as he observed the boy. "Very interesting indeed. And what, pray tell, do you plan on doing with him?"

"We believe he will provide some assistance in our assignment on Planet Trident. If his power is honed properly, he could prove to be a very useful soldier, sire," Vegeta answered, his voice even more controlled than before.

Frieza took a sip from the glass of wine he was holding up in his left hand. He sighed in content before turning his attention back to the Saiyans. "Now, Vegeta, you know that I can't add a soldier to our army until he proves his worth." he directed his eyes at Gohan. "Step forward, boy."

Gohan reluctantly walked forward until he was right next to Vegeta. He made sure to keep his eyes on the frightening figure before him.

"What is your name?"

"Son Gohan," The four year old said very carefully, making sure he didn't stutter.

"Son Gohan…has a nice ring to it," Frieza mused. Gohan's left eye twitched slightly, knowing this was part of his mind games. "Wouldn't you agree, Zarbon?"

"Yes, Lord," Zarbon replied automatically. Vegeta and Gohan were both tempted to roll their eyes at Frieza's sycophantic right hand man.

The lizard eyed Gohan up and down, looking at every aspect of his appearance. "Yes, something about him does remind me of Raditz, and I'm not just referring to his unkempt hair," he said snidely. "He certainly does share relation to him."

Gohan let out a low growl, as the mention of their relation reminded him of his father and how much he wanted to be back on Earth with him right now. Frieza overheard it, but didn't bother to comment on it.

"It pains my heart to see such an adorable little boy taken away from his home," Frieza said in feigned sympathy. "But you must understand, there can't be a single one of you monkeys existing in this universe that isn't ruled by me. It is a matter of principal you see…"

Frieza directed his attention to Raditz. "And that is why I am almost tempted to punish Raditz for not finishing the job and sending his brother here as well. But you see, my young lad, I am a believer in grace and mercy. So I will allow your dear uncle to go unscathed for his lack of thoroughness."

Gohan tried to keep himself together. The most intimidating aspect of Frieza was how mockingly affable he was. He was speaking to him and his three new comrades as if they were royalty, but he knew that was just a front; it was part of his psychological games.

"However, there is a bit of a pecking order in this organization. You monkeys are near the very bottom of the totem pole, although I do care for your loving Prince dearly," Frieza explained. Vegeta took a deep breath to reign in his temper. "Directly below the few remaining Saiyans are newcomers, such as yourself. Therefore, I'm afraid you'll have to take his punishment."

Gohan felt his breath shorten and he bit his bottom lip hard. Frieza let out an exaggerated sigh. "Now, now, don't be mad, my boy! Please believe me, this isn't because I don't like you or anything, it is because I just have no other choice. We must work within the system!"

Vegeta tilted his head towards Gohan, as if he were silently imploring him to remain strong.

"Vegeta, I'm going to need you and your two pets to step back a bit. This may get ugly," Frieza warned, his voice ice cold. Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz did just that and moved closer to the door.

Frieza turned to his pink minion. "Dodoria, if you please?"

Dodoria smirked and cracked his knuckles as he walked towards Gohan. The child eyed him nervously as he slowly circled the boy, stopping when he was behind him.

"I'm going to need you to unwrap your tail for me," Frieza directed, never losing his mock respect.

Gohan nodded and uncoiled his tail from his waist. He stood there waiting for what was about to happen. Suddenly, he felt his tail being roughly squeezed from behind him. The half-Saiyan gasped for air, doing his absolute best to avoid letting out a pained shriek. With a firm grip on the boy's tail, Dodoria laughed.

Gohan remained on one knee, but he felt his foot slipping. The pain from having his tail squeezed was debilitating. He was sweating profusely and bit even harder on his bottom lip to avoid making a sound. A trickle of blood spilled down from his lip, which got a grin from Frieza.

"Oh my, he reminds me so much of Vegeta when he was first brought to me!" he said in delight.

Vegeta growled low in his throat over being reminded of his servitude, and his father's cowardly act of handing him over.

Frieza jumped out of his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yes, trying so hard to look strong. I wouldn't doubt that Vegeta repeatedly instructed you to show no fear, like how his late father did to him so many years ago."

Frieza looked across the room and was pleased to see the glare Vegeta was shooting in his direction. There was no greater pastime for him than pushing Vegeta's buttons and seeing how far he could go before enraging him.

Frieza closed the distance between Gohan and stared down on him. Looking straight into the tyrant's eyes, Gohan was on the edge of crying, but Vegeta's words kept ringing in his head-

"Do not cry in front of Frieza."

"You still represent the last of our Saiyan race."

"It's for your own good…"

I can't cry! Gohan said to himself. He clamped his teeth together to avoid letting out any sound that indicated pain. Frieza snorted in amusement.

"You Saiyans are all the same," he smacked Gohan across the face with his tail. "Lowlife, monkey trash," Frieza sneered as he drove a knee right into the boy's stomach. Gohan coughed roughly and his foot slipped, sending him to the floor on both knees now.

"Now there's the proper position for a Saiyan," Frieza snickered. "Cowering before me on both knees. Yes, you will make a great servant indeed!"

As if to pour salt in the wound, Frieza smacked him across the face with his tail again, this time drawing blood. Frieza smirked and wiped the blood off with his finger, and then licked it off. "Ah, nothing tastes better than freshly shed blood. You can release him, Dodoria."

Dodoria removed his tail from his grip. Gohan was falling to the floor, until Frieza roughly grabbed him by his hair and raised him to eye level with him. Gohan struggled to catch his breath and let out several more coughs.

"Now, boy, you didn't really think that was the end of your punishment, did you?" he said in a falsely soothing voice. He then roughly punched Gohan in the stomach, causing him to hack up blood. To Frieza's displeasure it only spilled to the floor. Frieza punched him several more times at a rapid pace, laughing in delight as he heard Gohan's gasps for air.

Raditz and Nappa both closed their eyes. Vegeta watched the sight with almost no emotion; this type of violence was standard to him, as he had dished out, observed, and experienced this type of pain for years. However, he did understand the boy's plight, and it served to further remind him of his ultimate goal.

Finally, Frieza sighed in disappointment when he saw Gohan slip out of consciousness. "Oh, you monkeys are just no fun!" he pouted before unceremoniously dropping Gohan to the floor. "Here, take your pet to a rejuvenation chamber. I want you to train him first thing tomorrow." Nappa stepped forward and slung Gohan on his shoulders.

"You three are dismissed," Frieza directed.

The Saiyans turned and Raditz opened the door to lead the way out of the room. They headed toward one of the emergency rooms and when arriving there, opened up the healing chamber. Nappa carefully placed Gohan in the chamber and put a breathing mask over his face, and then closed the door. Raditz pressed a button on the unit, causing a green solution to pour down on and submerge the half Saiyan.

"I gotta say, the half-breed's pretty tough. I expected him to start crying," Nappa said, taking a deep breath.

Vegeta nodded as he stared at the boy through the glass of the rejuvenation chamber. He knew that the road ahead of Gohan would be tough, but that was for him to deal with. It's the survival of the fittest here, and Gohan would have to take the steps to learn it.