(Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. All that's mine is my love for Grell and William.)

Love is Blind.

His cheek leaned against my chest and a let a small smile slip through my indifferent mask, my eyes gentle as I reached for my glasses on the headboard above our heads. He mumbled something and I froze, looking down at him.

His cat-like eyes studied me, a pout on his lips. "Getting up so soon, Will?"

Hearing him speak my name sent tingles down my spine and I smiled at him, making him blink. "I can't see anything, Grell. I need my glasses." It was true, the world around me was fuzzy and all the colours ran into each other, but Grell was close enough that I could see his face pretty clearly.

He grinned, showing me his sharp teeth. "A Shinigami that needs his glasses~ How cute."

"You need them too, Grell." I sighed, stretching my arm behind me. I groped around for a moment over the hard wood, and finally found a pair of glasses. I pulled them to me but frowned. They had a chain.

"Well I found yours, Grell." I sighed, putting them back. I groped around above my head for a moment before my frown deepened. "Where are my…" I turned slightly, squinting at the flat surface.

Grell giggled against me and I sighed, patting my hand over the smooth wood. "Glasses…glasses…glasses…glasses…"


I ignored him, frantically patting the entire length of the headboard. Where are my glasses?

"William." Grell giggled, poking my back.

I whipped towards him, "Wha-"

I froze, staring at him. After a moment I squinted, leaning towards him. "Sutcliff, those are my glasses." I growled, reaching out towards him.

"Oh, are they?" He teased, backing out of reach. He let the blankets fall from his naked form and he danced out of my clear vision.

"Grell Sutcliff." I warned, glaring at what looked like a blob of red. I pointed at him angrily, my eyebrow twitching. "Give me my glasses!"

"I'm over here, Will." Grell burst out laughing from my right.

I felt my cheeks heat slightly and I automatically went to push up my glasses…which weren't on my face. Damn habits. "Grell, I want my glasses back." I said, turning in his direction.

"I'm over here now, Will. You really are blind."

He was in front of me.

I jumped forwards, and my arms wrapped around warm, firm legs.

"Ahh!" Grell cried out in shock, and I felt the vibration as he hit the floor, then the jarring impact as I followed suit.

I crawled up his sprawled body, pinning him on his stomach as I laid on his back, moving so I could whisper in his ear. "Grell. Glasses. Now."

I felt him shiver beneath me and smirked, reaching up to touch his face.

Which was now bare of glasses.

I growled and he squirmed back against me, sending tingles across my skin. I bent down and bit hard on his neck, hearing his sigh of pleasure as I ran my tongue over the spot.

I smirked.

The glasses will have to wait.