A/N: The events within this story are true to a extent. One of the characters is based on a real person and this story was written with their permission. Their story hasn't finished yet and I hope that I will be their friend until the end. I wanted to show how proud I am of my friend and this story is the best I can do. I know theres not much in this first chapter but the rest is coming. Rhea

Disclaimer:I do not own the character, they belong to Tito Kubo. As for the plot, I took real life and added a small amount of artistic licence.


I guess you'll be pissed when you read what I have to say.

I've gone looking for something I lost a while back. Something I need before I can live properly. Something I lost when the three Captains betrayed Soul Society.

For one of my closest friends, we were never particularly sentimental, in any way, shape or form. But I know that this won't be easy for you. It's not easy for me to leave you all. Just, don't do anything stupid or rash.

Look after Kira too. He'll take it hard. You're strong, so he'll come to you for help. Because he can't come to me anymore… and Renji, go to him too. You can't do everything on your own. If you need to, trust in him to be there.

Keep an eye on Momo and Rangiku as well. I'll be back as soon as I find whatever it is I've lost.