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She jumped a little hearing her name from Shuuhei. She wasn't expecting him to wake up. Not yet. He looked at her and the little colour he had left his face. She was at his side quickly sitting him up and holding his head over the bowl she'd left at his side.

As Shuuhei emptied his stomach, she held, him, rubbing his back, trying very hard not to wretch from the acrid smell. When he'd finished she put the bowl down and helped him to lay on his side, just in case.

She started stroking his hair and gently asked, "How do you feel?"

"Shit" was the reply before Shuuhei started coughing. She helped him sit up a little and leant him against the wall, before going to get him some water to drink, to stop the acid burning his throat. He was vomiting again when she returned.

Sweating and trembling as he clutched the bowl as close to him as he could. Rei placed the water on the side and went to sit next to him, rubbing his back.

He finished and relaxed a little. She took the bowl from his hands and handed him the water,

"Drink slowly Shuu, Don't guzzle this." She said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with her sleeve.

She watched as he drank, slowly taking sips until he was certain not to throw up again. He handed her the glass and tried to speak but Rei cut him off,

"Leave the questions until later Shuu, just rest now. I'm going to run you a bath and wash you so you can go back to sleep. But just rest for now, I'll come and get you when the bath's ready.

He nodded and relaxed back under the covers, shifting slightly, trying to stop his jeans from chaffing against his skin. Rei frowned at the action and said, "I'm going to see if I can find you something more comfortable than that. There are only jeans in the cupboard."

Shuuhei nodded, too weak and tired to ask how she knew what was in the cupboard behind him.

Before she left the room she kissed him gently on the head and he caught the scent of men's aftershave. He knew what it meant and he didn't like it, but he could barely move at that moment.

Rei smiled at him reassuringly as she left and went back to Kenji's bedroom. The door was closed so she knocked on the door frame first. She felt ridiculous doing so, considering the events of that morning and previous times, but it still felt wrong to just go in unannounced. She knew he'd recently come from the bathroom because she could feel the heat escaping the bathroom from the ajar door. Rei could smell shower gel and shaving foam, as well.

"Come." Kenji said from the other side of the door.

She walked in and closed the door behind her. She moved and sat down cross legged on the bed and watched as Kenji moved around getting ready. His hair was still wet, hanging down in small points; there were droplets of water on his back, dripping down towards the towel at his waist as he looked in his closet for some clothes.

"What do you want Rei?"


Kenji looked up when he heard the knock on the door. He knew it was Rei, she was always a little weird about things like that. Despite their past exploits.

"Come" he said simply before returning to look for some clothes in the closet.

He heard her enter and that she moved to the bed. She then didn't say anything, which confused him. She was watching him though, which made him uncomfortable.

"Rei what do you want?" he said turning from the closet, closing the door with his foot.

"I came to ask for some joggers or some lounge pants for Shuuhei. He's not fit to move yet. He's still vomiting and can barely lift his head without help." She replied, biting her lip

Kenji studied her carefully and it was clear that she was worried. He put the clothes down on the bed and sat next to her, resting his hand on her thigh.

"He'll be all right Rei. He will."

She nodded in response

"Can you keep an eye on him tonight? I've got some stuff to do." She asked.

Kenji tilted his head questioningly, but before he could get an answer she'd taken some joggers off the bed and had closed the door behind her. Kenji frowned and sighed, he knew what "stuff" meant and he knew why she was doing it. He'd seen her hands shaking. He rolled his eyes and got dressed.


Rei went back to Shuuhei and found he had returned to sleep. His hair was still sticking to his forehead, even thought his fever had gone down. She moved to take his jacket off, and his t-shirt and his jeans. She carefully pulled the joggers onto Shuuhei, they were slightly too big for his slim frame, but they'd do for now. Rei found a t-shirt from the pile she'd selected earlier and left it to one side. She didn't want to wake him yet. Sitting against the wall she positioned herself to wait for Shuuhei to wake up again.


Kenji had left Rei with Shuuhei for most of the morning, but as it neared lunchtime he felt he should offer her something to eat. Upon opening the door he found Rei asleep against the wall and Shuuhei mumbling in a restless sleep.

Kenji frowned and knelt next to the man, resting the back of his hand oh his forehead testing his temperature. He was still feverish but nothing to be worried about. A few more days rest should help him recover entirely.

A knock at the front door made him jump. He'd been expecting some earlier than this, but junkies will call when they call.

Kenji rolled his eyes and closed the door to the room before answering the door.


There were men talking and laughing somewhere close by. She could hear them, even before she opened her eyes properly. She could hear the soft deep murmur of Kenji's voice and a higher more irritating one, which went higher and lower at erratic intervals.

"They're been talking for a while" a very hoarse voice said, making her jump.

"Shuu! How do you feel?" she said testing his temperature. There seemed to be little or no change in his fever.

"Like shit," he managed before he was hit by a coughing fit, which racked his body, causing him to vomit into the bowl Rei was holding out for him.

The door opened but Rei ignored it. They could wait, no matter who they were.

"Think he can manage a bath now?" Kenji asked from the doorway behind her.

She nodded, not turning around, focusing on Shuuhei. Making sure he vomited into the bowl and not anywhere else.

She heard Kenji leave, closely followed by the sound of running water. She smiled slightly and supported Shuuhei on her arm and carried him to the bathroom.


Three days after he had first woken up. Shuuhei could sit up by himself and walk, all be it very slowly, to the bathroom leaning on the wall. He had woken up because someone was in the room with him, moving around as quietly as possible. Shuuhei opened his eyes to find Kenji, clearing his dinner things from his bedside.

"Where's Rei?" he asked, his voice still hoarse.

"She insisted on going to work. She said something about not taking charity and needing a hit. She asked me to keep an eye on you." The man replied before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Shuuhei scowled. He had worked out a few things in his hours of consciousness. One: Kenji was a dealer of some description, which was evident due to the shaking and zombie-like figures he'd seen coming in and out when he was moving to and from the bathroom. They reminded him of Rei, sunken eyes, pale skin, cracked lips, some even had small scabs under their noses like Rei did. Two: Rei and Kenji knew each other better than most. He may have been stuck in bed, but he wasn't stupid.

He scowled slightly, not liking this arrangement at all.

Chill Shinigami, we can take him, no doubt about it, so relax.

Shuuhei's scowl deepened upon hearing this from Kazeshini, but worse than that, he agreed with the spirit. If that man hurt Rei, he'd tear him apart.


The next time he woke up, Rei was there. Her eyes were wide and she was twitching her nose. Shuuhei knew better than to try and speak to her like this. He'd try when she'd come down off the high.

She'd been to work, he knew. He could see the faded lipstick and smudged mascara around her eyes. He wanted to sigh, but held it in, slowly rolling over to go back to sleep.