He's like fire and ice and rage,

He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun,

He's ancient and forever,

He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the univers,.

and... he's wonderful.

"You're upset."

The soft, comfortingly Scottish voice of Amy Pond jolted the Doctor out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, what?" he spluttered, jumping to a more dignified position then he had just been in - hunched over the TARDIS console with his head bowed.

"You're upset." she repeated.

She and Rory had just been playing a game of chess - or, what the Doctor said was chess. She had then left Rory to ponder over his next move while she joined the Doctor at the console.

"Upset?" the Doctor chuckled, emotionless. "Of course not! I'm ok, I'm always ok, well, mostly always. Well, sometimes mostly always, well..." he left the console and slumped down on one of his yellow chairs.

"No, you're really not." Amy left the console too, and walked past Rory - who was still concentrating on the chess-or-not-chess game - to sit on the chair next to the Doctor's.

"It's just," began the Doctor, avoiding Amy's gaze. "I don't know how you're still with me."

"What do you mean?" Amy said, a little taken back.

The Doctor sighed. "Everything I've done to you, Amelia Pond, makes me wonder what it is that makes you stay. You could have gotten married to Rory, settled down, had no troubles whatsoever. Instead, you've let me whisk you away on the night before your wedding, almost ruin your relationship, get you heartbroken, make you forget your own husband, get you killed, get you trapped, make you suffer the loss of losing Rory countless times, make Rory suffer the loss of losing you countless times, and It's my fault that your own child has been kidnapped. What, after all that, makes you want to stay with me?"

Amy looked at Rory, who had heard them, and was now gazing at the Doctor as if he had just hit him. Eventually, Amy said:

"Doctor, there's no light without a dark. You can't travel through the universe without there being consequences, I would expect you, of all people, to know that," the Doctor opened his mouth, but Amy cut him off. "I - we - have stayed with you because we love being here. In the TARDIS - the most amazing, magical machine in all of history - with you."

Rory had now abandoned the game and joined them, squeezing onto what little space Amy left on her chair.

"The Legs, the Nose, and the Doctor." said Rory, in an attempt to loosen the tension.

The Doctor smiled, but it was quickly replaced by a look of remorse. He turned to look at his companions.

"What about Mrs Robinson? Melody Pond, your daughter? It's my fault she's gone, and by all rights you should be ripping me apart over it."

Amy touched the Doctor's shoulder. "Doctor - we don't blame you. You tried, you really tried, but - they tried harder. And you promised you'd get her back, so I have faith in you."

The Doctor could sense in her tone that she wasn't being entirely truthful, and looked at Rory. He was now staring at the floor. After a moment he seemed to notice the Doctor staring at him, and said:

"We may not have gotten off on the right foot, but I trust you with my life - most times quite literally. I know you'll get Melody back. Besides, it all turns out OK, doesn't it? She becomes River, and we all know that River turned out alright. Er, eventually."

The Doctor swallowed, and looked away guiltily.

"What's wrong? Do you know something?" asked Amy.

"Well, I..." the Doctor started lamely, before smiling weakly. "Spoilers."

Amy smiled with him, and they all sat there for a few minutes more, before the Doctor got to his feet and went back to the console.