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In the end, Sam knew he had no other choice. He needed to find his brother and to save him from the demons, so it was only logical to join the angels. When Zachariah asked him if he was ready to obey Heaven's orders and to become a true Warrior of God, Sam didn't even hesitate. He said yes. Yes. Anything for Dean. Yes. Yes. Yes.

In the end, Castiel refused to be there for Sam's swearing in and contented him-self to observe from far away. Dark thoughts whispered inside his mind.

Here he is, this flawed human, a Warrior of God. He tasted demonic blood, slurping it like an addict, he almost freed Lucifer from his cage thanks to his stupidity but we are expected to salute him as a brother. If I were God, I would never accept the likes of Sam Winchester in my flock. If I were God, I would never allow this kind of things to happen. If I were God...-.

The voices went on and on and on. Castiel didn't bother to silence them.

In the end, the Daimons were the proudest parents in the world. Alistair, their elder, had informed them that he was going to be a surgeon when he grew up and, seeing how the child's tutor was in awe of his intelligence, the Daimons had no doubt that he would make it.

Sweet little Dean, would be celebrating his first birthday in a few weeks ("My, time does fly!), was growing up to be a handsome and intelligent boy and, whatever he put his mind to do, nobody doubted that he would excel at it.

"Oh, he's going to be my assistant! We'll work together and it'll be perfect!", Alistair told his parents and the Daimons cooed at their beautiful sons.

In the end, Alistair didn't even miss Hell anymore. Sure, his small body limited him and on Earth he couldn't have as much fun as he had in Hell but, hey, home is where the heart is, right?

He had Dean, therefore he was content. They had a bright future together to look forward to. They were just getting started...

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