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I open my eyes to find the source of that horrible annoying buzzing noise.. I sigh as I realize its my cellphone alarm clock. I grab my phone and turn it off as I sigh again and lay there for a moment.

"Layla, get up its time for school!" Moment ruined.

I sit up slowly, pushing all of the coloring pencils, writing pencils, and my sketchbook to the side onto my bed in the process. I must have fallen asleep.. kind of obvious. After I got home and found out it was indeed most likely Paul was out there.. again.. I began drawing mean pictures of him and writing down ways to get him back. It was mostly just pictures though. I jolt up from my bed realizing that Bella is suppose to be starting school today. I grab my black belt with purple studs and my pink belt with silver studs and think... I'm not in a super good happy mood today, so I decide on the darker black belt with purple studs. I go over to my shirts and pick out a black shirt with multi-colored pink, blue and yellow peace signs that look like they should be graffitti on a wall somewhere. I go over to my jeans drawer and pull out my black skinny jeans with a few cuts above the knee and my black trip pants.. I pick the skinny jeans and grab my black knee-high converse boots and bring all this to the bathroom with me to take a shower.

I stand looking at myself in the mirror, approving of my appearance. My goldenly unnatural looking hair is straight and my bangs are to the side, hanging in my eye a bit. I put on some black eye liner and pink lip gloss. I exit the bathroom and pick up my black and grey backpack, throwing it over my shoulder as I exit my room, but not locking it. The backpack almost hits the stairs as I descend them, due to the fact that I loosened both shoulder straps as far as they would go. It reaches the back of my knees but its all good for me.

"Breakfast is ready, dear." My mom says smiling at me. I smile back as I set the backpack on the couch. Do we really have to act like we're a perfect family, when we all know we arent? Do I have to sit here and pretend that I think my parents are so great together, when they both bitch to me about each other and bring up stories from their past that makes the other seem to have a darker interrior? Do I really have to know every little horrible detail that they've said and done to each other, without both knowing the other has told, them both thinking they are the only one to bitch to me, do I still have to sit here and pretend? The answer.. is yes. But I can't call it pretending, because then they would feel guilty and angry because thats what they called their parents' marriages. Guess that runs in the family.

"Morning Dear." My dads voice says to me as he sits with me and my mother.

"Nice of you to join us." My mom says to him with a bitter smile. He fake smiles right back at her.

"It is isnt it?" He says. My mom rolls her eyes and begins eating. A question is hanging on the end of my tongue, begging me to ask, even though I know their answer already, since I've asked it so many times before, I just want to ask it so badly again.. i dont really believe them.. I just want to ask.. Did you ever love me?

"If you could call it nice." My mother retorts, a sour look on her face as she eats. I sit and eat my breakfast as they continue to bicker.. it seems like it never stops. I sigh and drop my fork loudly, causing them to only glance at me before continuing. Did you ever care for me? Did you ever believe in me? Did you ever love me? I'm not blind.

I stand up from my seat and take my plate to the counter before going up to my room and brushing my teeth, then walking back down without a word. I put my backpack on and hear them still going at it. I reach for the doorknob, but I know if I walk out without saying goodbye to them, I'll feel bad for it later. I sigh and curse my consious, as it seems they are lacking one that concerns me, as I walk over and hug my mom first and tell her I love her, and then my dad and tell him I love him. I walk towards the door.

"Honey, you can take the car, cant you?" My mom asks. I nod and wave goodbye as I walk out the door with the keys in my hand. As I'm walking towards the car, I can hear them screaming at each other again. I let a tear fall from my eye as I think about how stressful it is living with them. I hate pretending. I dont want to ever be like them, ever. I open the car door and get it and start it up and begin driving to school. I turn on the radio and put it on low as I find Lady Gaga on the cd. I let 'Born This Way' fill the car quietly as I drive to school, no doubt that will be any better than home.

Im on the right track baby, I was born to be brave

That lyric, to me, is amazing. One of my favorites of that song. The song ends as another, Welcome to the World by Kevin Rudolf, comes on, filling the car once again as I keep driving. Somehow, and I dont know how or why, but Paul comes to mind. My eyebrows scrunch together at the confusion of this. Why am I even thinking about him?

"OH MY GOD! MY PHONE!" I say loudly over the music, almost screaming it. I left my phone at home! I stomp the brakes of the car before turning around and going back towards the direction of home. As I pull up I quickly throw the car in park, but dont bother to shut it off as I literally run into the house and up to my room, unlock it, go inside, grab my phone off my bed, and run out of room, lock it again, and quickly go down the stairs, pausing to see my parents staring at me.

"Forgot my phone. Gotta go, love you!" I say, as I notice they look extremely pissed off. I escape to the car, throw the phone in the passengers seat, debating on whether or not to buckle it in before pulling out of the driveway and heading back to school again.

"For once, Paul, you've actually done some good in my life... you little prick." I say quietly to myself as the radio continues to accompany me on my drive. Specifically, 'Save You' by Simple Plan. The song having a romantic effect on me as i think about my parents very imperfect and rocky marriage. I glance at the radio-clock and see I'm a few minutes late. I speed up a bit as I enter town, 'World so Cold' by 12 stones now playing. I get behind another car at a stop light and recognize it as the cullens Volvo ( i think thats what they drive?) I look in the drivers mirror and see Edward driving. Edward-The object of almost every girl's affections, whether that girl is taken or not. I say almost because he has 2 sister, Alice and Rosalie, and I dont think theyre .. like that.. and theres me. I dont know, hes just too... pale? I swear, if vampires were real, then he'd be one! Hes like the palest dude alive..

I see him laugh and say something and look at me in the mirror, causing me to laugh a bit and smile back at him. Weird.. he must be a mind reader. I think to myself as I giggle inside my head as our lane's light turns green and I follow the cullens into the school parking lot. I park in my spot and I get out, locking my door before walking over to the passenger's side and putting my phone in my pocket and putting on my backpack, locking all the doors, and then walking out into the road heading for the sidewalk before an orange truck almost hits me, causing my to jump back. The driver pulls into a spot and gets out and comes over to me. Female. Brown hair... hm..

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I didnt see you! I didnt do it on purpose, I'm sorry-" The akwardness coming through in her voice.. exactly like Jake described.

"Bella?" I ask, stopping her mid-sentence. She stares at me.

"..Yeah?" She asks. I smile at her and she slightly smiles back.

"You're Bella Swan?" I ask. She nods.

"You know me?" She asks. I shrug before walking with her.

"I'm Layla. The one who made the most awesome sandcastle ever." I say. Realization washes over her face as she smiles a real smile at me before getting her school stuff out of her truck.

"I'm so sorry." She says again. I smile and shake my head as I speak.

"Dont worry about it. If you had hit me, you'd be instantly popular." I say. She looks at me.

"Why?" She asks. I shrug.

"I'm not really.. that well liked around here." I say as I lead her up the steps, before Eric stops us and smiles at me and Bella.

We begin walking again after he failed to work his way in with Bella. We walk to the office so Bella can get her schedule. I look it over to find that we do indeed have a few classes together. I help her to her first class as I go to mine. The first few hours go by like a blur, and I'm not in the lunch line. As I glance around for my group, I spot Bella a few people behind me. I step out of line to get next to her.

"Hey." She says. "Thanks." She says. I nod.

"No problem. Hey you wanna sit with me?" I ask. She nods. We get our food and she follows me to the table. I see Jessica smiling dreamily at Edward.

I pull up a chair next to Angela as we smile at each other. Bella sits next to me after giving a lingering look at the Cullens table.

"Everybody this is Bella, bella this is Eric, Mike the creeper," I say as I notice him looking at Bella chest, "Jessica, and this lovely little smart awesome person is Angela." I say as I begin eating and listening. Bella asks about Edward, and Jessica happily spills every detail she knows.

"Dont even try. Like dont even waste your time." Jessica ends, trying to discourage Bella from going for Edward. I laugh out loud causing them to look at me.

"Bella, Personally, I think you should go for it. You're beautiful and nice, and you have a school-full of boys begging at your feet. If anybody here could get Edward Cullen, if'd be you." I say, encouragingly to her. She smiles and looks at him again.

School went by like a blur, thankfully. Now, I find myself at my locker answering a text.

From: Jacob! :)

Yeah come pick me up!

I smile as I put my backpack on and walk out to my moms car. Bella's truck is already gone so I dont bother waiting around. I drive straight to Jacobs and see him waiting on the sidewalk.

"How much you charge sexy?" I ask as he gets in. We both laugh as I drive towards the beach.

"More than you!" Jacob says back, beginning our playful conversation. I giggle.

"Well thats too bad." I say.

The drive was quick and fun, and thankfully, nobody else was there. We get out and begin walking.

"I met Bella today." I say as I look over at him and see a dreamy smile, similar to Jessica's earlier, and I smile. "So Jacob has a thing for the new girl." I say as he laughs and disagrees. As we continue to keep walking and talking, I finally get him to admit that he does indeed like Bella.

"Shes so hot!" Jacob says as we ignore the rustling in the treeline as the the wind.

"Whos so hot?" I hear a voice that I dread as I turn to glare.

"None of your fugly business." I say as I begin walking again.

"Whoa, calm down! I come in peace." Paul says with his hands held up and his face holding a smile.

"Yeah well you'll leave in peices in you dont shut your mouth." I say with a glare. He laughs and walks infront of me and stops.

"Are you ok? Or does this have something to do with the fact that I was over at your house last night?" Paul asks knowingly. I roll my eyes. "Didnt know you were such a fast runner." He says with a laugh, knowing it'll get under my skin. I take a step towards him before he holds me back with one arm.

"Remember what happened the last time you hit me?" He asks with arrognace. Damn.. hes hot. Not like appearance.

"You're hot." I state. He smirks.

"I know." I roll my eyes and grab his hand.

"Not like that, you're physically disgusting, but you feel really hot." I say. He leans down a bit.

"Are you in denial of your true feelings towards me?" Paul asks. I laugh as I grab the back of his neck and feel his forehead.

"No, and Oh my God you're like burning! Jacob, feel him!" I demand as I look at Jacob who quickly shakes his head.

"NO!" Both Jacob and Paul say at the same time.

"You could be like dying or something! Or you could have like a mutant flu that burns you up from the inside out!" I ramble, but he cuts me off.

"In a way, some could call that successful sex. If you think of it in the right way." Paul states while looking me over and making no effort to hide it.

"Fine. I hope you die now." I state and walk away from him as I glare at Jacob who stops laughing, but keeps a smile.

"Aw, come on! Cant you take a joke?" Paul calls to me.

"Not from you I can't." I say as I hear him laughing from beside me.

"Wow. Chill out." He says as he wraps an arm around my shoulder and follows us to the car. He lets go and gets in the backseat. I look at him with a WTF face. "What? You just said I could be dying! Are you really gonna make me walk?" He asks. I sigh as I get in the drivers seat. "Plenty of extra room back here, Layla." I look at him through the rearview mirror and he blows me a kiss. I fight to keep my anger in check as I start the car up.

I really dont think this is a drive I'll like.