A/N: After that wonderful, luscious spoiler I simply had to write some Helen/Nikola. This continues on the world of "Drabbles after Into the Black" and "Temptation of a Hungry Husband" and is, of course, just after Awakenings. It is smut, and you can read it without reading those others, but you will be confused.

This will be in short bursts, as I am incredibly busy. I also hope to get back to more of "A small decision" but I am swamped that that has too much plot for me to figure out at the moment!


He was filthy, and she didn't give a damn. She pulled him into the room, the plushest apartment she could find in Khartoum. He didn't look at the sumptuous furnishings or the view over the desert. He looked at her with such hunger it made her burn.

"Medication, Helen." His voice was low, rumbling, and she knew the monster was very close to the surface. It excited her beyond measure. Quickies in random hotel rooms with her mortal husband over the last three years did not compare to having a full night with her vampire back.

She pointed to the glass of merlot on the Chippendale end table, and he swallowed it down whole, never bothering to try to savor the vintage. She knew he'd never risk feeding from her if he lacked the control the medication provided, but she had to admit she was curious…wondering if she'd ever get the chance to see him completely unleashed as the beautiful animal he was.

He shivered and grimace, then his fingers began to fly over his buttons. "I do hope you brought clothes Helen."

She shrugged out of her coat and kicked off her shoes as he stalked forward, already half out of his best and shirt. "Why would I need clothes, Nikola? I thought…" He cut her off with a bruising kiss, his hands pulling at her blouse, shredding it around her, his nail leaving scratches on her skin. She moaned, welcoming him back with her tongue stroking against his. Her own hands pushed at his garments as he walked her back toward the bed, his many dusty layers landing on the floor without a care. He was so fastidious, she exulted in his need of her. He would ignore the dirt and the dust and the mess for no other person – perhaps for an interesting scientific conundrum, but only she could drive his passion so completely.

She hadn't wanted to admit how much she needed him. They'd been lovers for sixty years, had two children, and yet she'd always held a tiny piece of herself back, thinking that it would all fall apart somehow. She'd felt so selfish, making him play this part, forcing him into a charade, making him mortal again for a harebrained scheme. She'd almost lost him today, and had to depend on her past-self to rescue a man she loved more deeply than she'd ever thought possible.

He pulled away from her to look down at her body, a grin on his lips. She chuckled. "Aren't you hungry, my love?"

He smirked at her. "I'm ravenous." He pushed her back on the bed and she fell willingly. She'd not bothered with a bra, and his lips enclosed a nipple and sucked it into the cool of his mouth. She gasped, her hands pushing into his grimy hair. His face was covered with dust and she could feel it smear into her skin, but she didn't care. She wanted every trace of him, every millimeter of him pressed against her. He bit her nipple with human teeth, making her arch her back and the pleasure shot through her. He let her go with a pop, moving to the other breast with kisses and licks as he spread his fingers over her stomach, letting sparks of electricity dance over her skin.

She couldn't think. She didn't need to. She just wanted to feel him.

Her trousers met the same fate as her blouse, in shreds thrown to the floor. His hands traced her hips and thighs, his nails tantalizingly sharp against her skin, but he drew no blood. When his tongue traced a perfect circle around her clit she screamed his name and in reward he sucked her nub into his mouth, making her hips buck and her hands yank at his hair. But he wouldn't stop, his tongue licking at her, tasting her as though her essence alone could slake his animal thirst. He brought her to a high, sweet climax, but it was unsatisfying. She wanted more of him.

"Drink, Nikola. Please! I need it!"

She'd never admitted it. Never told him how deeply satisfying it was when he took her blood. He needed her body, her blood, her very soul, and she exulted in it. But she needed him too – so very much.

He gave her a long lick and looked at her, his eyes huge and black, the epitome of need. He bent to her thigh, and she knew he would try to make an inconspicuous mark on her thigh, sipping at her femoral artery before healing her with soft licks of his rough tongue.

That wasn't want either of them needed.

With a burst of power, she pulled at his shoulders, hauling him up her body. He muttered words at her she didn't hear, she was busy. She pushed at his damn trousers until his cock throbbed against her thigh. She arched her neck as her legs wrapped around his slim hips. "Mark me, Niko. We don't have to hide anymore."

He looked down at her for a long moment, until he smiled with a full mouth of those impossibly sharp teeth. "I love you, Helen." His voice echoed with all the power of a vampire, and with inhuman speed he had those teeth in her throat, slicing into her skin as his cock thrust into her sheath.

Pain and pleasure exploded within her and she came with blissful ferocity. Tears leaked from her eyes as she crested on sensation, his lips at her neck, drinking her blood in hungry pulls as he stroked deep within her with long, slow thrusts that made her aware of every generous inch of him.

"Love you, ljubav," she whispered into the heavy air, and she could feel his hips twitch in response, his lips caress her skin as he began to lick her wounds closed. His hips sped up, thrusting faster with that distinctive twist that seemed to drive her to madness. Her legs hiked higher up his back, her hands, clutching at his shoulders as he rode her, his weight pinning her to the soft mattress.

Pleasure snaked up her spine, threatening to burst again. He kissed the shell of her ear with such gentleness, such care, that she broke, purple white sparks imploding behind her eyes as her sheath clenched tight and he shouted his release into her, his seed pumping into her.

She held him tight, his heartbeat the slow thrum of a vampire even in passion, he breath cool against her neck in the desert heat. She was home again.