Had to detail a kiss, didn't I? And this is keeping me sane in a crazy crazy week. Unbeta'd and probably a mess. Don't sue.


He held himself above her, only his newly returned strength enough to keep him from collapsing in exhaustion after such an explosive release.

She was perfection, her skin glowed rosy pink and her breasts heaving as her fought to regain her breath. There was a smudge of dirt across her cheek, and the teeth marks in her neck should have been disturbing, but they were already healing, and he felt a sense of smug thrill that she'd practically begged him to mark her like that.

But when her eyes opened, huge and blue with pupils still dilated from the aftereffects of passion, there was such an expression. She pulled him down to her with sudden ferocity, giving him a quick, closed mouth kiss, a pressing of lips that contained such bottled need that he felt his cock stir within her once again. She broke the kiss just as suddenly, but tightened her legs around his buttocks, keeping him from escaping.

She was silent, but the fear and longing in her eyes spoke volumes. There was nothing that her past-self had done to him in the last three years that could have affected the love they shared. She'd been frightened. And her much older self had yet to lose that fear.

He smirked. "This reminds me of our first kiss."

She looked puzzled. And tilted her head, and the fear faded slightly, which had been his intent all along.

"Not the one in Rome…that wasn't our first kiss to me, after all. No, I'm talking about that one in the moldering old heap in Spain."

"That was a beautiful example of Iberian architecture. That castle was in excellent shape for it being eight hundred years old."

He heaved a sigh and she caught her breath, the movement rocking him within her slightly. "I'm still amazed that you'd managed to equip the rooms with modern-ish plumbing, and the windmill generator was inspired. I still think you wanted to play Don Quixote."

"And I suppose that makes you my Sancho Panza?"

He frowned. "I do not like donkeys."

She laughed and wrapped her legs around him more tightly, tilting her hips and making him groan. He bent down to press a kiss over the mark on her neck and circled his hips again, his cock growing harder. Thank God for vampiric recovery times. "I'd just managed to cobble together a code machine rivaling Enigma out of scraps, in a week mind you, and gotten you farther into your damned efforts at decoding those pulses than you'd gotten in two years."

"Well, it was a good way to keep you out of trouble, and we did need to set up contact with Ranna somehow."

"Always layers of rationalization, Helen. Admit that you liked having me around."

"I always have."

Another kiss, this one harder, with his tongue tracing her lips and her breath coming in soft pants as he lazily pulled out and thrust into her again. "There was some clattering in the entryway, and you grabbed me and kissed me and told me to go hide in the damn dungeon."

"It wasn't a dungeon, it was a cellar."

"If there's no wine, it isn't a cellar, it's a torturous dungeon. But that's beside the point. You kissed me."

"I thought we'd been followed."

"And your first move was to claim a kiss?"

"I hadn't seen you for forty eight years, I was weak."

"You loved me."

She smiled up at him, "How could I not love you, the great Nikola Tesla?"

He laughed and claimed her lips, in a hot, passionate, breathless kiss, full of tongue and teeth and fire. She gripped his hips with her thighs and ran her nails down his back before pushing at him to flip them over.

She rose over him, beautiful and his. "Now that was more like our third…pardon me, our second kiss. You cornering me in that dreadful kitchen and kissing me breathless."

"Well, I couldn't very well let pass by the best chance I'd ever had to claim your affections. The noise was just the damn delivery men. The castle was empty, the only source of light was the cooking fire…it was romantic."

"It was desperate, and messy…it took me a week to get the honey out of my hair…but I loved every second of it."

He pulled her down to claim her lips again and arched his hips up into her, making her moan into his mouth and squeeze her sheath hard around him. One of his hands snuck between them to circle her clit and her hips danced, more sensuous than any courtesan. He tried to fight back the need to come, the pleasure so close to the breaking point it was embarrassing, but she was too perfect for him to resist. She pulled away, sitting on top of him and sinking his cock inside so deep inside of her that she let loose a scream.

He grabbed her hips, voicing the rhythm, arching up into her as she slammed down twice, three times more and then they both cried out, need surpassing sense or probability and letting them both climax at the same blissful time.

She dropped on top of him, again out of breath, her breasts pressing into his chest with each harsh inhalation.

"Your trousers are still around your ankles you know." He bust out laughing at her words, and she pulled away from him long enough to disconnect them and push at his filthy pants with her feet until they lay naked amid the scraps of dirty fabric on the expensive coverlet.

"Why are you afraid, Helen? I'm not going anywhere without you now."

She nuzzled into his shoulder. "I was so horrible to you so often, Niko. I was so blind and brittle and…"

"And I deserved your mistrust. You'd been hurt, and I'd left you too often. How were you to know what my motivations were? How were you to know that I'd been yours forever when I'd disappeared for six decades on you?"

"I should have known. I should have seen thy way you looked at me and trusted you."

"I made it difficult. I'm good at being an ass."

He could feel her smile against his skin as a hand snuck beneath his hip to squeeze a cheek. "Yes, you are at that. I'm amazed sometimes that I manage to put up with you, and miss you so terribly when your unholy smugness is gone." She raised her head and squinted at him. "You are also filthy, and you've made me almost as vile."

"Shower or bath?"


He grinned. He had many months to make up for.