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"Adorable?" the familiar figure scoffs. "I was definitely not going for adorable… how'bout menacing… or at least mildly frightening?" The boy examines himself and pulls at his shirt sleeves, trying in vain to smooth out the wrinkles.

"Well I thing you look just fine." Harley quips, obviously upset at the boys distaste in her clothing choices.

The boy stretches his arms above his head and heaves out a deep breath.

"Let's get this over with; I have places to be people to see"

" … Now that's not a very good attitude… Is it Jay?" the Joker scolds, tossing one of his two machine guns to Harley "We'll have to talk about this when we get home"

The boy makes a disapproving noise, and even with a mask covering his face, you can tell he rolled his eyes. "Don't call me Jay. I don't like it." He huffs and crosses his arms "Can you at least try to come up with something more original…how about Lucifer?"

"Lucifer?" Harley squawks "What kind of name is that? I like Jay just fine just leave it alone. Jay is a nice, family name." Harley glares at the boy and crosses her arms.

"Well what's wrong with Lucifer? Please tell me you at least know who Lucifer was." He crosses his arms as well and glares at Harley.

"Both of you.." the Joker starts off in a disapproving, almost caring tone "KNOCK IT OFF OR I WONT HESITATE TO LEAVE YOU HERE AS BAT-BAIT" he suddenly shouts, throwing his hands in the air. "We have work to do, and I don't want any ballerinas on steroids crashing my party" he growls harshly.

Instantly both Harley and Jay's faces fall, they drop their arms to their sides and struggle to avoid looking the Joker in the eyes.

"Sorry Mistah' J" they both mumble in response.

Suddenly snapping back to his usual cynical sense of humor the Joker hops up onto one of the nearby crates and shouts for Harley to start loading the limo full of the packaged up blockbuster hybrid.

"Jay, you're on crowd control and surveillance. No one gets in…or out" he says with venom dripping from his voice and a glance up to the rafters, eyes drifting dangerously close to Wally's perch, causing the young speedster to go pale with fright. The boy cringes "I said my name is Lucifer" he shouts back impatiently to the Joker throwing his hands in the air as he turns towards Harley.

"As for you morons on the floor" the Joker shouts to the assorted workers still attempting to avoid the Jokers wrath. "Get up and help Harley, and mind your manners around the lady, or I won't hesitate to put a bullet where it counts" he growls as eleven goons slowly start to come to their sense.

"Harls!" the boy calls to Harley from across the warehouse, his voice echoing slightly "You remembered to pack my things right?"

"Yeah, they're in the trunk, get em' yourself" she shouts back.

Jay slinks over to the limo and flings open the trunk with a flourish. Leaning forward deep into the trunk and fishing around for a moment, he leans back with a triumphant smirk on his face and some sort of harness in his hand. Quickly he shrugs on the harness and fastens the main clasp in the middle of his chest with a click. He spends a moment adjusting the straps on the harness and rolling his shoulders until it fits comfortably. Next he takes a black briefcase from the trunk and turns around, placing the case on one of the nearby packaging tables. He clicks open the claps on the case to reveal a series of well cared for knives of all types and sizes. With an expert hand he carefully selects each knife and fits it into a holster on his vest. Lastly he removes a butterfly knife from the case and looks at it fondly for a moment before slipping it into his pocket.

It's what comes next that really makes KF sick to his stomach.

After returning the empty case to the trunk of the limo, the boy carefully removes what appears to be Robin's utility belt, painted black, and fastens it loosely around his waist with a grin.

The boy then slams the trunk with unnecessary force, causing the joker to cringe which brings a small smile to the boy's face. Jay strides over to one of the packaging tables near where the goons are loading the limo, leaps on top of it and stands, watching the goons carefully with his arms crossed.

After things quite down a little bit as the workers down below fall into a pattern of loading the limo, Megan dares to reach out to the rest of the team. Even though she knows that she can't be heard by the psychos down below, her voice is a frightened whisper.

'T-that's not who I think it is… right?' she asks the team, all of which are in an equal state of shock.

'It would be ridiculous to assume, based on our complete lack of evidence that the Joker's new… sidekick… is in fact…..Robin' Kaldur states with a mental cringe.

'But look at the similarities' Artemis points out 'Besides the fact that this person.. Jay, Lucifer… whoever… and our Robin look just about exactly alike, they talk the same. Also this Jay person has both Robins' utility belt and mask. I have the sinking feeling that someone forgot to tell us something again.'

'Wait guys! I just remembered something' Wally excitedly shouts into the link, 'This has happened before, I remember another time when Batman sent robin undercover as one of Poison Ivy's captives in order to get inside information, I bet that's what he's doing now. I mean, if he's done it once, he'll do it again right?'

'… That would be a logical explanation..' muses Kaldur. 'But how come we weren't given prior notice; a setup like this could have seriously endangered the mission'

'Batman wouldn't test us in a situation this dangerous' Megan chimes in, sounding much more relaxed than before. 'I bet Batman and Robin are working on this case right now, and needed us to gather Intel for them, and because the Joker suddenly decided to raid this warehouse, Batman didn't have time to inform us of the plan changes'

'That would make sense…' Kaldur admits 'and Batman does like to operate in secret, which would explain why we were never informed.'

'The best thing to do would be to contac-'

Kaldur is suddenly interrupted by a loud crash from the warehouse floor below.

It seems as though a particularly unlucky goon has had the misfortune of losing his grip on one of the boxes of the Cadmus formula, the box hit the ground with a loud crack and is now spilling its content all over the cement floor.

"Did you NOT see the handle with care label on that box?" the Joker roars. "Cause I did NOT purchase shipping insurance on that!"

By now the poor unlucky man has shrunk down onto his knees and sniveling and begging for his life to be spared. The Joker jumps off of the crate he was standing on and rushes at the man, pulling him up by his shirt collar to look the Joker point blank in the eye. The Joker smiles wide, revealing his crooked and yellow teeth.

"It's been about… hmm let me see.. It's been about an hour and a half since I last killed someone and believer me when I say I FEEL THE URGE COMING ON AGAIN"

The Joker breaks down into fits of laughter, the terrified man in the Jokers clutches can think of nothing smarter to do that to force out some strangled laughter as the Joker himself continues to laugh. Eventually both men are laughing and the Joker sets the goon down, who continues to force himself laugh along with the Joker. Some of the man's fear has faded as it appears that his life has been spared.

The joker leans back on his heels and wipes under his eyes with a finger, still chuckling.

The man breathes a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the Joker pulls out a gun and trains it on the man's forehead, his face going blank.

"What's so funny?" He asks the man in a gravely calm voice as he pulls back the hammer of his handgun with a click.

"Wait!" Shouts Jay from across the room, Young Justice breaths a collective sigh of relief.

The Joker turns his head toward the boy slowly, looking just as ready to blow of the boys head as the goons' in front of him.

"Let me do it" the boy says with a smile.

The Joker grins as Jay strides over, He gives the boy the handgun with a dramatic bow. "Be my guest" he chuckles.

Jay takes the gun, examines it for a moment, then wraps his fingers around the trigger and extends his arm, holding the gun loosely and sideways. He pulls back the hammer with a click aiming point blank at the man's forehead.

"See you in Hell" he smiles and pulls the trigger.

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