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Please enjoy the short story. It will only be a few chapters. Hope you'll like it.

A Twist in Time


Joey ran as fast as he could. He got some new cards and was eager to try them in a duel against Yugi. He didn't care about the wind that was starting or the dark clouds that began to cover the once blue sky. Once his head was on a game nothing could distract him.

Or at least nearly nothing. "Did you see a squirrel that you're running like that, dog?"

Joey turned at the insult that could come from only one person in the world. And just as he thought there he was. His worst nightmare came true. Seto Kaiba with his fancy clothing and his glued on suitcase. At least he wasn't wearing one of his fancy new duel discs that Joey was jealous of. Joey wanted one really bad and Seto always had the latest, of course. Seto had been through at least four different models since Joey had gotten his one at the beginning of the battle city tournament and no one but Joey was using that old thing anymore.

"No but I saw ya and rather run for the hills than waste my time with you." Joey shouted back and just turned to run faster towards Yugi's. He didn't see nor cared that the sheepish smile, that had just formed on Seto's face as he had turned to him, had now disappeared again. Seto hated it when Joey was too busy for a fight with him. But there was nothing he could do. After all he didn't exactly have time for a fight either. He was just walking into a restaurant where he had to meet an important businessman. Happy that he at least didn't have to risk that anyone would find out his true feelings for the blond mutt during that fight. After all Joey was nothing but a street dog and it was already bad enough that Mokuba had started to look suspicious when he talked about or to the blond duellist. He had to be extra careful now since he didn't want that anyone would ever figure out those feelings.

Joey looked at the duel disk on his arm as he ran. Thinking about the latest duel disk he had seen in a shop. It was black and red and Joey was saving for one but he knew that it was probably off the market by the time he had managed to save up the money. He already was trying to find an after school job but so far with no luck. He just hoped that he had enough money for a plain duel disk by the time his present one stopped working all together. It was already falling apart, losing bits of the metal frame here and there and after a look inside Joey knew that he would never be able to fix it if it broke. He didn't even know the name of half the stuff inside. Sure there were tiny wires and some computer chips but there was all sort of other stuff in there too and how anyone could build something that complicated was beyond him and he secretly envied Seto that he could do something amazing like this but Joey would rather die than say that out lout to anyone.

He took a deep breath as he stood in front of the game shop that belonged to Yugi's grandfather. "Hey Yug' I got some new cards and want to try them, are ya up for a game?" He asked in his usual cheerful tone as he opened the door.

"Sure Joey, let's go." Yugi said eager to play a game like always. This hadn't changed since Yami had left even though it was obvious that Yugi thought about his other half a lot especially during a duel.

Both teens walked outside into the ally next to the game shop. Neither one noticed the darkening sky as they started to duel. Both where too focused on their game.

For a few turns they enjoyed the game before the rain started. At first it was just a gentle rain which the boys ignored. They didn't notice nor care about the flashes of light from the storm that was on his way. Both ignored the quiet thunder at first. But they couldn't ignore any of that for long since the rain was starting to get worse and the thunder as well as the rain were soon at a volume that the boys needed to scream to make themselves heard.

"Maybe we should stop," Yugi said being the more responsible one of the two.

"Are ya scared that I beat ya?" Joey teased knowing full well that he was in the disadvantage right now even though he had 500 life points more than the king of games. But that was about to change in the next round and there wasn't much he could do, unless he got the right card he would lose in the next four turns.

"I'm not but it is getting cold and wet and I would rather get inside." Yugi said.

"Oh come on, let's finish the game." Joey said.

It was Joey's turn and there was a card that might actually let him win. A Black Dragon Chick. Now he might really win and he could feel it. He summoned the monster ready to use it's special effect to summon his favourite dragon.

"What's that?" He heard Yugi ask

"Don't tell me ya forgot that card?" Joey said teasingly not seeing the panic in his friends eyes as sparks came out right under the card he had just played escaping through the many loose parts where water hat gotten inside of the duel disc.

"Not that! I mean the sparks." Yugi said and wanted to run to Joey but it was already too late. He had already activated the special effect but at first there were just more sparks all around the duel disc and now Joey too looked surprised and a bit afraid. But more because he might lose this chance to win due to a broken duel disk. But then the Red-Eyed-Black Dragon came forth, just that this one knocked over a bin on the side, while even more sparks with different colours appeared out of the duel disc that was starting to light up. There were so many sparks by now that Yugi couldn't see his best friend any longer. "Joey." He screamed and started to run across to Joey but the dragon blocked his way and Yugi looked at the dragon. He was about to run around the monster without worrying that he might end up like the bin that had now a big dent in it. After all his friends life might be on the line. But the dragon didn't stay for long. Much to Yugi's relief he saw him fade away within seconds. But the relief didn't stay for long. Because while the sparks also started to disappear along with the dragon, they left nothing behind. Joey was gone, leaving Yugi all alone staring at the dented bin and claw marks from the dragon. "Joey." He mumbled quietly while tears of fear filled his eyes.