Authors note: I know I already had this completed. And I said something about different endings and this isn't really a different ending but a different perspective of the ending. I chose not to do different endings since I like that one now but I read over some of the reviews and noticed that many wondered about what happened to Seth and Jōno after Joey had left. So I'm going to write a bonus chapter from Jōno's point of view. Enjoy.


I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm facing the guy I secretly love. I loved him ever since I saw him walking over the market with the Pharaoh one day. But it isn't like I have a choice. This Niu holds my little sister as a hostage, and all just because he saw my dragon. But priest Seth wouldn't love me anyway, even if we where on the same side, so it hardly makes a difference. Everyone knows that he only loves the girl that died when her dragon was sealed. The same dragon priest Seth will most likely summon any moment. Everyone is sure that he'll never love anyone else, so I have always avoided the fearsome priest that supposedly is very strict.

I'm still hoping that he'll summon it fast, so this ends quickly when a guy shows up behind Seth. I stare at the blond man that looks so much like me that it feels like I look into my own reflection on the water, just that it's a bit pale. He says something but I have no idea what it is.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Seth asks him and I hear the worry in his voice. The next thing I see is that the other blond takes something from a device on his arm and then I see a little dragon baby appear. I'm about to laugh and ask if he wants to fight my dragon with a baby but then the baby disappears and is replaced with a mighty black dragon. A dragon that looks just like mine and I bet that they have the same strength. I'm sort of happy about this. At least now I don't have to fight priest Seth.

"Don't get your hopes up." I say to the blond, "I will fight you, even if it kills the both of us."

I hear someone else saying something gibberish. It sounds a bit like what the blond said, the one who looks like me. I hear the blond answer and then his dragon suddenly changes. He grows in size and I fear that he'll be too big and bring the whole thing down on us all but he stops growing just in time. He looks like some sort of metal is around him, like it isn't even a real dragon, more like some hand made one. I hear the blond saying something in his strange tongue and then hear the old man in the back speaking again, but this time I understand him. "Joey wants me to tell you that he won't die, but that you'll die for nothing unless you stop this foolishness and get your sister out of being a hostage instead. You should know that Joey has a younger sister as well and he said that she would never want him to do something like this and assumes that your sister wouldn't want you to attack someone either. You could help us to get her out of there, instead of helping the guy who holds her as a hostage. You're not alone anymore. His dragon is stronger now. Think about what your sister would want, boy."

I stare at the blond guy standing there. He looks like me but he clearly is much stronger than I'll ever be. I see priest Seth looking at him worried but also proud. But what is worse... I see two more standing close to the entrance of the room. Close to the old man that talked to me and translated the words of the guy called Joey. One of them looks like priest Seth, just a bit paler and he stares at me for a moment but then his eyes move to watch Joey with the same mixture of pride and worry. But his eyes move over to priest Seth every now and then and he looks angry. He clearly loathes him for some reason.

I wish he could look at me the way he looks at the blond. I don't know him but I feel my heart beat accelerate just like it had the first time I saw priest Seth. I look at Joey and wish I could be like him. He stands there strong and brave, knowing what he has to do with the obvious love from not just one but two great looking and probably strong and powerful men. I let myself drop to the floor and call my dragon back. It's hopeless to even try to fight and he's right, my sister wouldn't want me to fight knowing that I would die. I wanted Seth to end my life. I knew that his dragon would be stronger than mine, felt it deep down and wished him to attack me. I don't want to live this life where I have nothing but my sister. Nothing but the responsibility to take care of her. Our parents died long ago and we live from what little I can steal or what she gets from begging on the streets. I hate seeing my sister beg but at least she gets a little bit from some people with that cute and innocent face of hers. I never get anything for free, and no one cares for me.

Priest Seth and the old man, who introduces himself as Solomon, ask me a lot of questions about the situation my sister and the pharaoh are in and they promise to help me. Joey seems to be especially keen on helping my sister, while the little one who actually looks a little like the pharaoh, just smaller, paler and more innocent, only seems to care for the pharaoh. But I can't be sure. I only know what Solomon translates. But I notice that priest Seth seems to look at me a lot ever since Joey pushed him towards my direction, saying something I don't understand. Maybe he wants me to be held captive after attacking them, or he simply wants me questioned. I don't know why he might have the power to push priest Seth around though. But it probably has less to do with power than with feelings. Seth cares for him, just like the other brunet man that looks like Seth. I don't know his name; I haven't even heard him saying a word. He doesn't seem to care about anything but making sure that nothing harms Joey. How I envy Joey.

We walk closer to the chamber where the pharaoh and my sister are held. I tell them everything I know and how careful they have to be but Joey seems to be very sure of himself and smiles all the time. He seems so carefree and happy that I envy him even more. Once there I see him and the smaller guy entering the chamber and Joey says something that I doubt Niu can understand and then I hear a lot of noise. I walk in after them hoping that my sister is save but all I see is a bunch of strange brown furry little monsters. It takes a while till they're all disappeared, one after the other and then I see my sister next to a monster that burns and the pharaoh is close there too, both unharmed. I hear Niu swearing and then see him pulling a rope that dislocates a stone far above us. I hear the strange people talking to each other while the pyramid is starting to crumble down. We're all going to die.

I run to my sister, hoping that I can at least be with her when I see priest Seth's dragon above us, trying to keep the pyramid from crushing us but even his dragon isn't strong enough. I watch helplessly while his dragon lowers and wonder if it will help if my dragon comes out and takes some of the weight from the crumbling pyramid. But before I can summon my dragon I watch the guy that looks so much like priest Seth summon a dragon in a similar way as Joey had before. He has a similar device but like Joey's dragon was stronger than mine, his one is stronger than priest Seth's one. Much stronger, the dragon he summoned has three heads and seems to have no trouble at all to keep the stones away and they all fall to both sides of the huge wings and keeps all of us safe. I look to the man and see him standing close to Joey, watching him and holding his strange clothing partly over Joey. The white fabric keeping the smaller stones that are falling around Joey away from him. Joey just makes himself small and covers his head with his arms. I look over to priest Seth and see a longing but also defeated look on his face.

It all is over fast. I don't see Niu but he stood further away than the rest of us and I assume that he has been crushed somewhere beneath the rubble that surrounds us. We all climb out of the rubbles silently and stand next to the remains of the pyramid. I take my sisters hand and pull her a bit further away, close to a small tree and wait there in the shadows. "Are you hurt?" I ask my sister just to be sure that she is well.

"I'm fine," She says and smiles at me. "You saved me big brother, you're the best."

"I wish you where right." I say and watch the others that are still close to the pyramid. There seems to be an invisible line though. The priest is close to the pharaoh and I see him looking over to me a lot. I wonder if he'll see me as a stand in for Joey, since he obviously has given up on him. The other one, the one who looks like him, is stronger and clearly closer to Joey.

I don't know why I'm staying, I don't want to be second choice and I don't want to risk to get punished but I find it hard to just walk away after being so close to the man I admired for so long and a man who seems to be even better.

But Joey and the three other strangely dressed people were a little further away. The old one who speaks my tongue is the closest to the pharaoh and priest Seth. I mostly watch Seth though, his stare seems to be hypnotic and I wonder if he is watching me because he's afraid that I run off and he can't punish me for attacking him at the start. I remember how he had promised to not harm me and help me save my sister. I hadn't believed him though, not until I saw Joey and knew that he had a sister too, he seemed to understand.

I watch Joey walking over to the pharaoh and Seth with the older guy with him. I see Seto eyeing him but he stays where he is with the strange device and he seems to be working on it. "Maybe we should leave." I hear my sister say and look at her for a moment. "They might be upset that you were there to help Niu."

"Maybe." I say but just look back to Seth and don't move. I watch Joey going to his strange friends and the pharaoh walks with him while Seth is coming over to me. "But I guess it's too late now."

I feel my sister holding my hand. Her hand shakes, probably from fear for my life. I just stand where I am and watch priest Seth taking one step after the other towards my sister and me. Once he's where we are he turns and watches the others silently and I too start to look over. I hear the smallest of that strange group make a strange squeaking noise and then see him hugging and kissing the pharaoh. I feel myself blushing and eye the pharaoh. The little guy is probably in trouble, now that he behaved like that but Seth just watches and the Pharaoh actually smiles happily.

I watch them a little longer with Seth silently next to me and wonder what it means.

"He didn't mean to hurt anyone." My sister says after a while and I see her look, begging at Seth. "Please, don't punish him."

"I have no intention to do that." He answers her in a calm voice. "But I don't want to see his dragon ever again."

"Why not?" I ask fiercely. "It isn't like I wanted to attack you with it? And I didn't really I waited for you to call your one, knowing that it's stronger so why should you forbid me to use my dragon?"

I see him looking at me slightly surprised and then he smiles "Don't even try to be fierce. I'm used to worse than you now."

I see him looking over to Joey and get even angrier. "Then why aren't you over there? Oh yeah, he got another one."

"Technically, no." He answers and looks a little confused himself. "If I got it right, that other one over there is me, and Joey is you." I stare at him for a moment and wonder if he's got a heat stroke. "They're from another time. From the future." He explains after seeing my confused and probably worried face. "At least that's what they said and it does explain a lot."

"You mean in a few years I'll be that Joey?" I ask him, now certain that he must have a heat stroke to believe something like that. "Then why doesn't he speak our tongue?"

"Because it's a bit longer than a few years. More like a few thousand years and we'll be re-born to be them." He explains. It does make a little more sense but I'm still rather doubtful, Joey is much stronger, but then again, the other one is stronger than Seth too and they do look like we do.

"You mean, in our next life, you'll love me too?" I ask him and see him turning to look at me in surprise. We stare at each other for a moment and I feel my face blushing with embarrassment. Did I really say too?

"JOEY?" I hear a voice screaming. A voice that sounds so much like Seth that I'm sure it is from his future self, if that is really the truth. I see Joey falling to the floor unconscious and notice that next to me Seth is making a step further towards him but stops himself. Joey is already cared for by others and he isn't meant for him yet. I still feel my sister holding my hand and wonder if I should just go with her. Seth likes Joey and not me; it doesn't matter if he is me in my next life, because I'm not as strong as he is right now. I'm not like him at all.

It takes a moment but after watching the others tend to Joey and seeing that his friends don't look as worried as at the start I finally can make myself turn and taking a step to leave with my sister. But I just get to make one step and feel someone else holding on to my hand. I turn and look at Seth who still looks over to the others. By now his future self is working on all those strange devices again and then he takes Joey on his arm and a moment later he disappears, followed by the other three. After that Seth asks me, "You liked Kaiba too, didn't you?"

"Who is Kaiba?" I ask and wonder if it's the name of the guy who looked so much like priest Seth.

"My future self." Seth answers, confirming my suspicion.

"Sort of." I answer with a blush.

"I guess it's because they're us, just better." He answers, "It's like they, or rather we, improved somehow with time. Which is probably why neither one seemed to care too much about either one of us."

I watch him a little longer, silently. I still don't want to be a step in, even if it's for myself. But then again, he wouldn't be just a step in for this Kaiba. I like him too, differently, but I do like him so much that the thougt of leaving hurts.

"Let's go." He says and still holds my hand. I walk with him silently. I wonder if we would have had a chance to be happy with each other if the other two would never have appeared and wonder if we will find that happiness now or if we'll always sort of long for the others future self.

I travel with him and my sister is very quiet and just watches us. I talk to her sometimes but not much and Seth doesn't do much to get a conversation going either. It only takes a few days to get back to the main city and once we reach it I feel two persons taking one of my hands. My sister on one side and Seth on the other. My sister seems to be scared, while I think that Seth simply wants to make sure I don't run off on him. He guides us all to the palace and I listen to him explaining everything to the other priests. But I'm surprised that he didn't mention the fact that I even have a shadow monster, never mind that I attacked him with it.

After that he walks with me and my sister through the palace towards a small room. Once there he says, "Your sister can use this room for the night, you'll see her tomorrow for breakfast."

I feel my sister holding on to my hand more but just smile at her. "Don't worry." I say with a smile, "It'll be fine. Just try to sleep, okay?"

She nods and lets go of me but looks worried. After that Seth pulls me away from her and she just looks after me. A little later we both stand in a bigger room and I look around. I see a bit of the strange fabric that Joey wore on his legs; it looks like it was cut off from his strange clothing. Joey must have used this room for a while. At least I assume it until I see Seth taking off some of his clothing and wash himself with some water in a bowl there. "Why didn't you mention my dragon in there? Or that I wanted to fight you?" I ask him.

"Have you ever heard about Kisara?" He asks me.

"Sure." I answer. "She was the one who had your dragon before it was sealed."

"My own father did that." He tells me and that was new to me. "He wanted the dragon's power. Your dragon might not be as powerful as mine, but it is powerful enough that some might want to have it. That's why I don't want anyone to know that it exists."

"Is that the reason you told me that you don't want to see it ever again?" I ask and wonder if he really could be worried about me too.

"Why else should I say it?" He asks me and I just stare at him.

"What is going to happen now?" I ask him after awhile.

"I don't know yet." He answers me and looks deep into my eyes, "But I hope that you'll stay with me."

"I'm not Joey though." I answer and look away.

"And I'm not Kaiba." Seth says and holds my hand. "But I like you, not just Joey, and I hope that you'll learn to like me too, if you stay."

"What about my sister?" I ask. "I can't leave her alone."

"You don't have to." Seth informs me and already smiles triumphantly. "I'll take care of her too. You won't have to worry about anything anymore."

I watch him for a moment and then whisper: "I don't think that I'll have to learn to like you. I already do." And then I feel his lips on mine and he pulls me onto his bed and holds me gently in his strong arms. I already know that I'll never leave him again, we belong together, and the fact that we'll be together in our next life only proves that fact.

Auhtors note:

And for further information, the mummy that was with Seth when the hair was found, it's Jōno because they really did stay with each other.