A very merry sparkly Christmas.

I should probably start by apologising- I'm so sorry! Please forgive me for not updating in so long... a year *cringes* is despicable of me. But I had run out of all good ideas and I didn't want to ruin it. However, here I am – with the long awaited for Christmas special! Hurray? Lets find out.

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"That's it, the twins are grounded!" screamed Caius, "I've had enough of this."

He marched to his room and slammed the door. Very mature.

"Oh, what did they do now?" Aro sighed half-heartedly, bored to death as usual.

"Caius took Jane and Alec to see Santa in town. Apparently they weren't to happy when Old St. Nick handed them a selection box rather than one of those cool toys you used to get."

"Temper tantrum?"

"No... they held him hostage and the pair had to be escorted out by six elves and a policeman."

"Ah. Nothing out of the ordinary, then- so what on earth is wrong with dear Caius then?"

"They made him dress up as one of the elves for an hour to pay the damages to the set." Marcus snorted and turned on the TV.

'BREAKING NEWS- In Voltura, Italy a young girl and boy were asked to leave after assaulting Santa over a free present that they didn't like. Social workers and police have blamed the incident on poor parenting by this man who is believed to be their father.'

Just then a video of Caius dancing round in a ridiculous elf outfit appeared. A female reporter approached him.

'"Sir, what do you have to say about your children's appalling behaviour?" The woman asked, standing far closer to Caius than would strictly be considered wise.

"They are not my children!" He screamed.

"So you've disowned them then?" She inquired.

"I cannot stand them- I only took them to town because they were in the boot of my fancy sports car."

A look of horror flashed across the interviewers face.

Caius backtracked, "Wait- You misunderstand; I didn't put them there; I mean they were hiding- and they're not children, they're over a hundred- I mean, old enough to know what they're doing-" He stumbled to find a reasonable excuse to dig him out of this hole.

The clip ended.

'Shortly after this footage was taken, the man disappeared. The authories have searched the area thoroughly but no trace of him has been found.

Santa's Grotto say that, "Instead of court charges, we asked him to work to pay of the debt. {Also we thought it was funny} and we are asking if anyone can identify him please alert the police by calling this number.'

Somewhere in the Amazon Jungle...

Three vampires sat shocked round a small solar powered TV.

"Quickly, someone call that number!" yelled Zafrina.

"We don't have a phone." said Senna, sadly. The three sighed in disappointment.

Zafrina muttered angrily to herself.

"Don't Worry Caius," said Marcus, "I'm sure Santa will bring you lots of coal."

"Being helpful as always, I see." muttered Caius, not impressed. Everyone knew what he really wanted was Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D on blu-ray disc. "As the price of coal goes up, it always surprises me how people always burn their presents instead of selling them." He mumbled and wandered off.

Could a sinister plot be forming here?

"Did someone say burn?," A high pitched voice chimed.


Aro rushed in, red eyes wild. "HAS ANYONE SEEN VOLTI?" He threw Caius out of the way. "VOLTI, MY SWEET KITTEN, COME BAAAACK!"

Somewhere in the south of Ireland

"You'll love your Christmas present this year!" said Liam, "I spent a fortune on it."

"Lies," Maggie muttered under her breath. He got it wrong, every. Single. Year.

A gaggle of humans gathered around a sweet, pink fluffy kitten. A small girl pouted at her parents, and so they caved and took the kitten home. The little girl dressed him to her heart's content. The next morning the girl was distraught to discover the kitten had escaped.

However, he didn't go unnoticed...

"Aw, look at his cute little antlers!"

"Isn't he so sweet?"

"Someone take a picture, quick!"

"MEOW!" The kitten screeched, trying and failing to get away. Translation: Bah hum bug. Volti is not amused. You will regret this, muggles.

Who knew one meow meant so much?

So thanks to my lovely beta, hope for eternity (Hannah), who made sure this made sense! :)

And if you didn't already know;

The Amazon vamps hate the Volturi, having once been the unofficial rulers of the sparkly vamp world before they came along.

Maggie can tell whether someone is telling the truth.

Maybe this made things clearer?

Hope you all have a happy holidays.

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