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It was that time of the decade again. Every ten years Carlisle would try to persuade Aro and crew to switch to vegetarianism. As you can imagine, it never went down too well.

"So are you absolutely, positively, sure there is nothing I can do to convince you to change your ways?" Carlisle gave a sad pleading look. Deep down he knew it was pointless; but due to his kind nature he felt obliged to make the long trip to Italy. It was also the only time he could wear his eco-friendly, 'Save the human! Humans are friends, not food!' t-shirt Edward got him in the Christmas of 1962.

"Yes." The Volturi gathering said in complete unison. The majority were bored, a few were annoyed, and they were all missing Supernatural. Volti sat grooming himself in the corner. Nobody enjoyed Carlisle's visits; he was like one of those phone sales people who never go away. Ever.

Unfortunately, there was one member who was not so calm.

"Are you sure?" Carlisle asked. He had figured- one last try, and then he could call it a day. Alas, it was not to be so.

Alec was the one who snapped. Nearly frothing at the mouth, he leapt from his chair."THIS IS THE PART OF ME!" He sang shrilly, breaking out into Katy Perry trademarked dance moves. "YOU CAN NEVER, GONNA EVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!"

Patrick and a few others started to join in as his backup dancers, ala High School Musical. Carlisle stared in horror. They had lost it completely! They were insane!

(He had to admit their dancing was brilliant as they were totally in time with each other as they threw him into the elevator.)

"NOW LOOK AT ME, I'M SPARKLING!" He could hear Aro join in as the doors closed.

"They truly have lost it," Carlisle muttered to himself, as he reached the ground floor. The steel doors opened, revealing a large crowd of humans- some of whom were taking pictures- and the famous tour guide, Heidi. The girl had the gift of persuasion- no one has ever turned down one of her dinner party invites.

Carlisle tutted and made his exit. Despicable; the Volturi were shameless.

-Magic – Of – Television -

"...and to your left you will see the owners of this fine establishment; Aro, Caius, Marcus and their wives, whose names are never actually mentioned in this tour because they only appear occasionally and nobody can remember all the syllables." Heidi explained enthusiastically with a smile. Deep down she was cringing, because Jane had lent them her new DVDs. "Yes, I'm talking about the five unmoving statues on the sofa with the TV." She winked at them. That got a few laughs. (They always laughed.)

"Could you excuse me for a moment? Feel free to look around or take pictures, but don't go near any statues you think resemble someone from the paintings in the corridor outside, thank you." Heidi announced, glaring at a motionless Alec and Jane standing in the corner. Every. Single. Time. What had their mother said about playing with food? Get an Xbox, don't pretend to be artwork!

As the crowd dispersed to other parts of the wide room she made her way over to stand beside Aro.

"Eh-hem," She cleared her throat, looking for attention. Nothing. She tapped his shoulder, but that didn't work either. With a sigh, she went to stand in front of the TV. There was a crunch as she put her foot down. She glanced down to see that the floor was covered in DVDs. Volti sat in an empty DVD box-set case that read "Supernatural, series 1-8" on the side.

Finally, she had their attention. "What is it?" Aro growled. Five very angry vampires stared at her with hungry eyes.

"Uh, dinner's ready-" She started.

"Later." Aro stated abruptly.

"But- you haven't eaten in a week! You haven't left that spot for a week, you're starving!" She waved a hand at his eyes.


"We want Jensen and Jared!" announced Sulpicia.

"Don't forget Misha!" added Athenodora, eyes glazed with more than the bizarre milky film that came from their age.

"So get out of the way, Heidi," Aro commanded, "Marcus, go put the next three hours of Supernatural on. The season ended in a cliffhanger and I need to know what happened."

"Right, okay," Heidi mumbled, eyes wide as she backed away. She clapped her hands. "Okay, tour, listen up!" The group of humans obediently came back over to her.

"We are all about to run for our lives and flee the country, okay? Me included."

Heidi quickly ushered them down the hall, up the staircase, through the entrance and down the street. For humans they moved amazingly fast, but it wasn't far enough. They still heard the roars. "She broke our DVD!"

"What will we do?!"




Of course, the humans didn't hear that part though. "Was that thunder?" they asked each other.

"Only if Thunder is a fan of Supernatural" Heidi muttered, "I have so lost my job."


Throws at Hannah "make it pretty."


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