SO this is based on an old RP I found in me and my friend's skype window. So this is dedicated to her and I question our sanity haha but I already knew that was long gone.

The POV changes between Lovi and Tonio at each break line

Grinning with satisfaction, he brought a hand to his lips and wiped away the stray substance, sucking playfully on his fingers, savouring it. The man before him laid staring, eyes unmoving, focused on the ceiling. Rising to his feet, he towered over the silent man. He felt no remorse for what he did, the man's sanity was just a small price to pay for the nutrition he desired. The lust for the delicious taste driving him to hunt out new prey every day of the week, however he was picky and sometimes it took weeks to find it. Leaning forward, he dragged the man's trousers back on and made him look presentable, he may be a monster but he wasn't about to let the poor Hispanic maid walk in on that sight, then without further thought turned and left the room, pulling the motel door closed and walking slowly down the corridor and out the lobby area, letting the smile slip from his face as he came back into the real world.

This man had deep brown hair and gentle brown eyes, he was of medium height and slim, considerably attractive, and he was how he was born to be. The man's name was Lovino Vargas, a very rare sight to behold; a male succubus, a demon completely irresistible to the male species, feeding on testosterone to survive. He feeds on it by sucking it through the man's penis, draining the man of nearly all he has, causing the mind to slip and leaving the victim mad from the sexual act. Although he just considers himself a classy whore. He was picky though, and he had to avoid certain men, a good example being drunks, they were easy to get into bed without the need of powers but the alcohol tainted the seed and caused him illness. He looks human, however when in full form he had two large leather-like purple wings and a long red leathery tail with a pointed end, longer fingernails and his skin had a glow to it.

As he wandered down the streets, he could feel the eyes of nearby males up on him. He liked that perk, regardless of sexual orientation, men were attracted to him. He didn't know if it was because of some pheromone or spell but it meant he barely spent a penny in his life. But his existence was incredibly lonely; the only person he was ever really close to was his mother. He remembered she loved him so much even after his father disappeared, and when he reached the age of 13 she helped him move to the city. They kept in touch but usually because he had questions about the race he was, she was the only other Succubus he knew.

He did have some normality though, he had a job, he had an apartment, and he had a (very limited) social life. However all of that was nothing more than routine, being a demon he was in fact, immortal and would never age past the 23 year old face he had then, and even then he looked young for his age. After living there going on 2 years soon he would have to move or arouse suspicious every 10 years or so considering the nature of human thinking 'Oh you have aged so well~' can only work for so many years.

He carried on listening to the gentle humming of the nightlife in the city, with nothing but the occasional car driving past. Looking around, he spied the glowing lights of the nearby tavern. Looking both ways on the street, he hugged his coat close to him, jogged lightly across the road and into the warm glow of the lively atmosphere. Looking left and right, he noticed the occupants of the inn were spread out with groups of friends, not many were sat on their own. Chuckling a little to himself, he walked gracefully over to the bar and sat himself on a stool on the bar and ordered a glass of wine.

~Love? Or Lust? There's a fine line between the two~

He just kept walking, today had been especially hard, so he decided that instead of turning left and heading home from work, he turned right and kept walking. He didn't know why he decided to break from routine, after all nothing made him believe that changing direction would change his life. Perhaps it was because turning left was to once again smile as if nothing was wrong and accept the pain, and he had decided that after today he didn't want to accept it so willingly. So he turned right and kept walking, looking for something to make his life seem a little meaningful. He dragged his jacket off his arms, held it over his shoulder and ran his other hand through the chocolate curls and yawned. His name was Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, tall with brown hair and green eyes; he worked in an insurance company owned by his father. Although he was at the sales level, he was more or less shunned by his workmates for being related to the boss, claiming his position had been bought through favouritism and unfair advantages. Antonio decided from the first day he would never sink to their level of petty office bullying and instead walked around with a permanent smile on his face. But at the end of the day he would go home and usually cry alone. He hated his life but he was grateful to his father for giving him a job when he was on his last legs.

So here he was walking down the dark streets of a part of town he didn't recognise. His eyes fell onto a pub, petting a hand to his pocket he felt his wallet and a small smile on his lips entered. He took no notice of the others in the bar and instead went straight for an empty bar stool, slammed the wallet to the counter and looked to the barman.

"Something strong por favour" he asked and nodding, the barkeep placed the glass on the surface. Tanned fingers wrapped around the glass and the edge came to meet the man's lips, the liquid disappeared in seconds. He sighed, feeling the slight burn of the alcohol and, replacing the glass to the counter, smiled at the man on the other side "Keep them coming, si?"

~This is the fine line ~

Lovino looked to the man next to him drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He grimaced at the idea, it spoiled the taste something rotten and the man did appear to be of his type. He sighed, the guy was new to him, considering he knew most of the people on this side of town, so he decided to be nice and give him a warm welcome. Leisurely, he gently traced a finger over the surface of the counter and onto the tanned skin of the newcomers tanned hand.

"Hey…what's wrong? You look down" he spoke, almost in a whisper, as gentle as cotton. Slowly, the man's eyes fell on him. Lovino blinked as the man looked him up and down, he really did have pretty eyes, a deep green colour and ever so clear. Slowly the man smiled, it was a sweet warm smile. Licking his lips, the demon seemed satisfied to test the water.

~so easy to cross~

The man next to him really was pretty; he was ticking all the right boxes in the Spaniard's opinion. He hummed in approval. He had to admit his favourite thing, and it might have been the alcohol talking, were the man's eyes, they were a brown colour but they had a wonderful amber glow to them.

"What's your name?" the man asked him. He had a wonderful accent, Antonio recognised it as Italian, he was alluring enough to be one, the urge to take the man right there and then was near overpowering. Again, most likely down to the alcohol.

"I'm Antonio" he smiled and downed another glass. The man laughed a little and worked the glass from his fingers. Antonio watched the fingers effortlessly relinquish him of the glass.

"Well Antonio, my name is Lovino" Man this guy just seemed to get more and more attractive. OK, maybe he had a little too much.

"Nice to meet you Lovi~" he cooed, extending his arms out to hug the man.

~this is the fine line~

Lovino wrinkled his noise and growled a little "Bastard my name isn't Lovi~, it's Lovino, remember that!"

Antonio just laughed and proceeded to hug him, babbling on in Spanish. Lovino rolled his eyes and sat there, listening to the words until it suddenly became apparent that the back of his shirt was becoming wet. Blinking, he noticed Antonio was trembling slightly, breath hitching as he cried in his drunkard state.

"Antonio…Bastard? What's wrong?" he suddenly found he didn't like the idea of the man crying. The Spaniard sat up, smiling still; cheeks wet and eyes slightly swollen "You ain't leaving until you tell me what the fuck is wrong."

Antonio blinked. Then laughed a little, the laughter slowly turning back into tears as he broke down.

~so easy to cross~

The Spaniard told the man he barely knew everything. He told him about how he grew up with the world ahead of him. How he couldn't get employed and for years lived on virtually nothing until he snapped and went crawling to his father. About his work mates and how they hated him and judged him purely on being related to the boss, knowing nothing of who he was.

There was a long period of silence and he wondered if Lovi was going to tell him to grow a pair but he was taken by surprise as the man crashed lips with him. He went wide eyed and gripped onto the Italian. Soon his eyes fluttered closed and he deepened the kiss. Suddenly everything felt better, and even though it felt a little like using him, this was what he needed, even if it was shallow and fuelled purely by lust. He felt wanted, he felt appreciated and he felt loved. But it was over as soon as it began, leaving him a little dazed. Lovino stared at him, a small scowl on his face and he seemed in thought. Then he turned and left, disappearing into the dark, leaving the man confused.

He turned back to the bar and noticed a small business card displaying Lovino's name and the job he was in, on the blank space were the written words;

"I hope to see you here again"

He smiled and tucked the card into his wallet. That would get him through tomorrow. Finishing his glass and paying, he got up and, although a little wobbly, went off to brave the night and the long walk back to reality.

~this is the fine line~

Lovino ran straight home and, slamming the door, collapsed onto the sofa, panting a little from running. He traced a finger to his lips and went over the taste in his mouth. Other then the alcohol on the man's breath, he got a small sample of what feeding on him would taste like. And it was glorious; he had never tasted something so amazing in all his life.

Antonio had to be his next meal, he would accept nothing less.