Grinning with satisfaction, he brought a hand to his lips and wiped away the stray substance, sucking playfully on his fingers, savouring it. The man before him laid staring, eyes unmoving, focused on the ceiling. Rising to his feet, he towered over the silent man. He felt no remorse for what he did, the man's muted voice was just a small price to pay for the nutrition he desired. The lust for the delicious taste had always driven him to hunt out new prey every day of the week, however he was now able to live with a constant food source. Leaning forward, he dragged the man's trousers back on and made him look presentable, he may be a monster but he wasn't about to let his poor mother walk in on that sight when she came to visit later, then without further thought, turned and left the room, pulling the bedroom door closed and walking slowly to the wardrobe and looked out the window, letting the smile grow across his face as he came back into the real world.

Life was good for Lovino Vargas.

~Love and Lust~

Antonio groaned a little before closing his eyes and smiling. Lovino wasn't any old normal soul but he couldn't care now he could be with his little Lovinito and now without the fear of insanity. The blow job he had received this time had no pain in it, it was nothing but pure bliss and he never wanted it to end.

Slowly he dragged himself to sit properly stretching and making himself more comfortable. He felt a little drained but only enough to make him feel lazy. He lowered himself more onto the sofa and entered a strange sort of lazy daze. Mind switching to automatic he reached for the remote and turned on the TV. The Title screen reading 'Tropica Quays' he smiled. Least he hasn't missed his favourite show.

To say he was happy was an understatement. The image on Lovino's face after he had been fed was one of child like happiness and the man couldn't help but giggle (yes he believed giggling didn't make him a girl). The whole process was amazing; within seconds the Italian recovered several shades of colour until he was his tanned self. His eyes regained their sparkle and the perfection he was stood up and left the room to change.

Then something occurred to the green eyed male. Was this his home now? After all if he was Lovi's provider he couldn't live where he was, it was too far away. He doubted he could control himself walking across town feeling horny, that was how embarrassing accidents occur after all…

He'd have to ask Lovi when he came back.

~It's a fine line between~

After staring for about ten minutes out the window at the world as it began brightly; bird's singing and sun shining, the Italian decided to get dressed. He was going to slob out if he was dying since he had no one to look good for and, well, it was too painful to dress anyway. But now he felt great he had to look the part too. He pondered over the drained look Antonio had. He wondered if that would always happen... well he hoped not after all, he wanted to at least be able to get a conversation out of him rather than drool, drool stare…

Lovino turned his head as he pulled on a fresh shirt to the sound of the TV and laughed "least he's making himself at home" he mumbled heading back to the door and throwing it open meeting a glazed over look and a dreamy smile.

"Look bastard, this is probably because I nearly starved myself but you can't lie there all day. My mother will be coming over to check on me and I need you to at least look…like you have a brain…"

The Spaniard blinked and looked up at him "Your mother?"

"Yeah…" Lovino sighed and drooped down next to the man wondering how to explain why his mother was coming over without the man looking at him like a teen who was grounded. During this time he noticed a pair of tanned arms snake around his waist and a face nuzzled into his neck. "You see I am too picky for my own good, so she comes over to check I am…well feeding…"

~ Love and Lust~

Antonio blinked at hearing this then internally squealed. Could Lovino get anymore cuter? He tightened his grip around his new lover's waist pulling him into himself never wanting to let go. "But now you have me right?"

Hearing the other hum in approval made his heart soar. If yesterday someone had told him his whole life would change in the space of 24 hours, he would have probably laughed, thanked them and given them money out of sympathy. Only the knocking of the door broke his happiness influenced trance as the thing he had trapped within his grasp struggled against him.

"I have to open the door bastard!" he yelled at the top of his voice prompting more knocks on the door, followed by a voice that seemed to make his little Lovi cringe. He didn't hear the voice but it sounded female. Watching with his own child like curiosity as the succubus wandered away. It was weird how the whole of the creature's body was, in some way or another, acting in a sexual manner. The man seemed to saunter away to the front door, arms gently at his sides swaying in time with his hips. It was in a word hypnotic.

~ A fine line between the two~

Lovino rolled his eyes hearing his mother calling out something about 'language' and 'I have your brother here.' Either way he made his way to greet his visitor, all the time feeling the other's eyes on him as he wandered away. He managed to bite down the urge to yell at the man just as he unlocked the door and opened it greeted by something that caused him to lose all train of thought.


Lovino had to take a few moments to process what had just happened when his eyes fell upon the small Italian in the woman's arms waving at him and wanted to get to his brother

"Feliciano?" he asked looking to his mother with a begging look for answers as he gently took the happy go lucky male from her arms. She gave a small sad smile.

"It's his first word," she replied as in the background Feli flavoured the air with a chant.

"Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta."

Lovino rolled his eyes. Not mamma or something but a food. Seeing the reaction his mother made a coy smile and laughed

"What?" he asked, walking into the room with the chanting boy on his hip.

"Well your first word was bastard…" she laughed, "and your second was tomato…going shopping with you was a joy when those two words were the only ones you repeated."

She stopped and stared over at the sofa where Antonio was sitting who blinked and smiled. Lovino soon felt the woman's gaze bore into him in an accusingly.

~ Love and Lust~

Antonio laughed as he played with the smaller succubus who enjoyed running around him as he knelt on the rug in front of the sofa. Catching Feli in his arms and laughing he couldn't help but feel a tug on his heart. He realised he was feeling Lovino's discomfort and hoped his mother would be ok.

He had been playing with Feliciano for a good half an hour now and the younger didn't seemed tired. Even if he hadn't just have been drained by the one he was providing for Antonio would have still had trouble keeping up he thought. Ah to be young again.

~ A fine line between the two~

Lovino felt like disappearing into the sofa as the gaze had not changed on the older woman's face. The silence, other than the two on the rugs laughter, was killing him.

"Who is he?"

"My provider," he mumbled

"Your WHAT?"

"My," he breathed in shakily, "provider mamma."

"How long have you known him?"

"We have met twice in two months."

"Two months! You need to know him longer than that!"

"You're the one who told me to go out and get dinner!"

"Yes dinner!" she yelled throwing her arms into the air, "not a husband!"

Lovino choked and looked away in a stubborn fashion as the woman groaned and sighed.

"Do you love him?"

He glared and then nodded. "He would be in a fit of madness if I hadn't"

At that, they both turned as Antonio screamed out, pretending to die to the slayer Feliciano while in spasms on the floor.

"That my dear has yet to be proved," his mother laughed and shook her head. "If you say so dear, just be careful…and take care of him…and make sure to take him out a lot… and train him well…and remember he needs the right kind of food and drink to survive."

Lovino rolled his eyes. Did he have a provider or a pet Basque Sheepdog?