I won't be leaving many author notes on this fic, so please at least read this one.

First: This fic is wrote for my wifey, beegurl13. I don't have a lot to offer her, so I'm giving her what I can, and this is what she wants. A fic filled with drama and angst and love and heartbreak.

Second: This is my first attempt at writing a drabblish-type fic. The punctuation & stuff is like it is on purpose.

Third: The POV of the chapter will be noted.

Fourth: Special thanks to Rose Masen Cullen and Ttharman who read over some of this and told me to post it, and that I wouldn't be laughed out of the fandom.

Fifth: This is titled after a poem. I will post name later within fic.

Sixth: I love reviews, like seriously. I may not respond but I swear I will read it. Probably more than once.

LAST: IF YOU NEED A TISSUE WARNING, consider yourself warned. For this whole fic! It may or may not make you cry. No promises, no guarantees.

BRANDI, I LOVE YOU. I HOPE THIS PLEASES YOU! (and you cry buckets ;)

it's pathetic that i can look at the calendar and know exactly eight years ago today where i was

what i was doing

how i felt

i was on your arm

by your side

on top of the world

homecoming queen

with her homecoming king





the future was ours for the taking

we were going to conquer the world



you were my first kiss

my first boyfriend

my first love

my first


as i was yours

two people in love


until one day

we weren't

/ / /

i hate that i remember

and feel

so much

so often


and that it makes me sad

and lonely

i want to move on

i want to forget

to get over you

i wonder what it takes to let it go

let us go

because whatever it is

i don't seem to have it