Not long ago i had a dream where Perry his owners and characters from other movies, Shows, Games and Comics (even the ones i dont know to much or havent seen) teamed up for stop Doof and Plankton and other Villians from conquering the Multi-verse, So i figured i would do a Fanfic about it so yeah,

yes it will include other characters as i mentioned. but sadly i only can pick 2 shows in the crossover category. but Plankton, Perry and Doof can be considered the central characters of my story so i picked Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob in the CrossoverCategory

it have been not to long since 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz invasion to Danville, and everybody memories we're wiped. Agent P enters his lair, and plugs his camera into the screen, and watches photos taken of he and his owners during their adventure. He smiles, saves the pictures, later he creates a folder where he puts the pictures named "The Adventures of me and my owners".

Perry himself wishes he could share another type of adventure with his Owners, but he knows he cannot. as he is watching the pictures more he slowly sheds a tear. not from sadness but happiness since he is glad he was able to have an adventure with his owners. Perry then leaves his lair

Perry wishes that another attack from other dimensions doesnt happen...ever again