A/N: I know, it's been SO long, but I really wanted to write something dirty and these boys started talking to me again, so I'm back with a little future-take for you. It takes place long after Anthony's birth and it's pretty much pure smut. Hope you like it!

Future-take: Laundry

Jacob POV

As the hot spray of water cascaded over me, my mind wandered to my son. Anthony had just started first grade a few days ago. It had been so hard to let him go that first day when I dropped him off at his classroom. I had expected tears, accompanied by little Anthony clinging to my legs, begging me not to leave him. But, that was just a fantasy. Anthony had run into the classroom over to the play kitchen area, without so much as a glance back my way. As happy as I was that he was so comfortable with the idea of school, I couldn't help but be disappointed in his lack of reaction to my leaving. They grow up so fast.

When Anthony had first been born, we never imagined that he'd be able to attend school like a normal child. With a shifter as a "mother" and a vampire as a father, we really didn't know what to expect from our offspring. But, as it turned out, Anthony was developing very normally, largely taking after me. He did have some immortality in him—he had never once been ill in all of his six years of life, and his skin was tough enough to withstand a fall without bruising or scraping. Thankfully, his appearance and growth was more in line with my own as I grew up, so he was able to experience life as any other child would. Carlisle suspected that, since I had been the carrier, Anthony was mainly affected by my shifter genetics. So once he reached high school, everything might change. But for now, Anthony was home-free, with no reason to worry.

After giving myself a final rinse, I turned the water off. I really had to hurry—I'd spent too long in the comforting warmth of the shower, and now I was going to be late for my shift at the mechanic's shop. Stepping onto the shaggy bath mat, I reached for a towel and haphazardly patted myself dry. I slung the towel around my hips and secured it in a loose knot before going to the bedroom I shared with Edward to find some clean clothes.

Surprisingly, my drawers were empty. Nothing in them at all—no shirts or pants, but also no socks or underwear. Baffled, I went to find some of Edward's clothes to wear until I figured out where mine went. His shirts and pants would be too small for me, but I could wear a pair of his boxers at least. But his drawers were just as barren as mine. Feeling a little desperate as time was growing shorter, I turned toward the wicker basket in the corner. To my dismay, even the dirty laundry was gone.

What the fuck was going on here? It couldn't be possible that every item we each owned was dirty. There had to be a bin of clean clothes in the laundry room. I strode out the door and downstairs, making my way to the laundry room, which was a small room off of the kitchen, containing a washer, dryer, small folding table and an ironing board.

As I walked into the kitchen, I called out to Edward (wherever he was), "Where in the hell are all the clean clothes?"

Annoyed, I pushed open the door to the laundry room. There was Edward, standing with his back to the door, loading the washing machine, totally butt-ass naked.

Too bad we don't have a front-loading washer, I thought as I stared at his perfect little heart-shaped ass. He chuckled lowly; it sounded so sexy, and my dick jumped to life.

I was significantly less annoyed now, but I still tried to keep the edge in my voice. "What happened to all the clothes?" Although I couldn't see his face, I knew he was smirking. Edward shrugged, making his butt muscles flex for a moment.

I could feel my skin flushing and I was pitching a serious tent under this flimsy towel. He did an enticing little shimmy, his hips swiveling seductively. Fuck. Oh, how badly I wanted to tap that. But I was going to be late. "Babe, I have to go to work," I said, my voice gruff with need.

He looked at me over his shoulder, his lusty eyes sparkling with amusement.

"I called in sick for you."

A slow smile spread across my face. He planned this whole damn thing. You devious bastard.

He switched on the washer and it began to fill with water. He turned to face me fully then, leaning his elbows against the vibrating machine. I couldn't help but stare at his burgeoning erection and his smirk grew wider.

"So, are you going to fuck me or not?"

Without a second to waste, I rushed over to him, losing my towel along the way. Pressing my overheated body flush with his, I relished the feel of his chilled flesh against me, our cocks mashed together as I pushed his back against the machine. Capturing his lips with mine, I ravaged his mouth with a searing kiss, his moans getting lost as I deepened the kiss. My hands ghosted over every part of him that I could reach, making him shiver with anticipation. Finally, I reached the place that I knew he wanted me most, and I grasped both of our leaking cocks in my large, calloused hand, stroking us firmly.

Edward's head fell back at the sensation of the smooth, hot underside of my cock pressed tightly against him, the rough skin of my hand providing an altogether contradictory feeling to the other side of his cock. I loved jerking us off at the same time; Edward always fell to pieces, and it was awe-inspiring to watch him come apart because of something I was doing. Of course, it felt goddamn amazing for me as well.

Edward started panting harder and his cock twitched and grew even more in my palm; I knew he was close. But apparently he didn't want to come that way; he wanted me inside him.

"God, Jacob, just fuck me already!" he growled, his fingers digging into my forearms.

Releasing our cocks, he hissed at the loss. I grabbed a fist full of his messy bronze hair and pulled back roughly, exposing his neck to me and earning me a vicious growl from my mate. It was so easy to tease him. He shivered a little under my grip, but I knew he liked it, judging by the wetness seeping from the head between his legs. I decided it would be fun to antagonize him a little more.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" I snarled, biting the juncture of his neck and shoulder. His answering whimper sent a jolt of arousal to my painfully hard dick. Peeling my body from his, I grabbed the back of his neck and spun him around, bending him over the edge of the whirring machine, making him grunt in surprise.

Spitting in my palm, I swiftly coated my cock with one hand, giving his ass cheek a hard swat with the other. A loud crack filled the room, along with a strangled cry from my mate—God, I wished his skin would turn red when I spanked him. I smacked the other cheek a little harder, and informed him in a husky voice, "I'm in charge now—I own your ass."

"Then fuck it," he demanded, looking over his shoulder at me, his black eyes boring into mine with ferocity.

You asked for it.

Taking my cock firmly in hand and parting his cheeks with the other, I pressed my blunt head against his fluttering entrance, shoving in to the hilt with all of my might. He cried out loudly as his body stretched to accommodate my swift intrusion, and I wasted no time in setting a hard and fast pace, my tan, muscular thighs smacking against his lean, pale ones, our balls slapping together with each inward thrust. I watched as my cock disappeared and reemerged from his tight hole, reveling in the contrast of my dark brown length being swallowed by his bright white ass. Wanting more friction, I pushed his legs together between mine, creating a tight vise for my engorged cock, pushing his cheeks together in the in-stroke and separating them on the out-stroke.

"Oh, God, Jacob! Harder! Faster!" Edward cried, his voice desperate and needy as he gripped the side edges of the washer, warping the metal slightly under his fingers.

Fuck, he sounded so hot when he begged like that. I snapped my hips as fast as they could go, but it wasn't enough for him. After a few powerful thrusts on my part, he grabbed my hips and pulled me out of him, swiftly turning and plopping me on top of the whirring machine. I groaned loudly—the spin cycle was something else, sending intense vibrations through my balls and ass. I was not going to last long, sitting up here. Edward wasted no time, climbing up onto my lap and sinking down on my pole, bouncing on top of me so fast and deep with his vampire speed that he was just a blur of white skin before me. Not really able to see him anymore, I just closed my eyes and blindly grabbed for his hips, holding on for dear life and just giving myself over to the cool, smooth wetness gliding rapidly over my cock and the vibrating machine beneath me.

"Jesus, Edward, I love when you fuck yourself on my cock!" I said through gritted teeth. I heard him moan loudly as his angle changed. He must have been hitting that sweet spot with the head of my dick now, because he was moaning and groaning uncontrollably, moving even faster than I thought possible. I couldn't fucking take it anymore; with a shout, my balls tightened up and my toes curled as my orgasm ripped through me, quickly followed by the tightening of Edward's ass muscles around me and several spurts of cold cum shooting onto my abs.

Edward collapsed on top of me, smearing his cum between us, and we lay awkwardly together on the washing machine as the spin cycle began to slow and I struggled to catch my breath. I let my hands roam over his perfect body, totally blissed out by the surprise fuck-fest he'd planned for me this morning. I felt him smile against my pecs, and he peppered my sweaty skin with sweet kisses as my softening cock slid out of him.

Sighing at the loss, I ran my fingers through his soft, coppery hair, whispering, "Goddamn, Edward, I never get tired of fucking you, even after all these years."

"And I hope you never do," he said, turning his head to peer up at me with love in his eyes.

"Not possible," I murmured, hugging him tightly to me.

"We have all day…" Edward began, trailing off with a wicked glint in his eye.

"Mmmm, we do." I groaned, sliding our bodies off of the machine, which had finally stopped spinning. Taking him by the hand, I led him toward the door.

"Let's see how many more appliances we can defile before Anthony gets home."

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Written to brighten up an otherwise awful week for my dear friend, remylebeauishot.