Quinn listened to her math teacher with only half of her attention. She had already done the problems on the board and had come up with the correct answers. So she noticed when Mr. Schue stopped at the door and lingered, looking as if he didn't want to be there. He fidgeted with the strap of his man purse and gulped as he looked around the classroom. When his eyes locked on her his face fell. And suddenly Quinn knew that something was very wrong.

Mr. Schue finally stepped into the classroom and motioned to the math teacher. After a few whispered moments Mr. Schue turned toward Quinn and said, "Quinn? Would you come with me please?"

Quinn stood robotically and followed Mr. Schue out into the hallway. A sense of dread settled in her gut. Where was he taking her? They weren't headed towards the office. They were headed-

Quinn made her face as impassive as she could as Mr. Schue led her into Ms. Pillsbury's office. Ms. Pillsbury smiled gently at Quinn as she entered. She nodded at Mr. Schue behind Quinn as if in thank you, but her attention was all on Quinn as the blonde entered her office. Quinn's mother sat in the chair closest to the door with a look of vague confusion on her face as if she wasn't quite sure how she came to be there and had even less of an idea why she was even there in the first place. And Rachel- Rachel sat in a chair on the other side of a vacant chair next to Quinn's mom, back ramrod straight and her hands fisted into her lap, staring forward and avoiding Quinn's cold eyes.

Quinn had never hated anyone as much as she hated Rachel Berry right then. What the fuck did the troll think she was doing?

Quinn put a tight smile on her face as she sat down between her mother and Manhands and said in her best prom queen voice, "Sorry Ms. Pillsbury, I have no idea what's happening. Would you mind telling me what's going on?"

To her annoyance (and surprise), Ms. Pillsbury didn't bat an eye. She wasn't thrown off for even an instant by what Quinn thought of as her disarming look. Ms. Pillsbury just smiled sadly at her and said, "Well Quinn, your friend Rachel has expressed some concerns about your health and we called your mom in so that we could have a talk with you."

"She's not my friend," Quinn corrected firmly and maybe too quickly. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Rachel stiffen beside her.

Ms. Pillsbury chose to ignore the outburst and plowed onward. "Rachel said that she found you in the bathroom a few days ago throwing up in a stall. Is this true?"

"The lunch in the cafeteria was bad," Quinn explained with a huff of annoyance. "Honesty, it shows how very little she thinks of me that she just jumped to the conclusion that I was making myself sick. When she accosted me after I left the stall I explained that to her but she refused to believe me. She's making a big deal out of nothing."

Will sighed from the doorway and Quinn turned to see a look of relief cross his face. He stepped forward boldly and beamed at Ms. Pillsbury. "See? It was all some sort of misunderstanding. I knew that we could solve this easily. Rachel has a flair for the over dramatic." Even though she hated the girl, Quinn couldn't help but glare at Mr. Schuester for his outright dismissal of Rachel. Especially because in this case she was right. But Quinn wasn't about to step in and defend her.

But she didn't have to. Ms. Pillsbury gave Mr. Schuester a patient smile and said gently, "Will, this is a delicate situation. What Rachel has come to tell me is very serious. Even if Quinn denies it I have to pursue the matter to the best of my ability."

Quinn scowled at Ms. Pillsbury. Why didn't she just drop it? For all her timidness, Ms. Pillsbury was surprisingly perceptive and persistent when it came to her charges. And Quinn wasn't fooling her. How bothersome. The good news was that Mr. Schue looked skeptical and her mom looked…well, like she didn't care much either way. And Rachel still refused to look at her, as if she feared if she met Quinn's eyes she would be turned to stone.

Ms. Pillsbury gave Quinn a kind smile and moved to grab a pamphlet, but she paused as her fingers hovered over the paper and she sighed and withdrew it. "I don't think that pamphlet will have any impact on you to be honest. You've always been very strong willed Quinn. And you don't like admitting you need help. But sometimes you do. And maybe people don't offer it often, even if they can tell you need it. But Rachel here noticed and she came to a teacher for help because she knew she couldn't do this on her own." Ms. Pillsbury gave Rachel an encouraging nod. "You may not think of Rachel as your friend, but she is one for caring so much about you. She knew you'd get mad and she still came for help."

Quinn tried to think of a snappy reply, but her voice was caught in her throat. Without meaning to she looked at Rachel. And Rachel was looking straight at her. Her heart skipped a beat and she tried to put on her most venomous look. But Rachel didn't break her gaze and that scared Quinn more than any glare of hers could ever scare the diva.

Run, every inch of her screamed.

Quinn stood. "I don't have to sit here and listen to you psychobabble at me when I don't need it." She grabbed her bag and left, ignoring her mom's half startled call and pushing past Mr. Schuester. She could still feel Rachel's eyes on her all the way down the hall.