It was Mr. Lancer's class, and they were in the middle of a lecture when a weak knocking at the door caught the class's attention. Mr. Lancer sighed, set down his book and went to the door. When the door opened a very banged up and tired looking Danny Fenton wobbled into the room, clutching his side and breathing heavily.

"Mr. Fenton?" Lancer asked as he caught the boy before he fell over. Danny groaned in pain as Lancer helped him to a sitting position on the floor. Danny let go of his side, revealing his torn and blood soaked shirt.

"Lord of the flies! Someone go get the nurse!" Mr. Lancer said in an urgent voice and two students automatically stood up and rushed out of the room. Soon Danny was surrounded by his class mates.

"Danny, what the heck happened?" Mr. Lancer asked. Danny looked up groggily at the teacher and sighed. Danny then lifted his shirt to reveal a large gash in his side; blood was spilling out of it like a stream.

"Oh no…no no ….no…." Danny muttered when he looked at his hand to find a sick mixture of green and red.

"Ectoplasm…" Danny whispered to himself, trying to get up, but was shoved back down by Mr. Lancer who began to apply pressure to the wound.

"Just relax; the nurse is coming right now, if you move too much you could make it worse." Mr. Lancer said in a calm voice. Danny winced in pain when he felt the large man's hand on his side. The class was speechless; they didn't know what to do or to say. Just as the nurse burst through the door with Sam and Tucker fallowing shortly behind a figure appeared in the middle of the room.

"Clockwork?" Danny asked. Everyone in the room stared at the ghost shifting from old to young.

"You're dying Danny." The ghost said, looking at the boy with saddened eyes.

"And you're here to stop it? Danny asked, gazing up at the ghost.

"I'm afraid not, it's your time Danny. You'll still exist as a ghost, you can still keep the city safe, but I cannot save your human half." The ghost said before disappearing.

"What do you mean you can't save my human half! Will I be Phantom or some twisted form of Phantom and Fenton? Clockwork!" Danny yelled angrily but he was already gone.

I don't think I'll add to this, it was just a random idea I had a while ago, and I have no idea where to go with it, so yeahh…