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AU: Koneko: means kitten in japanese

When she is found she looks like:
Hair: Long and matted it is soo dirty it is black.
Eyes:Very dull and filled with confusion, sorrow, and anger
Skin: sickly pale almost ghostlike.
Body: ribs are visible very bony frame.
Weight:78 lbs
clothing: appears naked in the naruto relm but while in her relm in a loose tee and very ill-fitting shorts that pretty much squeeze her
teeth:sharp and catlike
has matted torn and bloody neko ears, claws, and a tail.

Koneko's pov

It hurt.
My body seered with pain.
They came back. My mind kept shutting off and they kept kicking. I'm pretty sure they stabbed me but what did i know?
I was just an animal.
thats what they called me.
A freak.
A monster.
They hated me.
It happened often.
The pain.
The agonizing pain.
I didnt fit in so i was to be destroyed.I have been raped numerous amounts of times and i am considered a filthy animal.
A slave.
It hurts.
Men scare of their unnoble deeds i have learned to avoid them. The men sometimes send dogs after me and they litterally shred the flesh from my body.

It was worse this time. They used razors and sliced my skin and smashed my bones with laughed hysterically while they did.
Nobody stopped them.
Nobody cared.
They left me to die in the rain.
I heard screams and realized i was alone.
They were my screams
I realized the pain began to vision began to blur and slowly darken. My body became numb.I slowly slipped away from everything.
The fear, the pain, the hate all faded.
Nothing exsited.
Nothing made sense.
It was gone.
Finaly it was all gone.

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