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Chapter two:

Koneko's POV

My head hurt and I felt as if any moment I could vomit my intestines up. Why not I had nothing left to vomit! I decided to open my eyes when my stomach heaved...Boobs...It was all I saw. Two amazingly monstrous boobs that were probably bigger than me.

"AAAAHHH!" I screamed as loud as I possibly could muster.

she sighed in frustration as I attempted to kick myself away. I soon realized my attempts were in vain for she had monster strength.

"Just stay still before I rip you apart! I'm trying to heal you!"

I instantly calmed at her threats as I began letting my eyes wander around and soak in my surroundings. I was in a hospital room. It was bright and I could hear the sounds of several beeping machines. I turned my head to the right and discovered a man who looked familiar and a female who looked somewhat familiar too. The girl looked to be about eighteen or nineteen and the male was the one who had attempted to carry me. Next to them was a male about the same age as the female. He had very messy blonde hair bright blue eyes and whisker-like marks on his face. He was wearing a bright orange tee shirt and black sweatpants that stopped mid shin. The silver haired man stood up giving a polite bow.

"Sorry about earlier. Let me introduce myself. I am Kakashi Hatatake." he said motioning to himself. "This" he said motioning to the blonde who was grinning goofily and scratching behind his head "Is Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto gave a polite bow "and this" said Kakashi motioning to the girl "Is Sakura Haruno" The girl gave a neat little bow and a slight smile.

The boob lady rose to her feet dusting off her pants "I am Tsunade the Hokage of this great village. Do you know where you are?" I stared at her blankly. "I suppose you don't. This is Konohagakure. The village hidden in the leaves. I suppose you don't know anything about this place and of course have no place to stay." She thought for a moment rubbing her chin. "Sakura she will stay with you I am sure you will make her feel welcome? Give her the grand tour." she said waving us away. But Sakura didn't move. "Tsunade-sama I apologize but I cant I'm looking after Ino she broke her ankle and I need to tend to it." Tsunade sighed. "Fine. Kakashi give her the tour." and with that we left

He led me to the door to exit the hospital. I had nothing to wear so I wore a robe. He stopped as a girl with dark blue hair was strolling down the street. He called out what I'm guessing was her name. "Hinata!" she froze in her tracks and turned to face him. "Yes?" she said in a very quiet voice. "this is

Koneko. She needs clothing could you help her? I will pay for it if need be." She gave a small nod.

With that we started off again.

We walked for hours but I didn't complain. Actually I enjoyed it.

It was strange.

Nobody wanted to kill me.


I was happy...

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