Monster to Man

Rated: T

Yes, I who dislike the typical Zuko-captures-Katara-and-they-fall-in-love-and-everyone-is-okay-with-that stories am giving in, giving it a chance, and attempting to write one. This isn't quite a capture story but it is close enough. However, I don't want it to be too cliché, so if you are hoping for some romance write off the bat sorry, you'll have to read for a few chapters.

Also, I tend to imagine everything in my head as I'm writing and for some reason the characters appeared to me as the movie version. If you'd rather imagine them as in the cartoon, be my guest. Oh and even though I imagined this as the movie, the bending is as they do in the show.

This was actually inspired by a movieZutara video on Youtube with the song "Monster (remix)" by Meg & Dia. If I can find the actual name or a link, I'll let you know.

Ages if you're wondering are: Zuko, Suki, Yue: 17, Sokka, Mai: 16, Katara, Azula, Ty Lee: 15, Aang, Toph: 13

He came out of nowhere. The day was typical, aside from the fact there was the last airbender residing in their village. The ship came across the horizon, battering away chunks of ice with ease. It came to a shuddering halt on the edge of the ice, while the members of the village all gathered outside, watching with baited breath, praying the Fire Nation would leave as swiftly as they came.

She'd been eight the last time they came. And when they left, they took her mother's life and her happy childhood with them. They were all monsters. The one who appeared to be the leader was no different. As he removed his helmet and surveyed them, she realized he was still young. He couldn't have been much older than her brother.

Under the armor and coat it was difficult to assess his build. His hair was jet black and wild from being under the helmet. It stuck up it a few different directions, untamed like a wildfire. He had deep, dark eyes, surely as cold and cruel as the gaze of the man that took her mother. Even in this icy place, his skin retained a gleaming bronze color to it.

Her attention was drawn away as one of the soldiers dragged Aang out of the tent and deposited him at the feet of the leader. Aang stood up, brushing the snow off, and looked up at him. She realized now just how tall the leader was. She was only a few inches taller than Aang, but this boy stood over a foot taller than him.

He grabbed the front of Aang's shirt roughly, and dragged him forward, ripping off the hood Aang was using to conceal him arrow. He stared for a moment, as if confused, before announcing that this was the person they were looking for. She reached for her waterskin, but her brother's hand stopped her. She clenched her jaw, angry and frightened. Angry at this boy for taking Aang away, angry at herself and her tribe for doing nothing to stop him. But then memories of her mother floated back into her mind and fear for the rest of her tribe kept her rooted and silent.

He felt a little guilty taking this boy to the ship. When he had imagined the Avatar, he imagined an older man, but one of great power and ability. He expected a difficult battle, that when he caught him, the Avatar would use any possible element available and refuse to come quietly. This felt too easy.

He was right to have been suspicious and doubtful. After Uncle confirmed the boy was indeed the Avatar, he fled the room, using airbending to his advantage. It was difficult for his men to do anything while they were being blasted into the air. He wondered later why the boy didn't do any waterbending. After all, they were on a ship in the South Pole. It wasn't as if the element was lacking.

He burst through the door onto the deck of the ship and warned him there was nowhere to run. Maybe there was nowhere to run, but there was somewhere to fly. The boy's staff opened into a strange contraption and without a backward glance, he leapt off the ship. There was nothing left to do now but watch in despair as the one thing that could bring him home flew away on the back of some thought-to-be-extinct monster.

He watched, a mix of anger, despair, and shock whirling around within him, barely aware of his Uncle's words: "You're destinies are tied".