This was not going well. This was not going well at all, Kagome thought. When they had arrived at the open field where Sesshomaru battled hundreds of demons, Kagome saw that his arms and middle had been impaled- the fluff over his shoulder even looked bloody. The battle had only gotten worse, despite Sesshomaru's impressive show of instantaneous healing.

Though anyone who knew Sesshomaru's normal ability level would know that he was still suffering a disadvantage.

"Magatsuhi!" Inuyasha shouted as he unleashed a wind scar at a line of demons not surrounding their companions.

The great voice of the evil spirit rang through the group's ears and even caused Kagome to miss her intended target. Kagome was distracted by the multitude of demons surrounding them and tried to stay as close as she could to Inuyasha.

When Kagome looked back to Sesshomaru again, it seemed that his eyes were glowing red, as she had seen him do only a few times before. The first was when he had transformed into a giant dog in Inuyasha's father's grave hidden in the black pearl; now, Kagome realized, Sesshomaru might be doing the same thing for lack of a better option. Every bit of demon they killed and cut regenerated or attached itself to another, seeming to make the situation dire.

Kagome loosed another arrow before turning again and seeing Sesshomaru make the transformation into his dog form, which was quickly being ensconced by the frenzied lower demons in the air.

"Damn," Inuyasha cursed, herding Kagome closer to where Sango and Miroku fought from Kirara's back. "With everyone everywhere, I can't safely unleash Meido Zangetsuha."

If they got out of this, Kagome thought, Inuyasha was practicing the technique until it was perfectly controlled.

"Sesshomaru will be consumed," Sango gravely commented, watching as more demons surrounded the giant snarling dog.

"Does he realize he can slip outta that grip if he shrinks back down?" Inuyasha scoffed, wondering if Sesshomaru had a dog-brain in this form. He certainly did last time he had faced Sesshomaru like this.

Sesshomaru's large golden eyes glanced menacingly at Inuyasha before the dog demon transformed back into his humanoid form.

"He's been consumed!" Magatsuhi laughed from his place in the sky, behind the pulsating group of demons. "Soon his body shall become one with mine!"

The Tenseiga protected him, surrounding him in a black light. It also spoke to him- showing him things he had not seen for nearly two centuries.

Do you desire power so much? Why do you seek power, my son?

"The path I walk is the way of supreme conquest- and it is power that will reveal the way for me."

Supreme conquest? Tell me, Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?

"Protect? The answer is no. I, Sesshomaru, have no need of such."

He did need it, to protect Rin. He went to Hell for her- surely he could face a spirit from the sacred jewel in order to return to her.

The space Tenseiga afforded him was growing smaller by the second, almost breaking Sesshomaru of his calm demeanor.

Father found his greatest power in protecting that human- protecting the mother of Inuyasha.

I will surpass you, father, for I, Sesshomaru, have someone to protect!

Sesshomaru's demonic energy overtook the Tenseiga's and, upon opening his eyes, Sesshomaru found an unfamiliar sword in his hand, with an instinct appearing in his head as had happened in Hell.

With a swing of the sword, the bodies surrounding him began to eat away, dissolving into the air. I'm coming back, Rin.

Magatsuhi was about to be sent to the pits of Hell, eternally.

"In the mountains, in the breeze…"

Rin sang as she picked flowers for Kagura's shrine, watched by Toki and Jaken as well as by a placated Shippo.

"…in the forest, in a dream, Lord Sesshomaru where are you? Jaken is serving under you too…"

Rin teased the small green demon, as he had profusely lamented over being left behind by Sesshomaru.

"I am waiting on my own, please return to me waiting all alone."

"You are far from being 'all alone,' my lady," Toki teased from his spot on the grass. Even though he was supposed to be guarding Rin, he felt that they were pretty safe within the fortress walls and Sesshomaru's group supposedly fighting Naraku.

"Well, you're 'all alone,' dear Toki. When do you plan on wooing that maid you've had your eye on forever?" Rin teased as she braided a few flowers together. Though it was winter, there were a few early risers, mostly undesirable flowers, but flowers nonetheless and Rin was determined to give Kagura a beautiful decoration. "I must remind you that she is my maid now, as Susumu has, well, given her to me. Maybe I could put a good word in for you?" Rin said while trying to hold back a laugh at Toki's unamused face.

"I swear, Rin-" a squawk from Jaken reminded him that he could not be informal with her, "Lady Rin, I have no intention of being matched. I'll approach the woman in my own, lazy time."

"Suuuuure," Shippo added, taking interest in Rin's obvious teasing of the water-demon guard.

"He's been saying this for quite some time," Rin continued, "I don't believe it for a minute."

Toki huffed and crossed his arms, wishing this line of conversation would end. "Yeah, whatever, Rin," earning Toki another squawk from Jaken with his words. "As I recall it, you didn't approach Lord Sesshomaru until very recently. Just give me some time, ok?"

Rin smiled at her best friend and weaved in another white flower to her growing chain. "Alright, Toki. I'll give you a little more time."

"Lady Rin," Jaken said in his annoyingly-pitched voice, "Lord Sesshomaru will not stand for these kinds of informalities with simple guards."

Rin said as sweetly as should manage to the toad, "But, Master Jaken, I was just recently a simple maid," effectively shutting Jaken up.

"It sure is strange to be in one place for so long," Shippo said as he handed Rin some pretty leaves he had gathered.

"You've only been here a few days," Rin mentioned, taking the leaves from the small fox demon gratefully.

Shippo sat in front a Rin, admiring her gracious nature, to say, "Traveling around trying to find all the jewel shards and Naraku doesn't leave us much time to sit around. Inuyasha gets anxious when we do- just like the dog he is."

Rin was curious to know more about Inuyasha and tried asking Shippo questions about him, mostly getting only simple answers which didn't much satisfy her curiosity. If she was to 'bear Sesshomaru strong pups'… didn't that mean they would be half-demons like Inuyasha? Sesshomaru didn't seem to get along so well with his half-brother.

In fact, Sesshomaru himself hadn't mentioned 'pups' at all. Did he not want any with her if they were to be half-human?

Sesshomaru had refused to help his father as he went to rescue Inuyasha and his mother…

"Why do you suddenly smell so concerned, Lady Rin?" Toki asked, his nose twitching.

"You're smell is off, Toki, I'm fine," Rin answered, wondering if she actually smelled that worried. Maybe she should talk to Susumu about this.

"Sure, Lady Rin," Toki said, emphasizing her title to please Jaken as he stood up and stretched. "Shall I fetch a maid for some lunch?" he asked, patting his stomach.

"Always thinking about food," Rin smiled as she watched him walk towards the nearest entrance to the main house.

Rin glanced back at the chain of flowers and leaves in her hands and felt satisfied enough with it to stand and stretch her own legs. She glanced back toward Toki's direction just in time to see a large black form cut him down from behind. "Toki!" she screamed as she picked up her feet and began to run to the fallen demon.

Shippo and Jaken followed suit and quickly surpassed Rin, who was weighed down by her layers of silk and human ability.

When Jaken and Shippo had reached Toki, Rin heard a nauseatingly familiar voice at her ear, "Lady Rin, I require your assistance."

"Naraku!" she cried and turned her face up to meet his red eyes.

"This all would have been easier if you had just died when you were supposed to, little Rin. But now, I suppose, you will come in handy," he said lowly, watching as the fox demon and green imp tried in vain to penetrate the barrier he had raised. "Shall we?" he said sarcastically, lifting Rin into the air and quickly flying off.

"Two wolves of Prince Kouga's wish to speak with you, my lady," a demon servant said to Susumu, who sipped on tea in her study.

"Ginta and Hakkaku, I suppose?" Susumu sighed, not wanting to be in the company of others as she worried over her son. "Send them in, but tell them to make this short."

The servant quickly left and only moments later were the two lackeys of Kouga's permitted in.

"My lady," Ginta said as both of the wolf demons bowed before hastily taking seats before the demoness' table.

Hakkaku started when Susumu did not answer, "We seek Kouga. The elders ask for him."

"Do you know where we can find him?" Ginta finished for his comrade. "We expected him to be here."

"He has gone off with my son and Inuyasha's group- they follow a trail of Naraku," Susumu stated, wondering if the two would follow or go back to their caves.

Her wondering was cut short when, in her next inhale through her nose, she smelled blood and heard a shout from Rin across the fortress. Susumu disappeared almost as quickly as her son could in a ball of light, breaking the rice paper of door as she did so. The wolf demons quickly followed, albeit much slower and on their uncovered feet.

Susumu materialized before the fallen body of Toki, searching the sky quickly for an absent Rin, but finding no clue as to her whereabouts.

"Lady Susumu! Lady Susumu!" The imp cried, tears freely flowing. "The demon Naraku has taken Rin!"

The wolves now were within earshot, and came quickly up to the group.

"Did he say where he was taking her?" Susumu questioned.

"No!" Shippo cried, worried for his new friend and the fallen guard.

"Ginta, Hakkaku," Susumu stated, turning her head ever-so-slightly in their direction, "Find old Totosai, I believe he is just outside the eastern wall with his cow, tell him to find Sesshomaru immediately. Tell him what has happened. Go," the demoness ordered.

The wolves quickly followed her orders and headed east in a sprint, concerned over the change of events. The elders could wait.

"Little demon," Susumu addressed Jaken, "fetch the Meido Stone from my quarters."

"Yes," he squawked, happy to do anything to keep her from killing him for letting Rin be taken.

Susumu kicked him impressively, landing him close to the entrance of the main house, before squatting gracefully next to Toki.

"He's," Shippo sniffled, "dead, right?"

Susumu placed her hand on the demon's chest sadly, "Yes."

"Ya' coulda just let me help you, bastard," Inuyasha scoffed, slightly peeved at his brother's suddenly newfound power. Wasn't the demon powerful enough without a crazy sword?

Sesshomaru scowled at Inuyasha, and then continued to admire the new sword in his hand. Never would he have imagined a sword so powerful would appear once he had admitted to his father that he had someone to protect.

"What is its' name?" Kagome asked, trying to peer around Sesshomaru's fluffy pelt to see the sword's beautiful design. She'd have to remember to ask Rin about that fluffy thing later…

Sesshomaru turned his head to the west and took a long sniff of the air before he stated under his breath, "Totosai."

"He always seems to show up when swords are involved, huh?" Sango observed as she finally spotted the flying cow descending to their position.

"Sesshomaru, it seems you have gained your sword," Totosai observed from his spot atop the cow's back. "Bakusaiga," the old demon said simply.

"Bakusaiga," Sesshomaru tested the name on his lips, appreciating the fittingness of the name to the sword.

"I will forge a fitting sheath, of course," Totosai admitted, hoping it would placate Sesshomaru a bit from what he still needed to mention to the dog demon. "You've surpassed your father," he added for good measure.

"Damn," Inuyasha cursed from behind Sesshomaru.

"Oh, yes, and Rin has been taken by Naraku," Totosai tried to say very quickly. "Ok, bye now!"

Sesshomaru grabbed the old demon by the back of his kimono's collar and flung him away from his cow. "What was that?"

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