Pink Ice


I stood unmoving before the gate wondering if maybe I should leave and go back home . . . I shook my head no I was going to do this and I was going to do it now no turning back. I ignore my rolling stomach and stepped through the doors of the academy. There was no turning back now they had me and I was going to become a soul reaper. I shook my head wondering why I was remembering something like that. I was walking towards the tenth squads barracks and the day was just ending. I had thought of going into the fourth squad since they specialized in healing but I knew it would be harder to hide my powers there so instead I asked for a position in a fighting squad. The eleventh squad had wanted me because of my fighting power but I was assigned to the tenth squad because they were short some members. I was in fact meeting my caption for the first time today. A young man only a little taller than me stepped out of the shadows thrown by the eves of the house. "You must be Kagome Higurashi" he said extending his hand "I am Hitsugaya Toeshiro ".

I took his offered hand making sure that my glove was firmly in place. "It is good to meet you caption" I said releasing his hand.

He looked me up and down for a moment the gestured for me to follow him. I knew what was going to happen he was going to see how strong I was in combat. This was the one time I would be the most likely to reveal my powers. "You are well known for your fighting abilities but I will see for myself" he says stopping at a clearing not far from where we had come from.

I nod and draw my katana waiting for him to make the first move. I had studied all the captions here in the squads and I knew their abilities and their weaknesses down to a t. He struck and I countered letting myself fall into the rhyme he started. I only blocked his attacks never launching for myself not till I saw the opening I was looking for I soon found it. I quickly took it and his sword landed in my hand with a satisfying thump. I held the blade out to him hilt first. He took it never taking his eyes off of me. In a panic I immediately checked to see if I was letting any of my miko powers out but found none so why was he staring at me like that? "You have a lot of skill for one that has only just come out of the academy. I left many openings there that anyone would have token but you waited for the one why"?

I bowed my head "I have studied all of the captions fighting styles and I knew that you would leave certain openings trying to get me to attack so I was able to avoid the traps".

He looked impressed "you say you memorized all the captions what about the lieutenants? Do you have them memorized to"?

I shook my head "no only the captions I do like a challenge every now and again after all and it wouldn't be fun if I knew all of the patterns. I have never been the type to do that I need to be able to think on my feet in battle against opponents I haven't met before so I need to practice with someone".

I forced myself to stop though I could keep going but I didn't want to bore the guy. Besides the last thing anyone wanted was to listen to me go on and on about battle strategies. Hitsugaya studied me for a moment a puzzled expression on his face. I wondered for a brief moment if I had said something wrong. "You have an interesting point of Higurashi may I ask who taught you to think like that"?

I sighed here is where I always got blank looks "I have always thought that way my father once told me that if you can't be flexible than you won't survive long in battle or life. I have always lived by this saying even after he died".

"Your father was a wise man pity I never got to met him".

I smiled "actually you did he worked under you for many years. He always spoke highly of your achievements being the youngest ever caption and for wielding such a strong sword. In fact it was because my father spoke so highly of you that I became a soul reaper to begin with. I had always hoped to fight with the squad eleven but if I couldn't have that then I wanted this squad my dad was in".

"You sound like you really loved your dad".

"He raised me" I said simply looking up to see that we were back to where we first met. A tall beautiful woman was approaching us at a quick rate. "I best be going" I said trying to slip away before she got here.

"Why it's only Matsumoto my lieutenant. She's probably here to ask me for the day off so she can go shopping".

"Exactly" I said "I hate shopping". Before he could reply I left using flashstep.


When Kagome said she hated shopping I almost laughed I could understand that completely. Matsumoto pounced on me demanding she have the day off so she could go shopping and she wanted to know if that had been Kagome just a moment ago. "You know her" I asked surprised.

"Yeah I ran into her when she was little before her dad died I think. She was holding a boy about the same age as her from attacking a girl. She threw the boy to the ground and gave him the rough side of her tongue. If I hadn't seen it for myself I wouldn't of had believed it. The boy as far as I know became the catch of the century after that. To bad he was so young though he was pretty good looking. And of course you have to hear what the guys in the barracks say about her. You know how she wears that mask all the time? Well one of the guys in the barrack claims to have seen her face and says she's beautiful. If she was so good looking why would she wear a mask"?
Matsumoto falls silent for a moment before continuing on her rampage about her day off. I gave in just so she would leave me alone long enough that I could think straight. So Kagome was rumored to be a great beauty with the fighting ability of a caption and yet that was all anyone knew about her. Everything anyone knew about her was either a rumor or something I had seen with my own eyes. Who was Kagome Higurashi and why did she cloak herself in mystery? What did she have to hide? I shook off the thoughts and got to work on all the paper work that Matsumoto had left for me. Sometimes I swore that she let it build up like this on purpose then asked for her day off. Ignoring the little voice in my head telling me to kill her I got to work getting it all done. After awhile I noticed that someone was taking care of the papers I had signed and was putting the ones in need of a signature on my desk. "Who's there" I asked scanning the room.

"Just me" a soft voice said as Kagome came in baring more paperwork.

"Why are you here and how did you get in here without me noticing"?

"You were rather engrossed in the paper work so I just helped you out" she said setting the paperwork down next to me and picked up the signed stuff.

I nodded my thanks and went back to working. It was nice to know that I had at least one person in the squad who was willing to do paper work. "So why would you a sane person be helping me with this" I asked gesturing to the piles of paper work before me.

"I like the quiet and because you looked like you needed some help. I get bored easy and this seemed the best way to spend the time. And because this is the last place Matsumoto will look for me today".

I shook my head the girl either was a genius or was mad either wouldn't surprise me. After all I had seen my fair share of both over the years. Of course that meant little in the overall scheme of things people were different after all. A comfortable silence fell over us and for the first time in a long time I actually finished my work. I leaned back and messaged my hand which was beginning to cramp. She walked over and took my hand from me. She spread something on it and almost immediately the muscle relaxed and I was able to move my hand freely. "What is that" I asked when she moved to put the jar away.

"This" she asked indicating the jar. I nodded "this is a mixture my mother use to make and taught to me when I entered the academy and came home with sore muscles. She makes from herbs that grow near my home".

"You should show the fourth squad that stuff they would be frantic to get it".

She shook her head "this is a family secret and I won't be the one to reveal it. If they need some I would be glad to make them some but I won't tell them the ingredients". The jar disappeared somehow and she head towards the door. "Since you're done here I'll go ahead and leave for the day".

She waved to me then left leaving me wondering about the strange girl.