"No it hasn't Miko, not you" he replies with a distant smile. He takes a few steps back to give her and Kenpachi room to fight. "I'll leave this battle to you then."

He disappears before my eyes with the glowing jewel in his hands. I turn back to Kagome to see her drawing her sword. Oh shit I thought she's going to get killed. "Ka-"and that's as far as I get.

With a movement that becomes a blur to the human eye she attacks Kenpachi. Stunned I can only watch as with an ease that cannot be human Kenpachi is knocked out. I snap out of it when I see her sword positioned over his throat. A coldness has encompassed her normally gray eyes making them almost black with rage. Without further thought I move forward to stop her, my sword darting out to catch her blade as it descends. A shard clang resounds through the air. The shock of the hit is enough to numb my arm. "Stop this Kagome" I say firmly looking up into her eyes to see a dark light there. "Don't do this Kagome. You're not that kind of person."

She looked at me and for a moment I was convinced that she was going to kill him anyway but then her eyes cleared and she pulled back. She glanced down at Kenpachi and shied away as if burned. "I don't apologize for what I did because I have no reason to. You on the other hand should be happy that you're still alive. If not for Hitsugaya you would be dead. I would have regretted killing you only because I would be the one with the blood on my hands. Remember what you did today for it will be with you for a lifetime."

Her speech over she walked away without glancing back once. I attempt to follow her but a hand catches my leg. Looking down into the beaten face of Kenpachi I am frozen. What she said had an effect on the man and he didn't seem to like it one bit. "I never meant to hurt the kid" he says softly.

His voice is so different than it normally was that I took what he said to be true. "You shouldn't be telling me" I said "it's her that you need to tell her and Sesshomaru."

With that I leave also not taking a look back.