Chapter One

"DIMENTIO! I WANT MY DIARY BACK!". Mimi's voice rang clearly throughout Castle Bleck early in the morning. Dementio, who was in his room, stirred in his sleep, and smiled. Annoying the little, green-haired brat was always fun to do, especially when it involved her diary. But doing something like that in the morning? He definitely got a kick out of that. Still wearing a smirk, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as he slowly but surely, heard small, hurried footsteps in the hallway that eventually stopped at his room. Without even knocking, Mimi burst through the door, slamming it close in the proccess."You dolthead, perverted, joking jester! Gimme my diary back!", she bellowed, her small bosom heaving while leaning over the magician. Dimentio smiled evilly in his thoughts. Just a little closer..., he thought while still feigning sleep. Mimi leaned in even closer, her nose almost touching his."Don't pretend you're sleeping, you pervy jokester! I know you're awake!", she hissed.

Now!, he thought. In one fluid motion, Dimentio opened his eyes, and picked his head up, his lips touching hers in a kiss, while smirking at the little shape-shifter. Mimi's eyes widened, and she hesitated for a second, before retreating from the unexpected kiss."DIMENTIO! That was my freaking first kiss!", she shrieked, her face turning beet red. Dimentio laughed."Ahahahaha! Good morning to you as well, Mimikins!", he said smoothly, trying not float out of bed and taunt her or do a victory-revenge dance. Mimi growled, and slapped the jester, her face still bright red from the unwanted attention he had given her."Perv! I still want my diary back!", she muttered, averting her gaze from his. Within seconds, Nastasia appeared, her magenta hair still pinned up from the night before."Mimi, Dimentio...What's going on?", she asked, her gaze landing on Mimi, then the jester himself. Mimi scowled."Nassie! Dimmy here won't gimme back my diary!", she said with a wailing tone.

Nastasia frowned."Now look, Dimentio. I don't really think it would be a good idea if, harrassed Mimi so early in the morning. Now please, for the love of Grambi, give the poor girl her diary back.", she pleaded, her eyes mirroring her emotions. Dimentio faked a yawn, his gaze once again landing on Mimi, who was still grumbling and blushing. He pouted."Fiiiine...Here you go, Mimsi. One diary, coming right up.", he said in a sing-song voice, making a pink, fluffy, leatherbound book appear from thin air. Mimi scowled."So you DID have it, you horrible magician!", she said in an angry tone. Dimentio chuckled."Ahahahaha! Little Mimi, you should know better than to leave your diary out in the reach of prying eyes! Be more careful with it...", he added. Nastasia sighed in relief."Thank you, Dimentio. Now, I sincerely hope that Lord Blumiere and Lady Tippani did not wake up due to this noise...Both of you know he's not a morning person.", she said, a nervous tone apparent in her voice.

Unfortunately, seconds after Nastasia uttered those words, a voice bellowed from afar: "WHO WERE THE IDIOTS WHO DISTURBED THE MORNING PEACE? MIMI AND DIMENTIOOOOO!", Lord Blumiere roared aloud. Mimi rolled her eyes, before glaring at Dimentio."Look, this is all your fault!", she growled, before storming out of the jester's room. Nastasia rasied her hand."Mimi? Mimi, please, wait! Let's talk...", she said as she, too, left Dimentio's room. He sighed."Grambi, this was not supposed to wake up that ole' grump or little Mimikins' protective friend. Meh, I can't help it if the little shape-shifter is so fun to tease, though. The look on her face when I kissed her was priceless!", he muttered gleefully." Though she tasted sweet, actually. Like cherries...", he added thoughtfully. Then he shook his head. Dimentio, what are you thinking? It was only a revenge kiss, for Grambi's sake. It's not like you're in love with her or something..., he thought. He didn't like Mimi, he knew that much. But still, he couldn't help but lick his lips in search for the mysterious taste.

Mimi scowled, her head buried in her pillow. Dimentio was such a jerk. He literally stole her first kiss, that idiot! She should have known better than to lean in his face. With a sniff, she bought out her diary, hugging it as she cherished its scent of cherries. However, today it seemed to have another smell mixed in as well. The scent was unmistakable, yet familiar: it smelled of fresh air and grass. It took awhile before Mimi recognized it as Dimentio's scent. Then, without wanting to, the shape-shifter giggled, her nose pressed against the cover of the book. She really hated Dimentio, but Mimi had to admit his smell was intoxicating. For a minute, she stood there, smelling her diary. Then, she blinked. What was she doing? She hated that horrible jester! He always teased her and tormented her, rarely saying nice things to her. She shouldn't be in her room, giggling like a maniac and smelling her own diary like it was the only thing with his scent. Clearing her throat, Mimi threw her diary across the room, blushing deeply at her own foolishness."H-He's a jerk of a jester. I don't want anything to do with him at all, anyways.", she mumbled to herself.

A sudden knock on the door bought Mimi out of her thoughts."Mimi? Are you there, Mimi? It's me Nastasia. Open up, please.", said the voice from the other side. Mimi sighed."Come in, Nastasia. The door's unlocked.", she said, dropping her gaze as Nastasia walked in."Mimi, are you all right? You seem a bit shaken...", she said, patting her friend on the shoulder. Mimi faked a smile and bobbed her head."Yep! I mean, it was just stupid Dimmy being a jerk again, right? So no need to worry about it!", she said, feigning a cheery voice. Nastasia chewed her lower lip. She could see right through her best friend's cheery act, but she knew better than to prod her for answers. This had everything to do with Dimentio, and Nastasia knew it. Ever since they met, Mimi had been awfully attached to the magician, despite the fact that they quarreled often. Nastasia had gone so far as to even sneak a peek in her diary, just to confirm the fact that Mimi harbored a crush towards the black and white jester. However, it all changed, following the events of Count Bleck's attempt to take over the world. She no longer was kind to him, and she would more than often fight with him rather than speak decently. As to Dimentio, she also knew how he harbored feelings for Mimi as well, feelings he kept locked up tightly so no one could suspect anything. Unfortunately, he tended to be a bit harsh on the shape-shifter, sometimes saying things to the point of being cruel.

"Um, Nassie? You OK? You seem..I dunno, a bit pale.", Mimi said. Nastasia coughed."Ah, erm, I was just thinking about something...Don't worry about me, though. Anyways, I came here to talk to you, not the other way around. But since you seem fine...I guess I'll be going.", she said, heading towards the door. Mimi grinned, and this time, Nastasia realized it was genuine. With a smile, Nastasia walked out of the room, only to bump into-O'Chunks. The warrior blushed, his entire face glowing bright red."I-Uh...I didn' mean ta...that is...", he stuttered. Nastasia giggled."You are quite the eavesdropper, aren't you, O'Chunks?", she said in a playful, scolding tone. He dropped his head in shame."Sorry, Nastasia. I was jus' 'bout te leave right now. I promise, I won't do it 'gain.", he apologized meekly. Nastasia smiled and hugged him as hard as she could."I won't tell Mimi this happened. 'Kay?", she whispered softly. That bought O'Chunks' gaze back up."Golly, thanks a'plenty, Nassy!", he said in a happy voice. That bought more giggles from the magenta-haired woman, who was hiding her impish smile behind a hand."Okay, okay. Now let's get going. Or else, Mimi will find out you were here...", she whispered. O'Chunks grinned sheepishly, and walked away, with Nastasia following him not far behind.

Hiya! The strange princess here, writing my first ever Dimmi fanfic! I really knew nothing about them, truth be told. But hey, that's what the internet is for! After much investigation, I had enough information to create a story based on what I found out on these two. Yay for Mariowiki!*recieves stares from Dimentio and Nastasia* Sorry guys, me don't wanna seem stalkerish...Meh, who cares? Anyways, I hope you enjoy!