The cold seat dripped down on his heated skin. His heart pounding so hard in his chest that he could feel the beats in his ears. What was this? The desire and need to see Leslie took over every fiber in his being. He jolted up frantically thinking of a plan to see her. What would he even do when he does? Nothing makes sense but his need for her.

Jess decided to act on his need; he slowly crept down the stairs of his silent house. He made sure not to make a sound; May was always a light sleeper. During Christmas his parents had to sneak to the tree to place the presents, making sure not one sound was created. His dad even used to dress up as Santa just incase she woke up. But that was of course a long time ago. Jess as silently as a mouse made his way to the door.

"Jess?" a sweet soothing voice called from the couch. It sounded too familiar, It wasn't May's voice, It was sounded older, It couldn't be? Could it?

"Leslie?" Jess sharply whispered, searching in the dark for the blonde fallen angle.

"What? " The light to the living room flickered on revealing his older sister Brenda, wearing the same red dress she wore during the dinner. "What did you say?" She looked upset, like she was about to cry again.

"Nothing," Jess said in attempt to mask his disappointment. "Why are you sleeping on the couch? Why haven't you changed?"

Brenda still trying to gain her full consciousness paused as if to take in all that was happening. "I was with Scott down here,"

Jess face squished up "Remind me never to sit on the couch again."

Brenda, frowning, rolled her eyes "We weren't doing anything, we just were just watching the news about…" She looked up to Jess, her eyes widening slightly.

"How are you feeling?"

"Terrific." He answered insipidly. "Especially if I'm going to get this question a billion more times today, I wasn't the one kidnapped so maybe you should just ask Leslie" his tone starting become more heated.

"I cant really do that now can I?" Brenda responded matching his tone. She looked away from the stern stare Jess responded with. A heated red blush absorbed her face. She looked away with shame. "Look I'm sorry, it's not only hard on you"

Jess didn't respond, he turned around and headed out the door.

The cool breeze of dawn hit his skin. He could see the sun peak out from the bottom of the ground. It felt amazing, for the first time in a while. He could see the Burke house yet again, but this time it felt different. It was strange seeing it not empty, there were two cars parked outside, all of the lights were off, which makes sense seeing as it was probably like 6:00 in the morning, which means he probably didn't have much time to see Leslie before her parents woke up, they were pretty early risers when he was younger. Jess looked at the window where Leslie's old room was, assuming that Leslie would probably be staying there again. Her room was on the second floor of the house, he'd only been in there once when he was younger when she brought him up for a quick second so she could get her sweater, but he remembers the room completely. He remembered how the room was neatly messy, everything seemed out of place but it all seemed to fit. Her room was light purple and it has a cursive quote on the wall "Keep your mind wide open" which always seemed to be Leslie's motto in life. The walls had painted purple orchids scattered around them, Jess remembered he didn't get why she just didn't buy orchids instead, he asked later and she simply stated "I never want to see them die, if they're painted there I can keep its beauty forever". From then on Jess always secretly liked orchids.

Realizing he was getting distracted, Jess decided he needed to focus on getting to Leslie's room. He noticed the light flicking on in Leslies room, he then saw Leslie opening her window. Well he assumed it was her he could see the blonde hair dangling in the view of the cracked window, and there were slender pale hands holding on to the bottom of the window attempting to pull it up. Struggling she pushed the giant window up and looked out to the sky and the sun that was peaking out, she closed her eyes as if to feel everything around her.

Jess felt the breath escape from his lunges. Seeing her felt, unreal, she was wretchedly beautiful. She was thin, very thin it seemed almost unhealthy how thin she was. But besides that, she was lovely, her hair was much longer than before it seemed to go down her back, and her skin, although unusually pail seemed milky and soft. She seemed peaceful, like she hadn't been staying with a stranger who did god knows what to her, Jess couldn't even bare the thought, he shook it from his memory.

Unable to control his emotions Jess, went under Leslie window and tried to call her but he couldn't find the words, she was right there in front of him, and he couldn't say shit. What could he say? Hey Leslie, nice to see you, its been a while, sorry I totally abandoned you and basically let you get stolen by some pervy creep who did god knows what to you, were cool right?

Then the unthinkable occurred. The light green eyes locked with brown. Time seemed to end to Jess. Leslie looked at him as if she was seeing a ghost. She seemed terrified yet intrigued. Then a faint slight smile took shape in her lips. Jess couldn't return the motion he felt like he was dreaming. There was no possible way it could be real. But he decided to take advantage his illusion. He smiled back and relished in the moment.

Leslie gasped, unexpectedly. Her kind familiar smile turned into a look of disgust, her eyes became filled with hatred. She backed away from the window and slammed it close.

Ending the wordless reunion, and leaving Jess alone and hopeful for the encounter to only be a dream.

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