"mitch...mitch...mitch", chris quietly whispered to a sleeping Mitch who had fallen over his textbooks. "mitch, common, go to bed." Chris gently lifted a groggy mitch to his feet and led him to his bed. He then looked over at the clock, "7:30..." class stared in an hour and a 1/2. He wondered if he should run to the lab and continue working before class started but, being the slacker that he was, decided against it and went over to the caf. to grab a coffee and donut, his favorite breakfast. At first, the room was almost bare, just a few people sat in one of the tables in the far corner with books surrounding them and piles of empty coffee cups in the corner of the table. Chris guessed that there was an exam today, most likely for Jerry's sophmore took a sip of his coffee and stared at the clock, "7:45". Just then, a couple of familiar voices could be heard coming closer and closer. "And so we can't have the project turn out like that.."
"y-y-yes you're right"

Chris rolled his eyes. Kent and Bodie then walked through the door. Kent, with his glasses, purple, yellow and green shirt and baje pants stared awkwardly at Chris, wearing nothing but his pajama pants. "Rough night huh? Well I hope your ready to go through pure hell today, Jerry's going to have you sort through all the data and you still have to work on the laser, that plus your're classwork will fry your brain in less then an hour."
Chris smirked at Kent, got up and said, "You don't mind if I name my first child after you right? Dipshit Knight has a nice ring to it." And with that, he left the cafeteria. He then went back to his dorm to find Mitch awake and running amuck around the dorm room. Mitch grabbed a huge stack of papers and shoved them into a folder he then looked over at the clock and groaned.."I can't believe this! I'm going insane! This whole school is just...stupid!" and with that, he shoved the remainding papers into his bag, grabbed his Calculus B book and ran right passed Chris, not even noticing him. Chris then sighed and sat on his desk chair, he picked up one of his "distractions" as he liked to call them, and began fiddling with it... Then he saw a flash of a shadow in his doorway. He looked up and smiled, this couldn't have been better timing. "Hey"

"Hey yourself". It was Bella, his co-worker and best friend. They had been friends since sophmore year and both were incredibly smart. Of course, Chris had had a crush on her since Junior year but hadnt said anything. Bella was gorgeous. Her chocolate-brown hair fell in beautiful curls around her face. Her eyes, oh her eyes, her eyes made Chris fall so much farther in love with her everytime he saw them. She was beautiful dressed in skinny jeans, tall boots with a slight heal and a bright red, v-neck shirt matched with a black belt that secured tightly around her tiny waist. "common stud we're gonna be late for class. Jerry wont be too happy". Chris laughed at her comment and found his favorite " I 3 Toxic waste" T-shirt and pulled it on. "since when have you cared about Jerry? Do I detact a hint of EMOTION for him?" He smiled his adorable smile that Bella just couldn't resist, "nope. I just actually want to pass my class..I care about my grades, unlike you" She stuck her tongue out at him, turned on her heels and began walking. He raised his eyebrows, smiled and followed.