After classes were done for the day, Mitch, Chris and Bella walked together over to the lab, they had to finish the laser soon. Chris opened the door to find Kent and Jerry already inside, discussing something neither mitch or bella could make out. "Well, Well thank you for joining us today, Bella..Chris, the two biggest slackers on campus." Jerry said nonchalatly. "get to work". Bella sighed, looked over at Chris and said, "I'll just change here.." She then went over to the closet of the lab and closed the door behind her. She pulled out an old, ragged shirt that read "Ignorance is your new best friend" on the front in purple letters and laid it on the shelf.

Chris looked around the room as he was trying to figure out the correct formula to write on the whiteboard when he saw Kent writing something down on his clipboard as he stood next to the closet door. Just as chris was about to look away he saw Kent lean down and attempt to look into the keyhole of the door. "hey Kent, pervert much?" Kent jumped up and looked at Chris, before he could say anything, the door opened and Bella walked out, she had heard Chris. She walked up to Kent and punched him straight in the face, making his nose bleed and knocking him to the floor. "Won't be doing that again anytime soon will you?" She leaned over Kent and grabbed his shoulder and hoisted him up. "Don't be a baby about it, go wash off the blood and get your ass back here to finish this problem, got it?" Kent quickly nodded and ran out the door, Bodie following close behind. "Well thats two idiots down, one to go.."Bella said pointing secretly at Jerry. Chris smirked and made his famous sexy-smile. "You got him babe."
"yeah thanks for your help..BABE.."
with that, she went over to the laser and began working.

A few days later, the infamous meltdown occured while Chris was working in the lab after Jerry's exam. No one else was there and he was furious. He then of course, had his marvolous idea. He gathered everyone in the room and explained to them his ideas. "You see its a chemical laser but in solid not gaseous form!" Jerry and Bella stood frozen in there spot while Kent arrogantly said "That's impossible..."
" its not" Bella said slowly looking over to Chris, an excited smile across her face. "Well let's test it out then" Jerry said as he pulled the target in front of the cinderblocks. "Wait!"Bella yelled, "it's missing something". She grabbed a marker and walked over to the traget. She drew 2 circles, one smaller than the other and the smaller one inside the larger one and wrote "Kent's Ass" across the top.
"NOW it's ready!" Mitch said, laughing.

"ha-ha" Kent rolled his eyes.

They then fired the laser and, when they turned it off, saw a beautifuly cut hole through the traget, cinderblocks and right through the wall. "You did it!" Bella said jumping over to Chris and jumping into his arms, hugging him. "I can't believe you did it!" She then grabbed his face and kissed him for a long time. Her eyes fluttered shut and Chris' grip on her tighted. He had been waiting for this moment for awhile. When they broke apart Mitch yelled "Let's celebrate!" Bella nodded and grabbed her car keys and they all, except Kent and Jerry, ran out the room and to Bella's beautiful convertable that waited outside in the student parking lot. Driving down the highway, the breeze in their hair and huge smiles on their faces, the gang went in search of a place to eat. Chris sat in the passanger seat next to Bella, who obviously was driving (no one touched her Cadllaic) and Mitch and Jordan (whom mitch had grabbed before he left) were in the backseat. Finally, they found a night club in the corner of a street. The night club looked dirty and dangerous, just what they were looking for. They walked in and no one seemed to notice them. They sat down, grabbed some burgers and began eating. They joked and laughed for awhile before a strong-looking, older man, probaby in his late 30's approached their table. "Can we help you?" Chris said looking up at the man. "Naw just admiring your fancy slut over there. How much you pay for her?" the man grumbled, as drunk as could be and pointed over at Bella

"Excuse me?" Bella said standing up, Mitch holding her arm to prevent her from ripping the man's head off.

The man stared at her seductively, "Hey look baby I mean no t-t-trouble. I-I'm-I-I'm juuuusst lo-o-o-oooking f-f-f-f-oooooorrr a go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-dddd ti-i-i-i-i-m-m-me-e-e."

Chris then stood up, he was NOT having this "Man, back away now and we won't have a problem."

"Ohh so so so-o-o y-y-youuuu t-t-think y-y-y-y-our pretty hot stuff d-d-d-ont you?" the man said, obviously drunk as could be.

"Get out of here." Chris said, as angry as anyone had ever seen him get.

At that moment, the man grabbed Chris by the throat and threw him into the wall he then dropped Chris to the ground and began kicking him brutally. The whole bar stopped to watch the fight but no one stood up. One of the man's "friends" held Bella, preventing her from helping Chris and Mitch was frozen in terror.

Just then one of the men screamed in pain, everyone looked over to see Bella biting and ripping at the mans arms to try to escape. The man let go and Bella picked up a chair, hit the man beating Chris on the head and knocked him out cold. She then ran over to Chris and whispered, sobbing "You're so stupid, you dumbass...why did you do such a stupid thing...why?"

Chris had fallen unconcious.
The bar still had it's eyes on her so Bella stood up "Show's over! Get back to your crap...NOW." And with that the whole bar became loud and full of activity once more, the music resumed and everyone continued with what they were doing.

"Mitch, come here and help me get him up."

Jordan, Mitch and Bella all carried Chris back to Bella's car and they laid him in the backseat. "Mitch stay there with him, Jordan sit up front here, you're the one that knows the way to the hospital."

"No..." ...the faintest no in human history could be heard from Chris, he was barely concious.

"I don't care what he says, Jordan where is it?"