So this is the sequel to 'Random Orders, Unusual Moments' (if you haven't read it, I suggest you do, especially if you like humor from SebCiel).
The first chapter is going to introduce their new lives, including their new daughter, Maricel.
The second chapter, which will be coming soon, will explain how Maricel is turning one year old, the wedding, and how Ciel became a demon.
Hope you enjoy it! R+R!

disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Black Butler, but I do own Maricel and their cat, Louie:)

Ciel was never to think that this day would ever come. In a few hours, he would become Ciel Phantomhive-Michaelis, son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, husband of Sebastian Michaelis and mother of Maricel Michaelis, their two year old daughter.

You must be wondering how we even got to this point of the story.

Hmm…well, it was just after Ciel and Sebastian left London and moved to a land next to France. There, they built a house in an open field, but Sebastian mostly did all the work. He was still a bit silent due to the 'demonic' confession Ciel had told him a month before. He did a great job though, it looked different to the mansion he'd left behind, and that was exactly how Ciel had wanted it. The house was smaller, almost cabin like, painted a light blue and had a large skylight just above Ciel's bedroom. He wanted Sebastian and him to share a room, but when asked by the older demon, he just claimed that it was too soon. They lived there by themselves for six years, their relationships slowly growing. They were to the point that every morning, Ciel gave Sebastian a kiss on the cheek before serving his nonexistent breakfast.

Ciel loved Sebastian; he realized that a few months after the moves. He knew Sebastian liked him, but to the word 'love', he didn't know yet.

But one, cool morning, they got one new member to their family.

Sebastian had woken up that day to the sound of a cry. He thought it was Ciel at first, until he heard it more clearly. It was too high pitched to be his. So then whose was it? He got up from his bed, stretching lightly, and then heading for the front door. As he went to unlock it, he noticed it was already open. He pulled it out further and saw his Ciel, sitting on the porch steps, holding something in his arms.

"Ciel, what are you doing out here without a jacket? You'll catch a cold."

The young demon lifted his head towards him, seriousness in his blue and purple eyes.

Sebastian looked down at the object, covered in a light teal blanket. His eyes widened.

"A baby…" he exhaled, kneeling down.

"I found her a hour ago, they just left her here. No note, anything." Ciel stated, no emotion visible in his words.

Sebastian placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it, comfortably.

"What are we going to do with her, Sebastian?"

He looked down at the boy and then to the baby.

"we'll keep her."


He grabbed Ciel's chin, lifting it up gently. Tears were flowing down his rosy cheeks.

"Why?" He asked, softly.

"Because I want to start a family with my love."

What he had said was bittersweet to Ciel; he thought he hadn't meant it in the way Ciel wanted.

"My love? Ha, such tragic words. The irony is the cruelest I've heard yet." He sighed, moving some hairs from the baby's head.

"What do you mean?"

"Sebastian, you really are an idiot if you haven't noticed it yet. We're going to be spending the rest of eternity together, but it didn't even take me that long to see how much I love you. If we're going to raise a child, you should do it with someone you love."

"And that's why I'm raising her with you."