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General POV:

Five years ago, my life changed forever. I knew it was going to change, and I welcomed it. For a human, I had a really shitty life. Given up for adoption as soon as I was born, then adopted into a family that used me as their personal slave; I cooked, cleaned, worked, and did everything for them, and got nothing but grief in return.

At the age of 7, I began having really fuzzy visions of a girl who looked just like me, and at first I thought it was me, but as I began seeing her more and more in my visions, I realized that she wasn't me. I never knew who she was, but I saw how she lived with her mother, and was basically the mother taking care of the child. I would see her on a plane going towards where her father was, and see all the happy times she had with him. I would only see her in my visions, and sometimes I would think it was my mind playing tricks on me because of how my life was. I always thought that maybe it was my mind showing me a different life to the one I was leading.

It wasn't until my 15th birthday did the visions change even more. I started seeing more and more things happening, even my own life now. I could see what my adoptive parents were going to make me do that day, or I'd see this girl working her ass off to keep the bills paid or food in the house. I started feeling sorry for the girl because she may have had a mother that loved her, but her life was essentially just like mine. She stopped going to see her father and stayed at home to take care of her mother. Even after her mother got married, she refused to go see her father because she thought he didn't want her anymore after being away for so long. I envied her though after she turned seventeen.

I saw her talk with her mother and step-father about moving in with her father, I saw her plane ride to where her father lived, I saw that first day in Biology and the reaction of the copper-headed guy; I saw everything about her life in one vision. I saw the love, and family, and the romance, then I saw the heartbreak, and what was going to happen next. I couldn't have stopped it even if I wanted to. I never knew who this girl was to me, or why I was seeing her life like I was, but my heart broke for her. No one should ever have to go through what she went through. To see someone be so violated and tortured, and not be able to stop it is like pouring battery acid down your throat.

It's at this point that my life changed even more, three months after the girl in my visions and myself both turned eighteen. I'd been walking home from work one night when I stumbled upon a guy, and not just any guy, but the copper-headed guy and the pixie from my visions. By now though, I knew what he and his entire family was; vampires that only drank the blood of animals. I wasn't afraid of his family, but I was terrified of him. Somehow he knew me, him and his little pixie, but I didn't know how and I wasn't going to ask.

"Hello Zarah, my name is Edward, and this is Alice." He told me smoothly, giving me a dazzling smile that I saw him give the girl from my visions a thousand times, but it didn't affect me like it did the girl in my visions.

"Hello there. What can I do for you two?" I asked, hoping to keep my voice calm and my heartbeat down. I didn't know what they wanted, but something in the back of my mind told me that I was in deep shit with no way out.

They glanced at each other, both nodding slightly and turned back towards me, Alice spoke this time. "Oh, nothing much really, just this." She stated as both of them pounced at me. I felt their teeth pierce my skin and one of their hands cover my mouth to keep my from screaming. I knew then that they were changing me, and I couldn't stop it.

As I started burning with the venom, I began having visions of what was going to happen in the next few years, and I wanted to be sick at what I had to witness. I saw more people that I hadn't met yet being hurt, I saw the same girl running for her life, I saw the copper-headed guy, Edward, going to some guys on thrones and being killed; I saw my life for what it was going to be now, and quite frankly, I hated the way things were going to turn out.

As I started feeling the burning move towards my heart, I could hear what was going on around me, I heard Edward talking to Alice, and I was afraid of them even more now. I strained my ears to hear them, hoping to glean even the smallest bit of information.

"Do you think she'll be anything like the other one?" I heard Alice ask with hatred in her voice, and I couldn't understand why. What did I ever do to her to make her hate me so much.

"I'm not sure Alice, I can't hear her either. It's frustrating and makes me wish we'd just killed her instead." Edward growled out, causing me to stiffen slightly. I knew that as soon as I finished changing that I had to get out of here and away from them or else I was going to be ash. I started seeing little snippets of how to get away from them, and decided to use those visions to my advantage. I was going to get away from these freaks and try and make a life for myself somewhere else; I was going to find all the people from my visions if I could and hope to give them a better life and give them the family they've been denied all along.

I heard Alice tell Edward that I would be waking soon, and I knew what I had to do after that. I knew that I would have some supernatural powers, I just prayed that they worked as I want them to so I could get away from the freaks. I wasn't going to be at their beck and call for the rest of my unlife.

As soon as I felt my heart stop, and heard Edward and Alice back up towards what I assumed was a wall, I sprang into action. I threw my hands up towards them, knowing that from my visions, my shield should come out and wrap around them, holding them in place.

I heard Alice screech and I could feel her trying to claw at the shield, but I ignored her in favor of watching Edward. I saw him smirk and relax, keeping his eyes on me.

"It's alright Zarah, we won't hurt you, you can let us out of this and we'll explain everything to you." He said with a smile on his face as if he was trying to dazzle me, but I knew what he was going to do. He was going to try and keep me pliant and submissive to his whims, and I wasn't going to allow that.

I snarled at him, thinking that I want the shield around them to shrink and make it harder for them to move. As soon as I thought it, I could see Alice's panicked face and the smirk on Edward's face fall. Neither of them expected me to have this much control. "I don't think so Edward. I know everything now. I know you changed me into a vampire in the hopes that I would be like some other girl that I've seen in my visions." I told him, noticing how he turned sharply towards Alice and hissed but ignored him and continued talking, "I also know that my visions are different than Alice's here. I also know what you did to the other girl that you were hoping I would be like, and I refuse to ever be treated like that. I hope you burn and rot in hell for what you've done. I refuse to let you near me." I told him as I turned and took off out the door; I just hoped my shield held and I could get away from them.

After getting away from Edward and Alice, I just ran, swam, drove, and did anything I could to make sure they couldn't find me. I know from my visions of the other girl that Alice's visions were subjective and decision based, so I didn't make any decisions on where I was going or what I was doing. And I did this for five years, only stopping long enough to find the other people from my visions. I knew I would need them in the coming years, and that the other girl from my visions would need our help eventually.

That leads us to where we are now, standing in a field next to our house in southern Montana. I looked around towards my coven and had to smile. I had changed all of them with ease, knowing from my visions that they would be helpful towards what we were working towards made it easier to change them without draining them. I changed Viktor first because he tried to save my life. He tried to take on two vampires thinking I was a damsel in distress and got hurt in the process. After Viktor, I changed Gabriel. Gabriel was a homeless man starving, and was getting beat up by a couple high school kids, so I changed him. What hurt me the most was changing Abigail, Cierra, and Robin. Viktor, Gabriel, and I had been out hunting one night when we all heard screaming. We went towards where we heard it from and I lost my cool. I killed every man in the building and changed Abigail, Cierra, and Robin because I couldn't leave them there, and because I knew that they were important to me and could help us in our fight that was coming up.

I began training them all as soon as we were able to. I had been taking Martial Arts classes before I was changed, and I watched enough movies to know different fighting techniques. After a few years, my coven and I began searching for the girl from my visions when I got hit with another one that nearly dropped me to my knees. The girl had finally found her mate in Captain Whitlock from the Southern Armies, I knew who he was from all the other vampires we'd met on our way, but at the moment it was just her and two other vampires against four. I knew that with the girl being human that she would be in even more danger, so I told my coven we had to help them and we all took off towards where I thought they would be.

We got there in time to see the four vampires advancing towards the other two vamps and the human girl. I noticed that while she was scared, she wasn't showing fear, and I admired that about her. As we went towards them all, I saw the human girl throw herself to the side and land hard on her arm, breaking it and crying out in pain. It drew everyone else's attention towards her, letting my coven have time to come in and help dispose of them. I knew the girl was going to pass out form pain, but she was trying hard to hold on for fear of her family, so I set her at ease.

"We're here to help you get rid of these four, then we'll explain what we're doing here. I promise that we won't hurt you or anyone else in your family." I said, looking straight at the human girl. I saw her give a terse nod as she lost consciousness.

I stayed where I was at the other two vampires rushed to her side, the female looked towards the bigger one, "She broke her arm Em." She choked out, picking up the girl gently in her arms. The bigger guy turned towards us.

"I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but I have to say thank you for helping us. Without you, we'd be dead and Bella would have been killed as well." He said, walking slowly towards us, "My name is Emmett Cullen, and the blonde is my wife and mate Rosalie." He held out his hand.

I grasped his hand, "My name is Zarah Swanson, and this is my coven. Viktor and his mate Abigail, Gabriel and his mate Cierra, and Robin." I said, pointing towards each one as I said their names. "I know you are probably wondering how we found you, and knew you needed our help, but I think it best that we let the rest of your family get here, and for the girl, Bella, to wake up. It would be easier to say our story only once." I said softly.

"You're right. Everyone should be back in a little bit. You guys can come in, just please don't get too close to Bella. Her mate and other brother would kill us if anything else happened to her." He said grimly.

No sooner than he said the words, we all heard two very loud growls followed by other weaker growls, "What the hell is going on here?" I heard the man I knew to be Captain Whitlock demand.

I saw Emmett gulp and sigh softly, "While you all were gone, four vampires came up and attacked, Rose was trying to stay by Bella to keep her safe when these other six here showed up. They helped us, and got rid of the other four." He told them, causing everyone to turn towards us.

"My name is Zarah, this is Viktor and his mate Abigail, Gabriel and his mate Cierra, and this is Robin. We are the Swanson coven, and I have visions." I heard them all snarl and I held up my hands, "I know you know someone who has visions, but mine are different. Mine are set in stone with two outcomes. I saw a vision of them being attacked, and had we not shown up, not only with Emmett and Rosalie be dead, but the girl, Bella would have been turned and used in a slave trade sex ring." I told them honestly, knowing that they didn't like secrets being kept from them.

We were all so wound up that we failed to notice the door opening, "I trust her and her coven. They saved us and if you don't like it, then you can just kiss my ass. I'm not going to turn away someone that helped us." I whipped around and saw Bella standing there with a fierce look on her face.

I saw her mate run towards her, "I trust her too, she saved my Bells and our family, and if her vision is anything to go on, then I suggest we let them stay." He said, wrapping Bella in his arms and sighing deeply.

I heard someone clear their throat, and I turned towards them, recognizing him as the head of the Cullen coven. "My name is Carlisle Cullen, I want you thank you for protecting my family." He said as he held out his hand.

"You don't have to thank me Carlisle." I told him as I shook his hand. "I know you are all probably wondering my story, and I will tell you all as soon as the rest of your family gets here."

I saw them all nod and walk towards the house, Bella and Peter stayed on the porch, wrapped in each other arms. "Thank you." I heard Bella say softly.

"You don't have to thank me Bella. Once you hear my story, you'll understand completely why I helped." I told her, knowing that I was confusing her, but she nodded and snuggled into Peter's chest.

I walked inside, taking in my surroundings and smiled softly. This is what I always wanted, a place that felt like a home. I envied Bella even more now, but I didn't let it show. I could see my coven off to the side, trying to keep out of the way of everyone else. I heard Carlisle talking softly to Bella as he wrapped her arm in a cast. It surprised me that he had the supplies here, and that he knew what he was doing. Even though I'd have visions of his family, I never knew what they did all day except for the younger ones going to school. I watched in fascination as he worked quickly and how at ease they all were together.

No sooner than thinking that, I heard others approaching the house and I felt my coven stiffen, but a sharp glare from me caused them all to settle down and relax again. The door burst open, with none other than Major Jasper Whitlock storming in with a blonde vampire close behind him. Both of them were near snarling, "What the fuck is going on around here?" They both growled, catching sight of me and my coven.

I raised my hands, showing I meant them no harm. "My name is Zarah, and this is my coven, Viktor, Abigail, Gabriel, Cierra, and Robin. I have visions that are set in stone, but shows me two outcomes. I had a vision or Emmett and Rosalie being attacked, and Bella was changed and given to a sex slave trade ring. We were close enough to be able to help them, so my coven and I ran here and helped them take out the four vampires that attacked." I summarized for them, seeing that the two snarling vampires stopped dead in their tracks and turned sharply towards Bella and Peter, seeing them nod, I saw Jasper and the other vampire relax slightly, knowing that they were wanting to know about me and my coven. "Once everyone is here, I'll explain more about me and my coven, and why we risked our lives for your family. I'd rather only just explain it once, seeing as it's a long story and not something that should be told more than once." I gave them a slightly pleading look, hoping that they wouldn't make me tell my story more than once.

They all glanced towards each other, silently communicating and nodding. I let out an unneeded breath of relief and walked towards my coven. I had noticed that Cierra and Abigail were tending to a couple bites that their mates had received, but I wasn't worried about them. I was mostly worried about Robin, but I soon found out that she was fine. As I turned around, I heard and saw more vampires coming inside, and when they saw me, they immediately were on guard and ready to pounce, but Bella put a stop to it.

"Oh for the love of God! I swear, if anyone attacks them, I'm going to be seriously pissed off, and you all know what happens when I get pissed off! Chill out, they saved me, Em, and Rose and if you all would sit your asses down, you'd understand eventually instead of jumping to conclusions! I swear, you are all like a bunch of children sometimes!" She glared at a few of them when they went to protest, but they shut their mouths with an audible click and huffed a sigh at her. She turned towards me, giving me a warm smile, "We're all here Zarah, if you'd like to explain now."

I took a deep, unneeded breath, and gave those of my coven a look that said to keep quiet until I finished. "To start off, I am Zarah Swanson, I was changed five years ago." I saw the disbelieving looks on their faces, and I just rolled my eyes, "I won't get into that just yet, because it's not a pretty story. I will tell you that I was taken from my birth parents when I was born. I was told that my birth parents were told I was a stillborn and that my older twin sister was the only one that survived. I was taken to a family that had apparently paid money on the black market for me; the people who bought me used me as a slave from the time I was old enough to do things. I cooked, cleaned, shopped and did everything for them. I was about seven years old when I first began having blurry visions. I could never make out what was in the vision except this girl who looked almost just like me." I said, keeping my voice calm and not looking at anyone while I spoke. It was hard recounting my childhood, but I knew that if I wanted them to trust me, I'd have to tell them. "I saw things about this other girl that I envied, she had a loving mother, and a father that she saw when school wasn't in session. As I got older, I began seeing more of her in my visions, seeing more of her surroundings and things going on around her. I saw her talking to her mother and step-father about going to live with her father; the plane ride and the trip to her father's house; her first day of school." I glanced at Bella and saw that she was catching on to what I was saying, and I hoped with everything in me that she wouldn't reject me once I finished my story.

Glancing at my coven, I saw that they were enraptured in my story as well, seeing as I only told them the basics of my life, never going into this much detail. "This is where the story gets complicated, and unbelievable, but I assure you, it's the God's honest truth." I told them seriously, making sure they all understood. "As I saw this girls first day of school, I also saw five insanely beautiful people walking into the cafeteria. I'm sure most of you will know what I'm talking about, so I won't go into all that much detail, I just want you to understand that I saw everything in regards to this girl's live in my visions. I saw all the joy, and happiness she felt at finally being accepted into a family that treated her like a sibling or daughter, rather than having to be the parent with her mother and father." I closed my eyes, not wanting to look at anyone as I said the next part, knowing that it was going to cause a problem. "I also saw heartbreak, terror, fear, and excruciating pain." I whispered, hearing them all gasp, most of them knowing what I was talking about. "I saw it all, and I could do nothing to stop it. I wanted to, more than anything in the world, but I wouldn't have been able to do anything other than get myself killed. When I was old enough to leave my supposed family, I ran away. This is the part that gets hard as well, because what I'm going to tell you may seem like a lie, and you'll be angry and think I'm trying to trick you, but I'm not. I know that one of you is an empath, and he can tell you that I've spoke nothing but the truth since I began talking." I told them, causing them all to look at Jasper, who nodded his head, not taking his eyes off me.

"She's right, she's never once lied to us. She has withheld some information, but I'm guessing that she did that because it wasn't something to be told right this moment." He said, and I nodded at him.

"Exactly. Now, after I ran away from home, I tried making my way to where I knew this girl was at, because I saw she would need someone to help her through everything that she'd been with, but I wasn't able to make it very far before I ran into two people I sometimes wish I'd never met." I closed my eyes, wishing I didn't have to tell them this, but there was no other way about it. "I was on my way home from work one night when I felt like I was being followed, but every time I turned around I wouldn't ever see anyone. As I got closer to my apartment, I was accosted by two people that I'd figured long ago to be vampires. I had thought that they were animal drinkers, but when I saw them, they had gleaming red eyes and vicious smirks on their faces. I was automatically fearful, but resigned to my fate. I had seen a vision of it, but I also saw the other outcome, so I wasn't sure exactly which one would happen until it did. When they introduced themselves, I was dumbfounded, because I knew them from my visions of the girls life, but I didn't immediately connect the dots. They introduced themselves as Edward and Alice Cullen." I said, causing everyone to start yelling and shouting all at once. The only one who was silent was Bella, and she was staring at me still with a contemplative look on her face. She stood from the couch and walked towards me, stopping about three feet from me. No one had seen her get up and walk towards me, but as soon as she spoke they all shut up quickly.

"You're my little sister?" She asked softly, a hopeful spark in her eyes. I nodded slightly, not sure exactly what to expect, but I wasn't expecting her to throw herself at me and wrap her arms around me in a tight hug and start sobbing. I wrapped her in my arms gently, happy to be able to hold my big sister for the first time. I knew that if I had been able to cry tears, I would be sobbing just as hard as Bella was. I saw Peter and Jasper looking at us in wonder, and my coven was staring at me like I was a stranger.

Bella pulled back slightly, looking at me with wonder in her eyes. "I can't believe that you are my sister, I've always wanted a sister!" She said, nearly vibrating out of her skin. I could tell everyone in the room was looking at us, and I frankly didn't care at the moment. I was finally with my sister, and I wouldn't let anyone pull us apart again.

Unfortunately our little moment was broke up by the leader of the Cullen coven, "Are you telling me that Edward and Alice changed you, and that you are barely out of your newborn time?" He asked with an incredulous voice causing my coven, and my new found sister to tense up and glare at him.

I released Bella and turned towards him, "That's exactly what I am telling you. As I was changing, I heard them talking over me, talking about me being like another girl, but they never said names. They changed me, and because of my visions, I knew that they wanted to use me for something, so as soon as I woke up, I used my powers and trapped them against the wall and ran away. I've been running ever since, until I got the vision of Bella and the other two being in trouble." I told him bluntly, knowing good and well that he wouldn't believe me, but all the others would.

Bella turned towards the leader, giving him a glare that caused him to flinch. "If you think she's lying, why don't you look towards Jasper and find out. I'm sure he's been keeping an eye on her emotions." She turned towards Jasper, raising an eyebrow. I was astonished, here this human girl was, and she had all the vampires at her beck and call. It was a humbling feeling to know that my sister could command this many.

"She's not lying Carlisle, she's been nothing but truthful with us since she got her, and I'd suggest that you don't call her out to be a liar again." He growled the last part, making nearly all the vampires flinch back.

"I'm sorry Zarah, but it's a lot to take it right now to know that two of my family did this to you." He said, shaking his head. I knew that it would be hard for him to believe, but I never expected him to think me out to be a liar.

I shook my head sadly, turning towards my sister and her family, "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come here. I'm not sorry for saving you, but obviously your family and those around you are never going to believe me." I said, hugging her tightly to me before I began making my way out the door. I wouldn't go far, but I would leave just to give her family some time.

Peter POV:

Hearing Zarah talk to Bells, and what she was saying angered me. I wasn't going to let Carlisle and his 'holier-than-thou' attitude run my sister-in-law out just because he refused to believe that his precious Edward and Alice did this.

"Zarah, you don't have to go anywhere sweetheart, you are more than welcome to stay here with us, and if anyone has a problem with it, they can get the hell off my property. I'll not have anyone running you away from your family just because they don't want to believe you about something you said." I told her, glaring at everyone that I could tell wanted to protest my words.

She turned towards me, giving me a soft look and nodded. "Thank you Peter, I wasn't going to go far, but I was just going to leave to give everyone a chance to calm down and let what I told them sink in. I vowed never to leave me sister again once I got in touch with her, and I refuse to let anyone here dictate what I do with my life."

Bella beamed and ran towards me, throwing herself in my arms, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I hugged her back, smiling. "You are welcome Darlin'." I said softly. "You know I'd do anything for you. No one should ever try and keep you away from your family."

She pulled back and turned towards Zarah, "Are you staying now?" She asked softly, with a tinge of fear in her voice.

Zarah gave her a smile in return, "Of course I'll stay. As I told Peter, I never intended to go far, not now that I've found you." She nodded and then turned to all the others in the room.

"Anyone got a problem with my sister and her family staying?" She asked them. I saw Caius shake his head and walk towards her with a soft smile of his own.

"Anyone that has a problem can leave, as Peter said. You are my family as well, making her family." He glared at anyone who dared to attempt to speak up against what we had all said.

"Hell yea! Baby Bells has more family that she knows what to do with now!" Emmett said, causing a few people to chuckle at him.

"I'm all for having more vamps around to help protect Bella and the rest of us. If she says that she's going to protect Bella, and that her visions are more set in stone, then I say let her stay. Bella needs all the family she can get because of what Alice and Edward had done to her." Rosalie said, causing Bella to look at her in wonder and shock. She knew that Rose and Em were going to try harder to be the family she needed, but she wasn't expecting Rose to speak out like that about total strangers.

A few of the others all nodded in agreement, and I saw them all move slightly to stand with Bella against those that had a problem with Zarah and her coven staying around. The ones that had the most problem were Carlisle and a few of the Volturi guard, but one look from Caius, Aro, and Marcus and the Volturi guard that opposed it all submitted and came to stand with us. Now it was only Carlisle left, and as he looked around at all the people against him, he hung his head in shame.

"I don't like it, because I just can't picture Edward and Alice changing her for some unknown reason. I always instilled in them that life was precious, and that it should only be done in life or death situations." He shook his head. "I'm not going to cause any problems." He said, looking up towards everyone, making sure they knew he wasn't going to be a problem.

Everyone nodded and went back to talking to Bella, Zarah, and her coven. Things were hopefully going to be looking up now that we had more people that would help us in this battle with Alice and her army. Now we had a better chance of winning this without losing anyone in the process.