Izzy Fuentes looked up at her green-eyed best friend Tripp Campell. "Whoa Izz, you okay?" he asked helping her to her feet. "Huh? Oh yeah, I just... Tripped over your chord," she said, then noticing she was still wrapped in the guitarist's arms, she composed herself and got up. "Sorry bro." she said smiling, trying her best to act normal. Did she really just fall on purpose so Tripp would catch her? Nah, she wasn't like that.

Show up singing at his house while Iron Weasel had agents over, sure. She was determined not desperate. Izzy shook her head and returned her attention to Tripp. They were in his garage after school and he was shredding away at his black electric guitar. "Hey where is everybody?" Izzy asked after a moment. "In the living room watching tv. I think one of their concerts is on one of those Where Are They Now specials." Tripp answered after a moment.

Izzy nodded, knowing she should get home, but not being able to tear her eyes of her best friend. How his hair fell over intense green eyes while he played. Even before this strange feeling had started, she loved watching him play. "You look so weird when you play," she teased him out loud. "Whatever you look like your yawing when you sing," he bantered back automatically.

"That's because I'm awesooome!" she sang while Tripp played along. They both laughed and barely noticed the three eldest members of Iron Weasel walked in. "Sorry to interrupt kid, but we have great news!" Derek announced in his usual arrogant heavily accented voice. "What's up guys?" Tripp asked setting his guitar down gently. Derek, Ash, and Burger started speaking rapidly at the same time.

"Guys!" Tripp called. "What?" they answered. "Shutup!" he called. "Kay," they replied. Izzy shook her head. "What's the big news?" she asked. "We're going on tour!" Derek and Burger announced happily while Ash said,"I got a sandwich!" Izzy had no idea where I sandwich came in, but she smiled and accepted Tripp's high five. "How'd that happen?" he asked the three middle aged rockers.

"That Simon Craig guy just called, told us he saw us at The Super Bowl, and said he booked us a Comeback Tour!" Derek said proudly. "Sweet!" Tripp and Izzy said together. "When do we leave?" Tripp asked, looking like he wanted to pack his bags and go right then. "Next week!" the rest of the band said excitedly. "That's great guys!" Izzy said smiling. But what she was really thinking was, If they're going on tour this week, I've got to tell Tripp how I feel.

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