Izzy woke up the next morning to a pure adrenaline rush. She was actually going to perform! In front of a crowd! A sea of unfamiliar faces watching her.. Judging her... She sat up and shook her head. Izzy Fuentes, afraid of what people thought? Never! The word afraid wasn't in her vocabulary. Feeling better, she showered, dressed, and headed over to Amy and Adam's house.

"Hey Izz just in time!" Amy squealed pulling her inside. "Just in time for what?" Izzy asked confused. "Adam and I got tickets to tonight's show! They were just sitting in the mailbox last night," Amy babbled pulling Izzy up the stairs and into her room. "That's great but I still don't under-" Amy covered Izzy's mouth before she could finish. "What are you wearing tonight?" Izzy shrugged halfheartedly. "Exactly. Which is why I'm dressing you." Izzy sighed. She'd been planning on wearing exactly what she had on, but Amy wasn't going to let that happen any time soon. "All right let's get this over with."

That night, Izzy and Amy arrived at the stadium wearing: concert/set?id=70400563

"I look ridiculous," Izzy muttered looking down. "We look great stop worrying!" Amy chastised. Izzy rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything else. "I'm going to go find Adam and sit down. Good luck!" Amy squealed giving Izzy a hug and scurrying off. Taking a deep breath Izzy flashed her pass to the bouncer who let her backstage. Iron Weasel were busy attacking the catering table when she walked in. "Hey guys!" she called waving. "Hi Izzy!" they called back, their mouths full. "Hey Izz. You look.. Wow," Tripp said smiling.

"I know," Izzy replied jokingly trying to hide her blush. Tripp just grinned and kissed her. "Don't be nervous. You'll be fine," he reassured her after they broke away. Izzy nodded, speechless for the moment. "You guys have to be on stage in five," the stage manager called. Izzy and Tripp watched as the rest of Iron Weasel got ready to get on stage. "Ready?" Tripp asked looking over at Izzy. She took a deep breath and nodded. "This is it." Tripp kissed her quickly. "Break a leg," he whispered running on stage.

Izzy watched from the wings as the curtains rose up. "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!" Derek yelled into the microphone. The crowd answered with a series of cheers and applause. "Good! Now, to get things started please welcome our good friend, Izzy Fuentes!" Izzy walked out on stage shocked to receive some cheers and applause of her own. She held the microphone in front of her and took it all in. The bright lights, the sea of excited fans.. It wasn't scary or nerve-racking at all. It was what she'd always dreamed off. "Let's get this party started!" she exclaimed in to the microphone before delivering the best performance she'd ever given, her best friend right behind her sharing the dream. Their dream. It was the greatest night of her life.