Prompt: The evolution of Puckleberry through their high school yearbooks.

'08 Thunderclap:

Noah, we've finally made it through 8th grade and are one step closer to getting out of Lima forever! I'm so glad that we made up after your ill-advised relationship with Santana Lopez and you can talk to me again, even if it is just at Temple or at our respective homes. I can't imagine a world where we aren't best friends. See you in HIGH SCHOOL! – Rachel Berry *

R – Have a good summer. NP

'09 Thunderclap:

Noah (and, yes, I'm always going to call you Noah, even if you DO prefer Puck now) I miss you. – Rachel Berry *

Berry, I wouldn't be caught dead signing this shit if your dad hadn't come crying to my mom. You suck. – PUCK

'10 Thunderclap

Noah, I know this was a hard year for you, but I'm so proud of your continued emotional development. Now that we've grown closer, I hope we continue down our road to repairing our past relationship. I know you said we weren't friends before, but I don't believe that. I choose not to believe it, because you, Noah Puckerman, will always be my friend. Feel free to contact me if you need someone sympathetic to talk to this summer. I can be reached through MySpace, Facebook, cell phone, home phone, and email. – Rachel Berry*

Berry, it was f'ing awesome making out with you this year. Wish we'd done it sooner and more often. Sorry again for the slushies. Hope you're happy with Hudson. Hey, don't change too much for him, alright? – NP

'11 Thunderclap

Noah, I don't think I need to tell you how much you mean to me. You have been and continue to be one of my closest and most reliable friends. One more year, Noah! Then we're going to take the world by storm. – Rachel Berry*

My Hot Little Jewish American Princess, are you, me, Finn, Kurt and the Warbler still on for the Lima Bean this weekend? Lauren has some stupid wrestling tourney. Text me. – NP P.S. LZ is PISSED that she found another gold star stuck to my guns. You've gotta stop doing that shit, babe.

'12 Thunderclap:

Noah, we've done it! We're BOTH leaving Lima! I knew you could do it if you made an honest attempt. You're so talented and the world won't know what hit it once you start making a name for yourself in New York. NEW YORK, Noah! We're going to New York City! When we get there, we'll have to coordinate schedules with Kurt and Blaine. We can't waste a single minute! – Rachel Berry*

Rachel, I don't know how I would've made it through the last three years without you. I really hope you honored your promise and waited until you got home to read this, although knowing you, you are standing on Satan's front lawn after the party, since I handed this to you on your way out. Sorry I kept it so long, but you know I suck at this kind of stuff. Thing is, Rach, even though you worked your ass off to help me get into CUNY, I don't think I can do it. Not that I'm not talented enough, because c'mon, I'm the Puckerone. But I don't know that I can stay in that Platonic Friend Zone you've put me in. You've asked me a few times this spring about why Quinn and I didn't "rekindle" our relationship after the "amazing and life-affirming closure" we got, but the truth is, Quinn saw something I didn't. She saw that I was ass over eyeballs for you, and she wasn't willing to play that game again. So I guess this is my pathetic attempt at telling you that I can't be your friend anymore, because I want more. I know you have dreams and goals and so much freaking talent, and I would never want to take any of that away from you. I just want to share it with you, and I can't see how that'd work out. If you couldn't make it work with Finn, you and me are doomed from the start. So I think it's better if maybe I just head to a different coast. LA's nice, right? Warm weather, beaches, hot babes. Hopefully (if you did wait until you got home) I'm already gone. Knowing you, we're about to have an epic fight in front of Santana's house. Either way, I love you, Rachel. – Noah