I wrote this one when I hadn't decided that Claudia would spend her day with Steve when Pete and Myka went to the alternative universe.

"You said you'd go easy on me," Claudia muttered, moving her piece on the chess board.

HG smiled. "It's not my fault you're horrible at chess, Claudia."

"There are a lot of rules. It's a lot to remember."

"That's what makes it so enjoyable." The pair played for a few more moments in total silence, until Claudia spoke up. "Did you know your parents, HG?"

Helena lowered her head, as she made to move one of her pieces. "Are you asking because of you and your brother's situation?" The older woman knocked one of Claudia's pieces of the board.

"Yeah, but… I'm curious." The British woman flashed a small smile as Claudia moved her piece exactly how HG thought she would.

"Not really, no. My mother died in childbirth, and my father died when I was eleven, leaving me and Charles alone." The woman let out a bark of laughter. "It's a wonder how we survived, Charles wasn't very independent or eager to work, but we sold a few of my stories to a popular newspaper- under Charles' name unfortunately, and the editor took us into his home until we could get a one of our own."