A/N I would like to let you know that Sorryll's portrayal of Grell and Sebastian in her story here: .net/s/4988007/1/ inspired me alot! This is set in the anime-verse during season I. Enjoy!

Sebastian skulked along the hallway, looking into each room for a glimpse of the red-haired menace. He was always easy to find except when he was needed.

It had been the Halloween ball tonight and everyone had had a little too much to drink. All the humans seemed so swept up in the mood of wanton revelry that many had indeed departed, two by two, several hours ago. Once in their rooms the guests swept back into the parlor to complain of blood on the windows and thrashing sounds coming from the bushes. Though he searched the grounds, all Sebastian had found was a long red hair.

"I don't think there will be anymore disturbances." Sebastian insured the fearful ladies, while passing the evidence to Young Master.

Once the guests had gone to gone for good, the young master took hold of Sebastian's waistcoat. "Get rid of Sutcliff, but first take me to bed."

"Yes, my lord."

"Grell," Sebastian growled finally, entering the parlor. "All the guests are abed so I cannot have you disturbing them. Where are you?" He put his hands on his hips, digging his fingers in with frustration.

The curtains rippled in a sudden breeze and there Grell was, standing before him. "Well, that's all you had to say, Sebas-chan." His hair settled around him as he clicked his heels together, and pouted his lips.

"You are a disgrace. Do you not have a job to do? Are you so bored you must interfere with mine? The young master entertains so rarely and here you intend to turn the whole evening into some kind of farcical haunted interlude." Sebastian tried to stay calm, but if there was one person who taxed him…it was Grell.

"Tsk, it's All Hallows Eve. Isn't that supposed to be your holiday, demon?" He curled his lip menacingly. "I'm merely trying to have a little fun-"

"Can you not keep your crazed desires in check for a single night." The demon did not raise his voice in anger, but instead dropped it to a clipped and threatening tone. "The master said I should see to it you do not commit these knaveries again. But how am I to do that?" He advanced on the red-head.

Grell threw up his hands in supplication. "Don't be so cruel to me. It wasn't just about playing. I wanted to be near you. You're so tempting-"

"Control yourself. You think I have never been tempted?" Sebastian's eyes narrowed coldly.

"Take me to bed," Ciel said as his one hardened eye looked up into Sebastian's. Those words always rattled him; he knew that once again his prey would be vulnerable, and yet he could do nothing but stand over the beautiful boy and watch him sleep. And watching him made deeper feelings churn inside him…feelings he hated to even acknowledge…

"You don't seem to know the meaning of the word temptation, Butler," Grell insisted.

Hating that Grell made him revisit his thoughts, Sebastian grabbed him harshly by the collar and shoved him against the wall. "I have been ordered. I may do whatever I please."

Eyes widening in alarm, Grell flung himself to Sebastian's feet. "There is no base thing you could do to me that would cause me harm, in fact, it would be the greatest pleasure for you to use me as you would your dog."

"You know how I feel about dogs," the demon drawled, hauling the reaper to his feet. "I know you thrive on corporal punishment, so I thought I would simply throw you out of the house without another look." Sebastian savored the moment: The red-head's furrowed brow and watering eyes, his lip quivering, nostrils flared, then he said. "I know you were at least hoping for something from me. Since I called you out." It was titillating to watch Grell's mounting discontent. "Oh, and I know my master guaranteed you something from me, but it was not an order, merely an empty promise." When he finished his aural barrage, he gave a sweet smile.

Grell's face no longer held the cartoonish pout, his eyes had darkened and his lips were pressed in a line. "Oh, I see" His resolve seemed to be weakening, his voice failing. Sebastian felt the pleasure rising up in his belly. How he loved to cause pain. "Good night, Sebastian. I…" And with that, his words trailed off. He seemed to be fortifying himself for a moment and then he struck Sebastion full on the face.

The demon stumbled back. Though he often dominated the shinigami, he knew full well the red one could put up a worthy fight if he saw fit. However, he thought it best to wait and see what his unpredictable counterpart might do next.

"I hate you." Grell's fists were tight clenched to his sides and his eyes were bubbling acid. You thief of love! You counterfeit! You-"

Now Sebastian struck back hard, knocking the smaller man to the ground. "Don't hurl those Shakespearean insults at me. I tire of you. I have long since tired of you and there is nothing you can do to change that. The only thing about you I find enjoyable is your pain." He paused. He hadn't meant to say that aloud. Making enemies, for any reason, was never good.

"My pain…" Grell seemed to consider. "Then inflict pain on me, hurt me, make me something you can enjoy."

"I'm already doing it, Grell. I hurt you by scorning your love, by leading you on and beating you down." Sebastian grabbed him by the hair, trying to keep the upper hand.

Grell wouldn't have it and yanked his head away with a grunt. "You are-"

"A demon," Sebastian finished. "You'll find no love here. We don't even love within our own species. We have sex, but we don't make love."

"You surely can't say that about every single demon. You would have no way of knowing."

"It's a fact. I understand my own species. You shinigami, you're human in your desires, your will. You're so frightfully predictable in every way."

"But you are predictable too," Grell countered, putting a coffee table between them. "I know you'll do whatever you can for whoever it is you're serving. Though, wait a moment. That's not true of all demons…is it? Demons usually turn their backs on their contracts, trick humans and steal souls." He ran his tongue across those frightfully sharp teeth in a manner he must have thought was seductive. "So naturally all demons can't be grouped together in any certain field."

Sebastian gave a slight smile, internally furious. This shinigami was still trying to gain the upper hand. "All demons must honor their contract to an extent. Am I honorable? Yes. Perhaps more so than others of my kind, but that is still within the basic constraints of demon personality." Desperately trying to maintain composure, he brought a hand gracefully to his forehead.

"If there was ever a demon who would make love, it would be you." Grell's eyes met Sebastian's in a fierce lock causing the demon to look away.


Taking advantage of his opponent's momentary lapse, Grell leapt onto him and tackled him to the divan. "Aaahhn! I have you."

The two fell in an unceremonious heap of tangled limbs, but Sebastian sprang up almost immediately. "I must ask you to stop. I will no longer play this game with you. Obviously you never understand when I speak straight-"

"Oh, please don't ever speak straight." He winked.

"Grell. I have no interest in you whatsoever. I don't even harbor any friendly feelings." He paused for a moment, waiting for some kind of reaction. All he wanted was to go; there was baking to be done.



"Sebastian, I'm not playing with you." And his expression indeed conveyed just that: his eyes were wide and full of intent, mouth set firmly, and all traces of flamboyance gone. He advanced on Sebastian, who, currently, had no idea what was going on. Oh how he hated being out-foxed. "I…"

Sebastian sighed. "I know what you're going to say and I won't let you finish. You want to bear my children, is that right? Well, too bad. No such thing will happen. Now please go."

He snatched a clump of Sebastian's hair and flung him against the wall, pressing a kiss onto his quarry's lips. Sebastian rammed his knee into Grell's stomach and easily forced the smaller man to the ground, pinning him mercilessly. He squirmed like a child, looking up with fear in his eyes. Oh how much Sebastian wished he could kill him. The thought of snuffing out the light in those impossibly bright eyes was intoxicating. He ripped off his gloves and scratched the shinigami across the eyes, eliciting an exquisite shriek of pain. As Grell's delicate hands flew up to cover his face, Sebastian snagged them and pinned them to his sides. His victim writhed and tossed his head, Had he actually scratched out his eyes? Surely not, Sebastian thought.

After a long exhale, Grell slowly opened his tattered eyelids revealing blood red balls of twitching flesh. "Damn you!" He screamed, finally able to summon up the strength to shove his attacker away.

Sebastian folded his arms and watched, unaffected, as the injured man covered his face with one hand and pushed himself up with the other. Blood oozed from between his fingers and dripped onto the lush drawing room carpet. That will have to be cleaned tomorrow, he thought.

Sebastian realized, with shock, that he had not committed an act of violence of his own free will in over 3 years. What was he feeling? He furrowed his brow. Triumph? Freedom?

Grell finally made it all the way to his feet, but his shoulders were limp and his stance meek. "Damn you," he whispered, bringing his other hand up to his face. He rubbed his eyes and leaned against the mantle. "I finally get to see your true colors. The calculated calm has shattered, hasn't it?" He gave a ragged chuckle. "How does it feel to maim bodies the way you do souls?"

Sebastian could tell Grell was healing: there was less blood and his grimace had slackened considerably. "It's been awhile since I've had such an outburst, but my 'calculated calm' remains." He bowed as though to illustrate this, but it seemed a lame attempt to regain some control over this situation which had so unexpectedly down spiraled.

Grell chuckled again and lowered his hands to reveal a nasty set of scars that arched across his brow bones and cheeks. "I bet you wish you could do something like that to the boy." Sebastian refused to take the bait. He merely blinked and clenched his hands together behind him. The red-head sauntered forward, eyes still swimming in blood. "Now you're just pretending."

"You're hideous; now I definitely won't touch you. That scarred face: you look like a monster." Sebastian felt a wave of satisfaction course through him as Grell faltered and recoiled. "Yes, you'll be hard pressed to drag anyone to your bed now." He was trying to keep his spirit light; if he gave into the darkness, there would be no going back.

Grell frowned, eyes blazing, and struck Sebastian across the face. He continued his assault, barraging the demon with slaps, kicks and punches, pushing him back toward the hearth and the blazing fire. Grell had begun to wail unintelligibly and was literally flinging his body at Sebastian. The butler didn't want to fight back: this battle would continue to rage out of control if he fueled it, but he could only take the abuse so long. He tugged a fireplace poker from its place and struck his opponent hard, sending him flying back with a cry of anguish.

Sebastian took a moment to assess the damage and felt a broken rib, spilt lips, black eyes and several sizeable bruises covering his chest. "You dare assault me, Shinigami?" His voice dropped deep and menacing, determined to frighten this man away. "If you do not leave I will-"

Grell pitched himself forward into Sebastian's arms and sobbed uncontrollably. "Please, please just…just…"

"What do you want, you mess?" Sebastian waited for a reply, but there wasn't one. He sighed and sank down into one of the wingback chairs by the hearth. He couldn't attack a crying man. Grell rested his head in his lap and clutched weakly onto his pants. Luckily the man was no longer talking. The sound of tears isn't so bad after all, it's merely a release of suffering. Sebastian eyed the blood on the carpet and thought about what it would take to remove the stain. He winced as the rib bone crunched back into place. Finally, even the sound of tears dissipated and all that was left was the crackling fire and a spatter of rain on the window.


"Shhh, don't ruin the silence. I'd been so enjoying it." Sebastian looked down at the tear stained green eyes that now seemed to be completely restored to their former…beauty. The scars were gone and all that was left was...

"William…" Grell whimpered.

The demon stood, careless of the way the other fell onto the floor. "You tell me you have come here and irreparably damaged Young Master's night because of a lover's spat?"

Grell moved to slap him, but the butler caught his wrist deftly. "If only that were the problem! I feel so ill used." The red head scrambled to his feet, seeming to salvage his usual ostentation. "He has thrown me out."

"You've been sacked?"

"Suspended…indefinitely." He blushed, seeming to realize suddenly what a vulnerable side he had revealed. He paced to the window. "Hm, I didn't notice it started to rain."

"So…you came here because of that?" Sebastian felt his anger overflowing again. He really, really needed a cat right now.

"I confessed my love to him, Sebas-chan." He leapt across the room, almost like a ballerina and stopped in front of the butler.

"Ah, that's why he sacked you?" Sebastian adored that look of shock. Thankfully things were back in control again and he was able to verbally joust with the shinigami, as usual.

"Ha, no, no, that's not it. I told him after I was suspended, and for a stupid reason too, I might add. He told me he would never feel that way for me. He didn't even seem effected by it at all. He was completely…stoic. He hates me." Grell sat down opposite Sebastian and the butler thought that the two of them now looked like proper English gentlemen, discussing something mild like the weather or the stocks.

"You had no reason to come. Unless it was simply to cry in my lap. Was that the reason?" the butler asked with a hint of a smile.

Grell looked at the fire, abashed. "I had no one else to go to. I live in the shinigami compound: I've been expelled so I can't go there. My contacts are all shinigami: I can't reveal such weakness to them."

"Don't consider me a friend, Grell."

"Oh I don't. But I don't consider you an enemy either." He leaned forward, elbows on knees. "Why did you have to ruin my face like that?"

"Your eyes…" Sebastian hadn't meant to speak, but the words fell from his mouth. "I didn't want to look at them any more."

"Why?" Now Grell was interested.

"I hate them."


"Because they're beauti-" What was he saying? It was the truth, of course it was, but why did he say it. What had happened to his brilliant control. "They're beautiful and I wanted to see that extinguished. I wanted to kill you, but scratching them out had to suffice."

"That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard, Sebas-chan."


"You truly are a romantic at heart. Oh! You're like Keats: tragically unable to be united with the one you love." Grell clasped his hands wistfully and sighed.

"You seem to be feeling better. I suppose it's time for you to go."

"Oh no." Grell stood. "Not after you have just called my eyes beautiful. Aaahnn!" He jumped to wrap his arms around Sebastian, but the butler ducked away as the shinigami soared over the arm of the chair and onto the floor.

He traced hearts on the wood with a gloved finger. "So you would rather be soaked with the red of violence than passion? How dull." He leapt to his feet and whirled around to the butler.

Sebastian's face was placid. "I would rather have no red at all. I prefer more muted tones." He bowed.

"Ho-hum! Sebas-chan, I really need to help you out." Grell folded his arms in an adorable pout. Adorable? Surely not.

"There is no reason for us to fight any longer."

"So you see it my way, excellent." Grell cleared his throat. "We shall now kiss with tongues."

Sebastian slapped a hand over his eyes, then, looking between his fingers at his adversary he had an idea. He turned up his demon charm full force, always pleasantly surprised by his ability to make people melt, and sauntered toward the red-head in front of him. "Mr. Sutcliffe, I have perhaps been blind for far too long."

Grell backed away as though Sebastian had threatened murder. "Sebas-chan, what do you mean? Your eyes are blazing."

They were a fiery red whenever he used his power, but this time he was using a side of his demon self usually reserved for his master. "I'm not going to harm you Grell. Perhaps the only way of getting rid of you is to give you what you want. Is that not so?" He cocked his head to the side in a way he thought would be adorable and was surprised to see Grell's horror deepen.

Finally, the prey was trapped against the wall. The only escape was through the window three stories up and Sebastian would see to it he didn't get away. With preternatural speed he snatched Grell around the waist and hauled him down the hallway, hand firmly clasped to his mouth. He loved the moans of fear and anticipation rumbling against his gloved hand. This could be fun after all.

He tossed Grell into one of the manor's copious guest rooms and locked the door, setting the key on a side table. Grell backed away, scanning the room for possible weapons and escapes. He wasn't as idiotic as he seemed.

"Sebastian," the red-head asked soberly, "are you going to torture me?"

"Oh," he replied, "I will most certainly torture you. I will make you squirm under my hands and beg for release." Sebastian was careful to keep his words as menacing as possible, wondering if the shinigami would catch on to the double meaning. "You didn't bring your weapon. That was foolish of you."

Grell tugged his scissors out of his coat and wielded them like twin blades. "The may be small, but it's what you do with them that counts, right?" He tried to lighten the mood, but fear oozed from his every word. The window behind him was barred and he would have to get past Sebastian to get the key. He was a frightened rabbit and Sebastian was the fox ready to devour. How delicate with those carefully plucked eyebrows knit and feminine cheeks flushed.

He ran at Sebastian, attempting a preemptive attack, but the demon was not in the mood to dally. He grabbed Grell's slender wrists, bound them together with one hand and with the other snatched the weapons away. The red-head wrenched his hands away and leapt toward the door, crying for help.

Sebastian slapped a hand over his mouth. "No, no, no, you must be very quiet so you don't wake the guests." Then, he effortlessly scooped up the smaller man and deposited him on the bed.

He almost laughed at Grell's wince of anticipated pain. Then he unceremoniously ripped Grell's shirt straight down the front, scratching his skin deliciously with his sharp nails. The man under him arched his back into the touch, moaning in mingled fear and pleasure. Such a desirable reaction forced the same sound from Sebastian but he checked his emotions. At a heated look from the butler, Grell stripped off the rest of his shirt and coat and tossed both across a chair by the wall.

"I liked that shirt, Sebas-ch-"

Sebastian quelled the red-head's protest with a delightfully forceful kiss. He had to stop himself from smiling: how much fun he was having! That's all he needed after all; once the impertinent shinigami was no longer in control of the situation it could indeed be fun. If it was a power play, a battle, it was a challenge and an adventure. And what's more: it was all up to him. There were no more orders to follow except his own, those of his own body which had so long been denied.

Surprisingly, Grell met his kiss with one of equal passion and strength almost pushing Sebastian backwards. He wrapped his arms around the demon and pulled him down on top of him, snaking a leg between his. Sebastian sighed into the other man's mouth, forcing a tongue between his moist lips. Those teeth, sharp as glass, slit his tongue immediately and the taste of blood further fueled his passion. Grell too seemed positively affected by the blood: he pressed up against Sebastian, forcing their bodies as close together as possible. I need to remove my coat before it is damaged, the butler thought, but just then Grell slipped his hands under the coat and began to slide it from his shoulders.

"I'm responsible for ruining one of your sexy tail coats, I would hate to soil another." He winked playfully.

The demon tugged the coat from his shoulders, trying not to be touched by Grell's sentiment, and flung it to the chair as well. Then, straddling him, he unbuckled Grell's belt and began to pull his pants down. He grabbed Sebastian's hands and jerked him back up, kissing him and stripping off his shirt. "It's not polite to undress a lady without asking," he hissed. And once Sebastian's shirt was gone, he flipped the demon onto his back and proceeded to remove his pants.

"Oh, ladies first, Miss Sutcliffe." Sebastian grinned seductively and Grell fairly fainted in ecstasy. Taking advantage of his now prostrate form, Sebastian tugged his pants off in a fell swoop and proceeded to disrobe himself. As Sebastian undressed, Grell began to stroke himself furiously and at this the demon paused, fascinated. He arched his back and clung to the blanket while his other hand worked deftly on his rapidly swelling organ. He was so vulnerable: naked, no weapons, no sharp words, only fear that he would be cast out of the house before he was fulfilled.

"William…" Grell moaned, a tiny tear easing down one cheek.

Sebastian woke from his reverie and shoved the red-head onto his back, pinioning his hands. "Don't think I'll let you get away so easily." Was he trying to distract the man from his suffering or was it simply the desire to fulfill himself? The question wasn't worth answering, the demon thought. He bit Grell hard on the neck and smiled at the satisfying gasp it elicited. Then he moved his lips down the pale skin, nipping and biting, until he reached one erect nipple. He played with it, enjoying the delicious heat that radiated from the body below him, and knowing how chilly his skin must feek. Grell shuddered and raked his fingers up Sebastian's back. The demon sighed with exasperation; Grell still wore his gloves!

As Sebastian sat up abruptly, Grell cried out is distress. "Shh, I'm not leaving you. I'm taking off these gloves." With that, the demon proceeded to slip Grell's left thumb into his mouth and slowly slide it out, biting the very tip of the glove and slipping it off. He did the same with each finger and all the while Grell squirmed and attempted to touch both himself and Sebastian.

"There we go," the demon said, "I'm done." The impassioned red-head didn't wait a moment before grabbing Sebastian with his whole being and smothering him with kisses.

Grell showered him with caresses, pressed his lips to every part of him he could reach, massaged his shoulders, his back, and whispered in his ear, his hands were so gentle and seemed to be everywhere at once. Sebastian sighed deeply and drew in a tremulous breath. His whole body tingled as though he was on the brink of a precipice, but yet the shinigami hadn't even touched that mortal man's weak spot. The demon wallowed in confusion. The touches soothed him, and a feeling of such awesome heat overwhelmed his senses; he didn't want to dominate this man, he wanted to feel this. But he had no idea what this was; it wasn't lust or rage or even happiness.

Sebastian caught Grell's passing lips in a kiss of complete tenderness. He cradled the dainty chin and stroked his fingers through that long silky hair. "You are beautiful," he whispered, close enough to see tiny freckles which dotted the red-head's cheeks. What a grace of mortality. He brushed his lips along those cheeks, kissed fluttering eye-lids, brushed hands softly up and down that slender waist, pressed thumbs into the hollows of alluring hips. He moaned into the crook of Grell's neck and gasped as scalding lips suckled his earlobe.

"Oh, Grell please," he moaned, before he could stop himself.

The red-head pressed his head back into the pillow, eyes wide with amusement and smile lighting his whole face. "Oh really, Sebas-chan? What would you have me do? Are you begging me?" He was beside himself with passion, eyes dark green and lips red.

Sebastian pushed himself up, hating the fact that he probably looked just as emotional, just as hopeful.

"You are beautiful too, Sebastian." Grell's long fingers wrapped around his wrist and pulled him back down.

"I'm not beautiful…" He didn't want to say another word; probing your heart is a dangerous thing to do.

Grell chuckled quietly. "I'm not either. We're both monsters, aren't we? We are creatures that inhabit nightmares and stalk the weak and frightened. We thrive off the pain of others, and find joy where most find sorrow. We're beings forever cursed to take on the appearance and live in the presence of those we most desire. For even though we prey on them, we are subservient to them. Oh, how we wish to be human instead."

The words cut Sebastian to the core and he forced himself up. "You only wish you were a woman. I would never wish to be human! What…filthy creatures they are."

"Filthy and happy," Grell spat, sitting up too. "Anyway, that's beside the point. What I mean is, I think you are beautiful, Sebastian and that's all that matters."

Sebastian's brow furrowed and he looked down to hide his expression. He was…touched…and Grell noticed it. He nestled his head under Sebastian's chin and wrapped his arms around his waist. "Touch me…" Sebastian whispered it so quietly he hoped the other wouldn't hear. But then, Grell's familiar fingers began to dance across his back, nails dragging ever so slightly, sending chills through his body. Then his mouth covered his throat in kisses, moving steadily down along his collarbone and onto his chest. Sebastian bundled Grell's impossibly long hair and tangled his hands in the silky strands. It felt so smooth and warm against his bare hands. It was like liquid. Then those sharp teeth grazed a nipple and his body grew taught with anticipation. His assailant's hands drew nearer and nearer to his abdomen and as his lips sucked first one nipple then the other, Sebastian practically squirmed in anticipation. Finally, those soft fingers stroked his erection, and Sebastian thought he might lose himself. Grell's careful hands worked seemingly effortless miracles as pulses of white-hot pleasure coursed through the demon.

Sebastian could take it no longer. He grabbed Grell, relishing the shout of surprise, and flipped him onto his back. His mouth immediately found Grell's own pulsing member and began to ravage it with his tongue and lips. He was rough, biting the tip and sucking hard, pinching his foreskin sharply and forcing his mouth completely down only to rake his teeth back up. Grell was beside himself with rapture and it was all Sebastian could do to hold down those bucking hips.

"Seb! Please, oh God. Please, please, please." Grell's desperate moans built to a frenzied wail before Sebastian smacked a hand over his mouth.

"Shhh! You mustn't wake the guests." His voice trembled uncontrollably and he found himself unconsciously seeking entrance to the smaller man's body.

Grell nipped his hand playfully and lapped the blood like a big cat. "You take me right now," he growled, wrapping his legs around Sebastian's waist and thrusting up toward him. Sebastian gratefully obliged, forcing his generous length all the way. The succulent man beneath him practically screamed in ecstasy. It wasn't enough that he was inside him he had to have all of him. The demon wrapped his arms around Grell and hoisted him onto his lap. Sebastian cried out and whimpered helplessly as he sank even deeper into him.

"Sebas-chan…" Grell rested his chin on his shoulder and sighed blissfully. Neither of them moved for a long moment, both simply embracing each other, sweat dripping down their backs and sticking their bellies together. "Sebastian…." He said again and this time kissed his neck firmly.

Sebastian pressed his eyes shut. The sensation of his lips was far more intoxicating than that of being inside him. He longed for another kiss, another taste of this. He flung open his eyes in shock and looked at the swirling pattern of the wallpaper. An deep ache stabbed his heart. He tore into Grell's flesh with his nails and thrust into the small man with backbreaking force. No he mustn't want that; he should long instead for something familiar to him: dominance, lust, fear.

Grell howled in agony and shock, gripping Sebastian's shoulders. "What are you doing, Sebas-ch-"

"Shh! All I want to hear are your cries of pain." The demon thrust into the shinigami over and over, each time feeling no trace of that mysterious feeling. He felt more at ease; his spine had stopped tingling and he no longer felt weak. He was powerful, strong, and…

The demon shoved Grell down on his back, wanting to more clearly see the fear, the betrayal in his eyes. "This is what you get, Shinigami. There is a reason why we are enemies." He felt himself drawing closer and closer to his climax. Grell's expression of sadness and hate was wonderful and, as the tears streamed Grell's down his cheeks, Sebastian came hard.


Sebastian immediately withdrew from the now bleeding man and picked up the shredded pieces of his shirt to wipe himself clean. That was most satisfactory. There will be no reason for Grell to return to the manor now. Surely he is completely satisfied. Grell cowered into a ball, trying to cover every bit of himself. He shivered uncontrollably and whimpered softly. Sebastian chuckled, pleased that the poor little man was crying.

"Come now, clean yourself up and be gone." Then Sebastian had an exceedingly evil idea. He shoved Grell's knees apart and smirked at his lingering erection. "Oh, I see you are still in need of more…attention."

Grell scrambled away from Sebastian and tried to run, but the demon snagged him mercilessly and began to furiously rub him. He was hard and fast and Grell fell back while animalistic yelps and cries rose up from him. When he came, Sebastian pulled back his hand and examined the fluid there.

"You're dirtied my hand. Perhaps you would be so kind?" He smiled angelically and thrust his hand into Grell's mouth. He choked and gagged, but finally bit down with all his force, utter mania blazing in his eyes.

Sebastian grunted in pain and brought his other hand down hard on the shinigami's head. Immediately he let go and jumped from the bed.

"Fuck you," he screamed, spitting blood. "Damn you straight to Hell."

As Grell shuffled about the room collecting his belongings Sebastian noted with a smile the purely broken nature of this fiery man. His manner now echoed that of earlier in the night before he knew his true fate, only now he looked utterly hopeless and betrayed. How mortal shinigami are, after all. So like humans; they expect so much from each other.

"I will be going to Hell before long. As soon as my contract is fulfilled, you know. I'll see you there perhaps." Sebastian quickly pulled on his clothes, even the torn shirt, so that when Grell turned around he saw the butler again.

"I thought you…." His brow furrowed.

"Felt something? Impossible. I told you the nature of demons already: we don't feel love. Now be gone." Sebastian opened the door.

The red-head with beautiful green eyes and tiny freckles you can't see unless you kiss them looked at Sebastian for only a moment more then all but disappeared in a flutter of red.

Sebastian trudged down the servants staircase after completing his rounds in a daze. He had no mood for anything, not cooking, not cats.

His room never seemed to welcome him. He turned up the gas lamp by the bed and peeled off his soiled clothing. There was a rip in his coat cuff. That would have to be fixed. The shirt however was unsalvageable. He lay naked on his bed looking over at the window. He had forgotten it was raining and now enjoyed the sound of it pattering against the glass.

Peace. That was the best word for the thing he would never have which tempted him so much tonight. How could such as man as Grell bring about that feeling? How could holding and being held by another person cause such an upheaval in emotion? It was false, trickery, there was no other explanation. Only a contract can bring stability, only something binding with blood and power can be right. Humans and all things like them are treacherous and selfish.

He tugged the blanket up around him and reached over to turn down the light. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to ignore the red that flashed in his vision. He sighed and wondered if he knew so much about people after all.