Summary: Bella hasn't seen the Cullen's since her 18th birthday in New Moon.

She is now in Alaska with a few surprises and friends.

People in my story and relationships.

Bella age 19/ ?

Alesha age 19/ 21.

Bridgitte 20/ Ashton. age 23.

Avy age 19/ Charlie age 21.

Selena age 18 / Dylan age 20.

Christy age 20 / Colbin age 24.

Benny age 23 / ?

Saphira age 2 months.

Kelsey age 3.

Demitri age 2

Aseal age 6

D.J age 4.

Avaysia age 1.

Teagan age 1.

Chapter 1 : Bella's POV

Today I start work at the fashion shop here the owners name is Mary -A - B.

I haven't met her yet but I will today one of my good friends got me the job cause I seriously need it my friends name is Alesha. I have some more friends they're names are Avy, Benny, Colbin, Selena, Christy, Ashton, Dylan, Charlie, Gorgie, Tyrome and my right hand bitch ( LOL.) Bridgitte.

We are the best of friends since we were in our parents tummy. Except D,G, and S.

Any ways I'm on my way in my Ford pick up to my new job.

I'm on the edge ringtone by lady gaga.

" Hello."

" Hey boo boo are you almost here I have to get back to the kids soon but I wanna be here when you meet my friend Mary."

" I'll be there soon baby."

" Kay babe hurry."

Before I hung p I heard a girl voice saying ' Are you Lezbo.'

( BTW.. I have nothing against lez, gay, and bi everyones equal in my eyesJ. )

I finally pulled up to the store and guess who I see standing there.?

Do you like ? Should I continue ?

3 Sincerely,