The impending new year brought changes to the Pie Hole. The Darling Mermaid Darlings were scheduled to leave for their world tour on January 24th. And the girl named Chuck had decided to join them. The Pie Maker hadn't taken the news very well.

"All right, if you're sure that's what you want to do," he said, then made five pies.

Olive Snook wasn't having the best time either, a month ago her boyfriend of three months broke up with her.

"I don't understand," she said to Digby one evening, "I really thought he was The One!"

December 31st, Olive Snook

The Pie Hole's first annual new Years Party was in full swing. Lily and Vivian mingled with the guests, which is strange considering three months ago they were shut ins. Ned was hiding in the kitchen with his pies, poor guy, this party was not his idea. And Emerson was trying to talk to Simone, who's ignoring him for the time being. Ha! How'd you like karma now buddy? I was busy taking pie orders and talking to patrons of the Pie Hole to even think about Randy (darn, I'm thinking about him again!). Even Ned's twin half brothers are there! They are so cute.

"What's the time?" someone yelled out.

"Well it's got to be close to midnight!" I called back, then said to Ned, "How long 'til next year?"

"Three and a half minuets," He replied.

"Oh! New years resolution time!" Chuck cried.

"I resolve to make more money," Emerson muttered.

"Oh, I'm sure you do!" Simone snapped, "Money is all you think about!"

"I resolve to live life to the fullest! Because you never get a second chance! Well, almost never!" Chuck said smiling at Ned. What does that mean? I, Olive Snook, resolve to find true love, whoever that might be. And to get over Randy Mann, that jerk.

"Two minuets!" some one called out.

"I'll have strawberry-rhubarb pie please," smiled a man with curly hair.

"Sure darling, it'll just be a minuet,"

"You only have two!" he said grinning.

"One more minuet!"

"Can I get a piece of peach?" some one else said.

"'Course! Just a moment!"

I darted back into the kitchen as some one else yelled "Thirty seconds! 29, 28, 27, 26..."

I stood next to Ned as every one counted down.

"22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17..."

"Here's to a new year," he pasted me a glass of milk.

"13, 12, 11, 10.."

"Better find Chuck," I said, "you need some one to kiss."

"5! 4! 3! 2! 1-"

January 1st, Ned the Pie Maker

"-Happy New Year!" cheers erupted in the Pie Hole. And Olive and I kissed. I don't know if I kissed her, or if she kissed me- maybe we kissed each other- but we did. For a long moment. And I liked it. Then we broke apart in shock.

"I won't tell Chuck," Olive said then left to deliver the pies. For the rest of the night we stayed far away from each other, but we kept catching the other one watching.

Through out January, we avoided each other. Dancing the same dance we did on New Years. No one noticed any thing different, except us.

And this was January.

Hello, this is my first Pushing Daisies fanfic, so please be kind (and i don't own it, so please don't sue!). It's a series of one shots following one year with one theme, the relationship between Ned and Olive. Also I will probably be slow uping because i have other stories i need to work on. So please enjoy the first installment of Seasons Of Love. (And please review!) ~Jedi Annie Scrambler