Chapter 1

Year 2019

At the drive way of a grand resort, guests are starting to arrive. Luxury cars came one by one to drop off men and women clad in coats and ties and dresses. At the lobby, a place was set which were filled by reporters. They flash their cameras hoping to capture the famous figures attending the event.

A posh black car arrived, carrying a beautiful woman in a nice and chick pinkish dress. Yoon Baek Hee emerged from her car and as soon as she stepped into the lobby, cameras flashed her way.

She proceeds to the hall. A lot of guests have already arrived. She then makes her way to the side room where the bride must have been preparing for the ceremony. A few meters from her destination, a voice called out to her.

" Baek Hee"

" Jin Guk-ah, you're here already? "

"Yes, I'm the best man for today's event, I should be early."

" I see."

At a distance, a man and a woman is approaching them. Baek Hee saw the couple coming and greeted them.

Baek Hee: Director Shi, Teacher Kang, Hello.

Teacher Kang: Hi Baek Hee, Jin Guk.

Director Shi: Baek Hee, you looked really nice today, good to see you in clothes other than black, which you usually wore at school. You're one of the bride's maids today, right?

Baek Hee: Yes. Of course I need to look nice, I don't want to be left behind by the other brides maid nor the bride, even if she should be the center of today's event.

Ji Guk: Wow, you're so fierce. Hhaha.

Everyone laughed.

Teacher Kang: Those two are really getting married today. Time really flies by. It seems only yesterday when you guys entered Kirin, debut as Dream High, pursued your own paths. I never realized those two are going out until they announced their engagement.

Director Shi: Well, you're pretty dense when it comes to those matters. You wouldn't have realized that I like you back then if my father had not played cupid, though unwittingly.

"Yes, teacher Kang, you are really dense. You should have at least had an idea about them. We were your students before and you even help during the rehearsals of our reunion concert, you should notice the way they act around each other."

The group takes a look at the source of the comment; they did not notice the arrival of another couple earlier.

Year 2018

It's been two days since the Grammys and the entertainment news is still filled with K's success in winning the award. Also in the news is Hyun Shi Hyuk's concert tour which is about to wrap up with just 3 remaining venues, in Okinawa, in Tokyo, and lastly in Seoul. Also mentioned is Jason's latest single topping the charts for one month since release. There is also a press conference abouts Go Hye Mi's successful 100th Concert.

Hye Mi has just finished giving a press conference for the success of her 100th concert, thanking her fans and all the people who support her and also, is the announcement of releasing a DVD special of the concert after a month. One of the reporters asked her reaction to K, who was a former member of Dream High like her, on winning the Grammys. She thinks back during that day.

Before her concert, Samdong called.

Sam Dong:Hye Mi-ah, I'm sorry for not being able to be there on your 100th concert. And Congratulations, I know you'll do great.

Hye Mi: I know. I understand. Good luck on the Grammys.

Sam Dong: Hye Mi, I'll win it, the award. I'll show you how cool I am. So, don't worry.

Hye Mi smiled at the cameras and answers the question.

"I think that it's cool."

The press conference has concluded and Hye Mi goes backstage to the dressing room. Once inside, she noticed a small box in front of the mirror. There is a note attached to it.

"I think that you'll need this pretty soon."

She was surprised. This hand writing belongs to Sam Dong. She opened the box and inside is the K pendant.