Chapter 3

There is nothing strange about her sister being unusually happy every time she and Song Sam Dong met. She has since long ago had inkling about something between her sister and Song Sam Dong.

There is nothing strange about her sister receiving gifts and souvenirs from Song Sam Dong. He always does that.

There is nothing strange about her sister receiving and making calls with Song Sam Dong. They did it almost every day.

Go Hye Sung is having a vacation with her sister in Jeju. It is a break given her sister after her successful concert. She and her sister have just finished eating breakfast at the hotel and have returned to their room to prepare for sightseeing around the island when Sam Dong called.

While getting ready, Hye Sung watched her sister talking on the phone. She notes how her sister smiled while looking tenderly at the bracelet she is wearing.

It's been more than a week since Sam Dong's secret return to Korea. And Hye Sung has not seen her sister take off her bracelet.

When Sam Dong drop off Hye Mi at their house the night of her press conference, Hye Sung did notice the new bracelet her sister was wearing. She assumed it is Sam Dong's gift to her Unni for her 100th concert. It nothing out of the ordinary but something tells her that there's more to it.

Hye Mi has finished speaking on the phone and turn to Hye Sung.

"Hye Sung, are you ready?"

"Yes, Unni."

"Then let's get going."

Yoon Baek Hee entered the conference room of Kirin High School. Waiting for her is President Ma who asked to see her.

"Yoon Baek Hee."

"Hello President Ma. What is it that you want to discuss? It's not about recommending students for your agency is it, or you would have addressed me as 'Teacher Yoon'."

"Sharp. Well, I'll go straight to the point. I am planning to produce a reunion concert for Dream High and I am here to ask your opinion about it. Are you willing to participate in it?"

"What do the others say?"

"I still haven't told Jin Guk, K, and Hye Mi. But Jason and Pil Suk have already agreed."

"So, you're telling me first before those three?"

"Yes, because I need to know if you can participate before I tell those three. You're already a teacher here in Kirin, so I'm not sure what your answer will be."

"Well, I can't bear to be the cause of President Ma's dejection, so I guess I'll have to participate."


"Tell me the details when the plan has been finalized so I can take a leave."

"Of course."

"I'll get going, I still have classes."

"O.K. See you around then."

Baek Hee went out and closed the door. She whispers to herself, "Reunion concert… I guess I look forward to performing on stage again." Then, she smiled.

President Ma is again at the airport. It's just yesterday that he was here to pick up Hyun Shi Hyuk who will be having his last leg of concert tour here in Seoul. Now, he's here to pick up K, who is returning after having won at the Grammys.

He's been so busy lately having to prepare for the arrival of those two, arranging press conferences and TV appearances, and looking up those endorsement offers. But he doesn't mind, after all, these two staying in Korea opens a lot of opportunities for him.

The monitor showing updates of flight schedules indicated that the flight K is on has arrived. President Ma and the security personnel proceed to the arrival gate. After a few minutes, K comes into view. President Ma welcomes K while the security personnel surround them.

Outside, screaming fans and reporters gather. They try to get ear but failed due to the security personnel surrounding K. Reporters fires questions hoping to score an ambush interview but to no avail.

President Ma and K managed to get inside the van promptly.


"Thank you President Ma. By the way, what is my itinerary?"

President Ma handed him the papers containing his schedule. Sam Dong looked at it and finds that he has a free schedule on next week's Thursday afternoon till Saturday morning, which means, he can watch Jin Guk's concert on Thursday night. As for today, he has a press conference this afternoon.

Jin Guk has a meeting with President Ma this morning to discuss the final details of his concert to be held the following week. He's been here for three days and he had a good rest yesterday so now, he can concentrate on his concert.

"So, that's all. Do your best on your concert."

"Of course. I'll be going then."

On his way out side, he saw Sam Dong.

"Sam Dong."

"Jin Guk, long time no see. Congratulations, I heard you filled the Tokyo Dome and your concert on Thursday has sold out ticket."

"Thanks. You'll be watching my concert right?"

"Of course."

"I'll get going, I still need to prepare."

"Ok. See you."

Jin Guk turns to go but stop and faced Sam Dong again.

"Song Sam Dong. Watch out. Don't be complacent just because you won at the Grammys."

"Who told you I'm being complacent. You know how hard working I am, plus, I'm the type who doesn't give up."

They smiled at each other then proceed to their respective appointments.