GTA:Second Chapter

"Let's go to a restaurant!" Nina finally concluded the conversation.

Everyone nodded in agreement and went to call the cab.

After the cab got there, the Anubis House finally arrived at the restaurant at the nearby town, and they entered the big restaurant in one of the streets.

After they sat down and ordered, they began to talk.

Nina and Fabian were talking with Mara and Mick about something...maybe being a couple? Hard to tell.

Amber was eaves dropping on Patricia and Joy's conversation. She heard something about 'stealing phones'.

And finally, Jerome and Alfie were talked at the end of the table away from others.

"Are you really sure it was him who wrote the paper?" Alfie asked his best friend.

"Yes! I'm sure. I don't think anybody from school who dispises me would have the guts to tell me." Jerome whispered back.

"Well, I ask you again, what are you going to d-..."


The students couldn't believe their ears and eyes.

The three gunshots were directed to the roof. And the man holding the gun was unmissable.

Rufus. Zeno.

He lowered the gun from the air and aimed it at the group of students.

"Oh, crap...RUN!" was all Nina could say.

They all made a start for the door, and reached it sucessfully. They ran and ran until they reached the woods. They've lost him.

"Okay I think we've lost him." Nina concluded.

"Does anyone feel poorly?" Fabian asked from the ground where he was sitting, holding his arm.

The House finally saw his hurt arm. Rufus sucessesfully shot him.

"OMG! FABIAN! YOUR ARM!" Nina screamed as she ran to him.

"I'll be fine. No worries." he said, but he was fallin backwards slowly.

"What should we do Nina?" Amber asked away.

That was a trick question. If they brought him to the town's helper, in the corner of the place where Rufus can't see them, the shopskeeper can help Fabian, but then again, he's not that trustable. He has voodoo dolls, cards, maps everywhere. The other option was the hospital. But that was far away, and besides the fact that Fabian might not make it, Rufus might see them and chase them again.

Amber continued.

"Should we go to...

a) The Town's Helper?"


b)The Hospital?"

You decide.