AUTHOR'S NOTES: As promised, part 2 of the final chapter of 'Pieces of the Whole' complete with cliffhanger because if it's good enough for SPN canon it's good enough for me.

Still need ideas for the title of the next sequel so if you think of one, drop me a line and let me know!

Chapter 12—Part 2

"Ready for the big show, Cas?" Crowley said with a smile as he looked at the captive angel. Currently, Castiel was standing in the middle of a ring of holy fire looking… Well, Crowley was going to assume it was the angel's 'pissed off' expression, although it was actually kind of hard to tell. "Now, I don't want to panic you, but I imagine this will hurt a fair bit," the demon went on as he started painting an elaborate sigil on the wall in blood.

"Didn't you mother ever tell you not to finger paint on the walls?"

Crowley turned and pretended to look surprised when he saw the Winchesters, Fiona, Bobby, Ellen, and a trio of angels standing there. "Oh, my," Crowley drawled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'm shocked by this unforeseen turn of events." Before anyone could raise a hand against him, the demon waved his hand and sent the whole lot flying across the room where they all landed in a heap. "Be with you in one moment," Crowley said, smirking, before he turned to the sigil.

Celeste looked at the demon and watched in horror as the wall began to break apart and a burst of white light sprang from the hole and was swallowed up by Castiel. "Cas!" She screamed, scrambling to her feet. But before she could run to her brother, she felt two strong pairs of hands grab her tightly. "No!"

When the light disappeared, the ring of holy fire was gone as well and Castiel was lying on the floor, not moving.

"Cas?" Dean said, hurrying over to the still form of his friend. "Are you alright?"

But just as Dean and Bobby knelt down, they were thrown back as Castiel suddenly rose to his feet. He looked at the others and there was the strangest smile on his face. "You needn't fear for me," Castiel stated, calmly. "I am better than alright." He looked at Gabriel. "My oldest brother. It is good to see you as an archangel again. And I am happy for you and your soul mate." Looking at Celeste, he added, "The same goes for you as well."

"Cas, are you okay?" Dean asked, looking at the angel with a puzzled expression.

"I am better than okay, Dean," Castiel reassured him. "I feel all the souls within me. Their power is mine now, to do with what I wish."

Sam was helping Fiona to her feet as the angel spoke and they both looked apprehensive at what was going on. "Uh… that's great, Cas," Sam said, tentatively. "So… What are you going to now?"

"I would have thought it would be obvious," Castiel replied, simply. "I am now your new God. A better God. You will bow down and profess your love onto me, your Lord."

For a moment, there was only silence until Crowley piped up, "If you lot don't mind, I think I'll take that as my cue to leave." And before even Cas could react, the demon had vanished.

"Look, Cas," Balthazar said, calmly, as he approached his brother. "I hate to rain on your parade but you are not God. And you'd do best to get rid of those souls before you do something irreparable."

But Castiel didn't seem to be listening. In a more firm tone, he repeated, "I am your new God. And since you are my loyal family and friends, I will spare you from my wrath as long as you do not cross me."

"And if they do?"

Fiona looked horrified as she saw Gibbs standing in the middle of the room looking… oddly calm considering. But as the sight of her godfather registered, Fi frowned. "Gibbs? What are you doing here? How did you get here anyway?"

The others—minus Castiel—all seemed to be thinking the same thing. But Gibbs just studied the angel-turned-deity and said, "You're not God, Castiel."

Castiel frowned at that statement and shook his head once. "I am God. I have the power and I will smite you if you do not bow down to me."

Gibbs shook his head and replied with one word. "No."

"Bow down or I will destroy you!" Castiel commanded, moving towards the NCIS Special Agent. When he saw Fiona run forward to intercede, Cas sent her flying across the room where she lay in a heap, unconscious. Looking at the others briefly, he said, "You will not stop me." To Gibbs, he ordered one last time, "Bow down before me or I shall smite you and all those you hold dear."

But Gibbs wouldn't be intimidated as he stared at the angel. "You are not God," he repeated. "That power you're feeling? That's the souls of millions of demons and monsters vying for control and the more you fight, the weaker you'll get."

Cas took a step back and raised his hand, glaring as he snapped his fingers to blow up the man who had dared to defy him. But to in immense surprise, Gibbs was still standing without even a scratch on him. "What are you?" Castiel asked, a slight note of fear in his voice.

Around the room, everyone else looked on with mixed expressions. Sam and Dean looked genuinely afraid while Bobby and Ellen both looked dumbfounded. Gabriel and Balthazar seemed unsure of what to do while Celeste on the other hand seemed… oddly amused for some inexplicable reason.

"I told you," Gibbs said, his blue eyes meeting Castiel's. "You're not God, Castiel. I am."