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Emeriel and Calíme just stared at me, too shocked to speak. I just stood before them, my hair tucked back revealing my ears. After seeing my friends' reactions, I could hardly wait to see Shamiel's!

"I – how? Is this even possible?" Calíme finally asked when she regained herself.

I blushed at the thought of explaining, but knew that they would want the whole story. I just smiled though and said, "Yes, but it is a very long story. Are you sure you want to know?"

"YES!" Emeriel and Calíme said together.

"Well…ok. But it is not a story to be spread around! No one must know, understood?" They both nodded. "Ok. But the story gets a little confusing. I – "

"Oh, wait!" Calíme asked. "First, will you keep the name Raélowen?"

"Yes, but the Lady has given me Mirimë for my second name. But I do not understand, why do I receive a second name now?"

"Elves receive their second name when they have come of age," Calíme explained. "That way the name can say something about you."

"Well, Mirimë means 'free one,' so that makes sense," I said smiling.

"It's pretty!" Emeriel said.

"What are yours?" I asked them.

"Mine is Sérewen…meaning peacemaker," Calíme said.

"And mine is Niere. It means honeybee," Emeriel added. She giggled in spite of herself. "Apparently I reminded the Lady of a bee when I was young. You know, always busy?"

I laughed with her, for I could picture that. "And…um, what is Shamiel's?"

Calíme and Emeriel exchanged a look. "Nasse," Calíme said.

I burst into laughter. "Thorn??"

Cali was laughing, too. "Apparently Shamiel loved to tease Celebrian, the Lady's daughter, while she was young. Galadriel could not make Shamiel stop, so she gave her a harsh second name to try to teach her a lesson. It didn't work, but now she has an embarrassing second name anyway!" Calíme, Emeriel, and I all laughed.

"Now tell us the story!" Emeriel said after a moment.

"Okay. It started a long time ago. Well, long in human terms. Five years ago, Lady Galadriel summoned me to her Mirror. It was late at night and no one knew except her, my mother, and I. The Mirror was to show me my destiny that night.

"I was surprised, to say the least, when I saw an Elven man appear in the water. I mean, how could an elf be a human's destiny? But Galadriel said he was and I believed her.

"I never really dwelt on the idea of my destiny after that, though I never forgot his face. And yesterday, everything changed.

"You remember how I ran for the Royal Chamber when the Fellowship was brought up?" Emeriel nodded. "Well, I could not explain it, but I knew that I had to see them. It took the whole time of the meeting but I finally learned why I felt so connected to the group. It was him."

"Legolas…" Emeriel whispered in awe.

I nodded with a sad smile. "Yes. Legolas was the one in the Mirror."

Calíme and Emeriel were lost in amazement. "I can't believe it…" Calíme softly said. "Your destiny turns out to be the Elven Prince of Mirkwood!"

"There's more. The Lady asked me to sing Gandalf's lament, but also told me to take control of my destiny. I did as she told me.

"Legolas and I already knew we were spiritually connected and that something powerful had brought us together, but that…that was not my complete destiny." I couldn't help but blush once again at the memory of the previous night.

Calíme understood. I could tell when her jaw dropped to her knees. "You…you – last night? Legolas…the Prince? And you? And that's how…?"

There was nothing to do but come out and say it. "Yes Cali. Last night, Legolas and I…"

Emeriel then caught on. "You slept with the Prince?!" I blushed deeply and nodded. Emeriel looked even more shocked than before.

"And that's how this happened?" Calíme asked.

"Partially. The Lady told me that her own power combined with the power of Nenya were what made me Elven, but without the Essence of the Elves already inside me, it would have been impossible."

"But," Emeriel started to ask, "how was the Essence of the Elves inside…oh wait, never mind." She finished with an embarrassed look.

"It's ok," I replied with a laugh. "But why me?" I asked, suddenly turning serious once more. "Has this ever happened before? Has any other member of another race been made Elven? What makes me so special?"

"I know," Calíme began, "of only one other case like this: Elrond Halfelven, Lord of Rivendell."

"Elrond? Are you serious?" Emeriel asked. Calíme was more knowledgeable in Elven lore than Emeriel due to her research as minstrel.

Cali nodded. "He was born to an elf and a human and was given a choice between the races. He chose to behold the Power of the Elves, while his brother chose the race of Men. But there is still the human essence within him, hence his name Halfelven.

I just nodded at the story, lost in my thoughts. I felt so happy that I suddenly laughed and said, "This is all so weird! I can't believe I truly am an elf! I still don't look like one…nothing has changed, except my ears and the color of my eyes. My hair is still dark and that is a human trait."

"That's not true," Emeriel broke in. "I may not have visited Rivendell for a few years…well, okay, a few hundred, but I am sure Lord Elrond was dark haired. As was Arwen Evenstar, his daughter."

"Arwen?" Calíme asked. "Is she not the daughter of Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel?"

"And is she not the love of Aragorn? He was with the Fellowship as well. And he is human," I added.

Emeriel nodded and turned to me. "It is true that many or even most Elves are blond haired, but they can be dark haired as well. There is nothing now to set you apart from any other elf, Raélowen. Well, except maybe your relations with a certain Elven prince!" she added with a wink. I just blushed again and grinned.

But then something dawned on me. "Wait!" I said.

Calíme and Emeriel just turned to me. "What?" Calíme asked.

"You just said that Elrond and Arwen are dark haired Elves."

"Yeah," Emeriel replied. "And Elladan and Elrohir as well. Arwen's twin brothers."

"You just told me that Elrond is partly human," I accused, folding my arms. "That's why he has dark hair, and his children, too. Dark hair is a human trait!" I was being stubborn, but this was all so wonderful that I almost didn't want to believe it, lest it be taken away.

"Sweet Valar Rae!" Emeriel cried, exasperatedly. "Are you going to be happy with the fact that you have, by some miracle, become what you've always dreamed of and can now be with the man you love, or are you going to worry about your HAIR COLOR??"

I just stared at her for a minute, then broke into a huge grin. Em and Cali grinned too and threw their arms around me.

Calíme suddenly stood up. "We should celebrate this!" I just laughed (for Elves celebrate everything) and nodded. Emeriel also stood up and the three of us went to Cali's door.

Cali took one step out of her door and stopped. I was behind her and Emeriel still back in the room.

"Hi Cali! I was just looking for you!" the girl outside said.

I recognized the voice and Calíme elbowing me made me sure. I grinned at Emeriel and mouthed, "Shamiel."

"Shamiel, wait!" Calíme said. "I have someone for you to meet." She stepped further out of her door so that Shamiel could see me.

At first she just stared blankly at me. I smugly smiled at her at her as she realized it was me, but different. "Human?" she asked dumbly, seeming to forget that I "didn't know" she called me that.

"Not anymore." I tucked my hair behind my ears for a moment so she could see what had happened to me.

Shock and hatred flared in her eyes as she realized I was actually an elf. She only stood a moment, then turned and ran away from Calíme's door. Calíme, Emeriel, and I all laughed and continued out of Cali's house.

"How should we celebrate?" Emeriel asked as we headed toward the ground. I shrugged and looked at Calíme, who shrugged as well.

"Maybe a feast tonight?" she suggested.

"Yeah!" Emeriel chimed in. "We could invite all the Elves of Lórien! Like…Haldir and the border guards." She blushed as Calíme and I exchanged a look. "Oh come on Rae!" Em continued to plead. "After all, Haldir did rescue you AND now you must understand how I feel about Colindor after last night with Legolas!"

My heart ached with how much I missed Legolas already, but I just smiled and told Emeriel, "Of course."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Rae!"

I laughed. "You're welcome! Will you two start setting this feast up? I…I have something to do first."

They both nodded and headed off chattering excitedly. I watched them go and started off in the opposite direction.


I wandered through the Fellowship's empty camp. Their presence lingered in the camp, reminding me ever more of my love.

The river glittered in the moonlight. It was visible through the majestic trees of Lórien, its tranquil gentle murmur calling me to it. I followed the path down to the river's edge where, only that moment, Legolas and I had said goodbye.

Walking to the spot where I had sat after the Fellowship left, I stood gazing out on the water. It hardly seemed possible that just that very morning, I had been human.

I thought of Legolas and our night together. I thought of the arrow he had given me, hidden away safely in my bedroom. I thought of the first time I looked into Galadriel's mirror. I thought of how I used to wish to be a true elf when I was a child. And I thought of that morning when I had said good-bye to the man I loved.

Overhead, the first stars were visible in the early evening sky. Earendil shone brightest and I remembered Legolas' last words to me.

"I swear by Earendil," I repeated aloud, "that we shall meet again."

I gently blew a kiss to the river and turned back toward Lórien – the fairest of all the dwellings of my people.

The End

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