BeaconShipping! I'll be honest, I kinda liked this pairing before I got into other crack!shippings for some reason. This über short fic is for the VolknerxDawn fans!

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Shockingly Unsubtle

In all her life, Dawn had never felt so embarrassed. Of all the things he could do, why did he choose to do this…thiseyesore?

"So…I take it you don't like the way I've done this…" Volkner trailed off, looking at his girlfriend warily. He thought women liked this sort of thing. At least, the ones in those romantic movies he'd always seen Dawn watching. "Is it the picture? I didn't have enough to spring for something big enough for a more realistic picture… Maybe the lights? I wanted to make sure you could see it tonight."

What they were talking about was the impossibly large billboard that had been built on the shore of Sunnyshore City, lined with super powerful light bulbs that lit up half of the city. It read: 'Dawn, will you marry me?' in large neon lighting, complete with a cutely deformed image of the blue-haired Champion and a diamond-studded wedding ring. Normally, this sort of thing received cries of 'awww!' from bystanders, but to the people who were being proposed to in such a fashion, it was embarrassing. If she said 'no', she would seem like a cold-hearted witch who didn't take into account of the obvious effort her boyfriend put into making such a thing. Seriously, that thing had to have taken a long time to make, let alone hide. But saying 'yes' right away didn't seem right…


"Hold on a sec! I'm thinking, I'm thinking!" Dawn snapped, folding her arms across her chest and bowing her head slightly. When she thought about it, all the flash and lights were really just Volkner's way of expressing his feelings for her, however unsubtle they were. His heart was in the right place… And this sort of behavior aside, he was a good boyfriend, but husband material…? "…Of course I do!" She exclaimed, causing several people in the street to clap and cheer.

Volkner's response was to smile. "Yes! Raichu, light up the sky!"


"Huh?" Dawn looked down and saw Volkner's Raichu standing next to him, holding a remote with a large red button on it. As soon as the electric mouse pressed the button, rockets were shot up into the air and fireworks added even more light to the night sky than the billboard had. All the Sinnoh Champion could do was chuckle weakly. "You really did go all out on this, didn't you, Volkner?"

"Of course! You didn't think I would for you?" The Gym Leader asked as he hooked an arm around her shoulders, making her smile a little.

"I only fear what you'll do when our first kid is born…" She muttered under her breath, getting a look of confusion from her fiancée.


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