Hello! This is a blooming romance between Six/Rex. I do not own Generator Rex MOA does. If I DID own Generator Rex, it would go like this:

"There is a facility in Texas that has been illegally experimenting on EVOs. I want you to go in and shut it down so those bleeding heart liberals will stop complaining," White said.

"What about the EVOs?" Rex asked.

"Leave them. Most of them are dead anyway."

"What? No! I'm saving them! It's not right to leave them to die!"

"I mean it Rex. Most of the heat signatures are either warm and walking around or ice cold and not moving."

"Y-You mean they just killed them all?"

White nodded, "You leave in one hour."

Rex stormed out of the room with Bobo close behind. Six looked on as impassive as ever. Holiday wasn't so sure what she felt. She guessed that it all depended on what the research was on and what types of EVOs they were experimenting on. So long as they learned something to justify the amount of life that was lost. At least that's what she thought until she saw in the file that five hundred people had been experimented on and terminatedā€¦ She frowned, utterly furious.

Six, Rex, Callan, and Bobo were dispatched with a couple of truckloads full of grunts. Six frowned as Rex began to slam into people left and right with his robotic arms. Apparently the younger man's anger had yet to dissipate. While Callan and the grunts arrested the guards and the scientists, Bobo and Rex went in search of survivors. What they found was horrifying. There were dead bodies strapped to beds and left to rot in just about every room.

Six heard Rex's yelling along with several things being smashed to pieces. He decided to let the boy be for now and try to see what he could find off the computers. There was a room with monitors set up, some of which had the "patient's" heart rate under the screen. All of them were dead. All accept one. It was a little girl.

Six pressed his earpiece, "Callan. Get the information off the computers. I have to go check something out."

"On it," Callan replied back.

Six went down to the room where the girl was located. His eyes widened in horror upon seeing the condition she was in. The skin of her abdomen had been cut open, pulled back, and held in place by wires that were wrapped around the metal bars of the bed she was in. Blood pooled on the floor around the bed, the wires that were sewn into her skin was still making it bleed nicely. He could see her heart still beating and her ribs were surrounded by a softly glowing white crystalline aura. She winced as bone ground against bone as they popped back into place and mended back together.

Six carefully used his katana to cut through the wires and removed the metal bits from her skin before folding it back over her abdomen. The girl winced as the strange aura mended the torn skin. She struggled to sit up. Six helped her and she pointed to the sink. The girl feebly began to wash up with the disinfectant soap, trembling in fear, exhaustion, and lingering pain. The poor dear had been covered in her own blood and waste. Six turned away to give her privacy.

She tugged on his blazer, sopping wet and shivering. There was nothing to wrap her in so he took off his blazer and handed it to her. Her skin was so pale and her ribs so visible. He could've sworn that he was looking at a corpse...

Her long black hair fell to her waist in a tangled mess. Her light gray eyes were hallow and fearful. Six frowned and scooped her up, carrying her out of the Godforsaken place.

"What do you have there Six?" Callan asked.

"A survivor."

"I'll tell Holiday to prep the medical bay for one more then."

Six looked down at the girl and was rather relieved to find that she was fast asleep. She also had a death grip on his tie... Needless to say Six was unable to drive with a little girl in his lap so Callan flew them back to the Keep.

Rex's eyes widened when he saw Six with the girl, "Dude! A survivor!"

The girl jumped and looked up at Rex in abject horror as she tried to hide herself in Six's chest.

"Rex," Six growled out.

Rex held up his hands and backed away, "Sorry. I didn't know."

Six sighed and looked down at the terrified girl. She was shaking like a leaf again. Once aboard the Keep Six tried to hand the girl over to Holiday but the poor thing froze up and began to hyperventilate.

"Hello sweetheart. What's your name?" Holiday asked.

The girl pressed her angelic little face against the crook of Six's neck and began to sob silently. He frowned and hugged her.

"I think it would be easier if you stay with her."

Six sat down and kept a watchful eye on the girl, as Holiday looked her over. He averted his eyes when the older woman did a rape kit, not that it would tell her much since the little one could heal... The girl was crying the entire time. She panicked when Holiday went to give her shots.

Six held her down by her shoulders, "We're trying to help."

The girl looked up at Six as though to say, 'I believe you. I just don't believe her.'

As soon as Holiday was done the little one clung to Six, wanting so badly to leave. He picked her up and was about to leave when Holiday stopped him.

"We should at least know what her name is," Holiday said as she looked though the information Callan gathered for her, "It says here that the youngest person to ever enter the place was a five-year-old female by the name of Spirit. Her father had sold her to the scientists for $10,000. Birth date is July 20th and blood type is A positive. She's currently ten and her power is healing."

Six frowned at the contents of her file, wondering how a man could do that to his own daughter.

"That's her."

Six turned and left with the girl in his arms. He took her to the kitchen.

She ate some toast and mint tea. It would take a while for her to eat normal foods again. She ate it as though it was the first meal she had had in five years. Six feared that that was likely the caseā€¦

"You may not want to talk to her. Will you talk to me?" Six asked as he sat down across from her.

Spirit shook her head and pointed to a long pink scar across her throat, something he hadn't noticed before.

Six frowned, "I see..."

Spirit looked down, trying not to tear up.

Six's eyes widened, "Calm down. It doesn't matter that you can't talk. We'll teach you how to read and do sign language."

She tilted her head to the side as though to ask, 'Why?'

Six sighed out of relief. He was terrible with crying females.

"So we can communicate."

Spirit sighed and shook her head.

Six sighed, "Hold that thought until we can communicate."

Spirit nodded.

"Can you heal others?"

Spirit shrugged.

Six stood and took out a small knife. The girl shrank away. He pricked his finger and held out his hand to her. She touched his hand with her index finger and that strange aura appeared. The aura healed the tiny little scratch right up.

"Good. My boss will let me keep you then."

Spirit tilted her head to the side.

"Orphanages and foster homes are no place for a child, let alone an EVO."

She pointed to Six.

He gave her a small, hesitant smile and nodded, "You're perceptive. Hopefully that means that you'll be a fast learner."

Spirit yawned, rubbing her eyes.

Six stood, "Lets get you a room."

Spirit hopped off the chair and slipped her hand into his. Six looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. She gave him a shy smile in return. Six looked a head, trying to hide a small smile. He gave her one of his undershirts to sleep in and left her on her own in the room next to his.

'Maybe it will be easier training her than it is training Rex.'

It wasn't that Rex was slow. No. Far from it. Rex was very intelligent. Unfortunately, he was also very undisciplined. Six stripped down to his pants and undershirt with a sigh. He hoped that the two would get along. He could really use some help with this. Raising a boy was one thing but a little girl was entirely different and Holiday wouldn't be able to help much this time around. He closed his eyes and allowed his thoughts to ramble on a bit more before drifting off to sleep.